Children’s Day: Best Kids Wear Online

Children’s Day: Best Kids Wear Online

14th November is synonymous with Children’s Day throughout India. We all have the sweetest memories from this day- even as adults and grown-ups, there is a childlike side to each one of us. Our childhood is perhaps the most treasured and cherished part for each one of us in this ever changing journey of life.



Story Behind Children’s Day

India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was extremely fond of children. In fact children all over the country would address him as Chacha Nehru.b so it seemed as the most perfect tribute to this great man to celebrate his birthday, November 14 as Children’s Day.

However, in most of the countries globally, Children’s Day is celebrated on the 20th of November each year.



Walk Down Memory Lane

Perhaps today’s millennials would never be able to understand and live the very innocent and purity that we proudly possessed during our childhood. Away from the adulteration of the tech savvy craze that surrounds the kids of today, our playtime meant outdoor games and not iPads and PubG.

Summer vacations for us meant days packed with hell lot of fun and frolic at our grandparent’s place and not some gaming tournaments. The endless stretch of summers, cycling around the by lanes, playing hide and seek, I-spy, denning games and dreading our turns- nothing can beat the immense joy these moments brought our way.

Quality time meant gorging on home made food and innocent indoor and outdoor games with cousins. Remember how we used to experience the biggest thrills while playing ludo, snake and ladders, picnic, monopoly? Sadly, today’s kids would never experience these little precious moments of joy.



We were content in finding our share of joy and excitement in those weekend trips to the zoo and the city fairs that had some very basic adventure rides at best. And yet we were way chirpy, stress free and our productive best as children than the kids of today.


Who is to BLAME?

We cannot blame the kids of today for being so glued to their devices- we created these technology addicts. We out rightly denied them the basic and fundamental facets of a formative childhood just so they could be ahead in this mad rat race of competition. How often do you see parents encouraging their kids to go out and play as a part of their everyday routine? Instead of enrolling them into fun group activities that would aid their physical and mental development, we get them all the expensive gadgets in the world. YouTube is literally their play time!



We know gifting them a childhood we enjoyed is simply impossible but we can try and instil at least some features in their founding years that’ll have them cherish their ‘children’s day’ as much as we do! So it’s only fair that we put in an effort toward this.

So here we are, suggesting some very basic but pure fun activities for our kids this children’s day! And they will help us relive our sweet childhood too. Win win!


Decorate their room

Yes, something as simple as this can be joyous! And keep the decoration very old school- confetti, balloons, some hidden toys, interesting books. Organise a treasure hunt for them at your place. Let them bask in these basic happy moments.



Activity Room

Plan a day full of fun activities with your kid- color together, solve some nice puzzles- a crossword would do too. Not only will you get to peek into flashes of your childhood, you will bond much better with your child!


Watch classic Cartoons together

And we mean classic cartoons- Teletubbies, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Scooby-doo, Donald duck, Simba- thanks to YouTube (yes, technology has its plus sides too at times :P), you can easily find these old cartoon online. Stream them with your kids. Read old comics to them- Chacha Choudhary, marvel books- trust us, they will love it!



Organise a Kids’ Party

Keep the party as innocent as you had during your childhood- musical chair, passing the parcel and the likes. Fun snacks, juices- no modern day trash!

Let them get messy, let them trample that fun all over them- let them revel in the most innocent chunk of their life this day!


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Happy Children’s Day!!









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