Face masks and Hand sanitizers are probably the biggest and strongest weapon for mankind today that are being extensively used in this war against our universal enemy- COVID-19. The pandemic seems to have done what nothing else could ever do- it has made face masks and hand sanitizer usage a bigger priority than using our mobile phones even!  On a more serious note though, using face masks and sanitizers is THE NEW NORMAL and the market seems to be flooded with options for both. So which one is the right choice for better COVID protection? Let us help you understand more about the best protective masks and sanitizers that you must diligently use to chase CORONAVIRUS away-



This is the face mask generally recommended to public to be worn before stepping out for any purpose. Cloth masks come in different shapes, colors, prints, and sizes; and are washable and breathable. If you cough or sneeze, the mask can catch those respiratory droplets so they don’t land on other people or surfaces. It is going to protect your neighbor. The entire purpose of the mask is to stop you from contributing to the germ pool, which is very important in getting the world back to “normal,” or as close to normal as possible at any rate. 

PEACHMODE has an extensive variety of great quality, stylish and colourful cloth masks because let's face it, we are going to wear masks for quite a long time now so why not make it fashion?

Check out these Protective Outdoor Face Cover masks that expand to fit most faces easily and give basic protection from dust, allergens and droplets. They are made of cotton, have comfortable elastic bands, and they come in various prints and colors to make you look protected in style!

You may also like to check out these pretty blue printed masks, the Saree Mall - Blue Colored Printed Protective Outdoor Reliable Cotton Face Cover For Adults that are washable, re-usable, have a cup shape design with full width nose piece to allow comfort and protection at the same time-
We personally love our contemporary yet safe-guarding masks, the Pannkh Unisex 5 Pcs 2-Ply Printed Stripes Reusable Outdoor Face Covers too much! They come in solid colors as well. Match them with your outfits every day and make your MASKFIE a trend to remember!
If you don't like the fancy versions then these Multicolored Reusable Khadi Cotton Face Covers are just right for you-
The kids can have some masking fun too with these toon printed kids face masks, the AHALYAA 2 Ply Reusable Washable Cotton Face Cover For Kids  that look great and keep your little ones protected from Covid-19 virus infection to quite an extent.

All these vibrant and stylish face masks are of high quality and come in many more different patterns and styles. They are also very cost-effective and come in multi packs to give you more variety and economy. After all, this pandemic needs our best (MASKED) face forward to give it the ultimate defeat!


This type of face mask is critical for health care workers and medical first responders. If you are not  working directly with patients, you don't really need them but in case you are really keen on getting  highly protective face masks, the Khadi Essentials Pure-Safe 5 Layered Reusable N95 Face Mask with Activated Carbon Filter are a good choice.

All these masks sold on PEACHMODE are of the best quality, re-usable, washable, and comfortable to wear. We assure of great diligence in selecting the best quality face masks that offer great protection and safety against the CORONAVIRUS.



Now that is the mantra we all seem to be chanting nowadays. Right from hand sanitizers, to hand washes, to floor sanitizers, to toilet cleaners, utensil wash and the rest, germ protection is the key. PEACHMODE has a great variety of hand sanitizers, soaps, cleaners and multipurpose sanitizers to keep those CORONAVIRUS germs at bay. Among them, Hand sanitizers are essential, pocket friendly and germ-killing antiseptic solutions that keep you safe from infections. We have a huge variety of ORGANIC, 99.9% germ protection sanitizing solutions for your hands and homes that help you stay shielded against various bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

We recommend you to check out this healthy hands kit-  super combo of natural soap, hand sanitizer and olive oil by SOULFLOWER (to keep the hands soft and moisturized and prevent excessive dryness due to frequent use of sanitizers and soap) that is easy to carry and highly effective.

You may also like this MIRAH BELLE Organic and Natural-Hand Sanitizer (Pack of 4)-Cruelty Free-Best for Men-Women and Children-Sulfate and Paraben Free Cleanser which is gentle, moisturizing and germ protecting. Just keep a bottle in your pocket and use it without water anywhere and everywhere.


Try this jumbo 5 litre Khadi Essentials Basics Pure-Safe Instant Multi Purpose Sanitizer that effectively kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria and contains neem and tulsi, two of nature's most active antibacterial cleaning agents that also impart a clean, refreshing and soothing aroma rendering your hands and surfaces ultra clean, sanitized and deodorized.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines lay down that people wear face masks to cover their mouths and noses while they’re out and about and keep washing/ sanitizing their hands every 30 minutes. We at PEACHMODE are dedicated in our endeavor to give you the best face masks and sanitizers that are absolute essentials in our day to day life now. Let's join hands and do our best to fight off this disease together by staying masked, sanitized and keeping indoors as much as possible.

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