There is an extensive and exhaustive range of colors in the color spectrum. Each single color can be further modulated to fabricate a new color using a distinct hue of the color. Each of these colors, their many hues and tints has a distinct effect and appeal to the human eye. Not just basis the effect, individuals have their own set of preferences and dislikes when it comes to picking colors in outfits, accessories, décor, branding or even themes for that matter.

If you try to unravel the ethos behind each color and their co-ordinates, you will realize that it’s not just a matter of personal choice why some people like some color better and some don’t. There’s a lot more to it. Apparently, each color has a psychological effect and an influx of accompanying emotions. Some colors emanate a positive vibe while others come across as negative colors. It varies from person to person how they perceive or receive these.

Color psychology interprets how each color determines the human behavior.

While there are abundant colors around us, we are picking some basic regular colors and decoding their psychology.




Psychology of White:



All colors in the color spectrum compressed in the right quantity create the absolute shade of white. The clearest vibe that this color exudes is that of purity and tranquil. This color is believed to have a very soothing effect and has a great degree of calmness attached to its tone. In western culture, white is considered to the color of weddings but in Chinese and many other cultures including Indian culture, white is used to signify the color of mourning or death. White is also the color of cleanliness and freshness.

Those who love the color white tend to be a tad bit into cleanliness and keeping their surroundings organized and immaculate. They are also particular about what they want and are cautious while taking decisions.

Those who dislike this color are mentally not very finicky about having their things arranged in order around them and are happy-go-lucky people in general.





Psychology of Red:




Red is a very warm, friendly and attention invoking color. Visually too, this color is more empowering and dominating compared to other colors of the spectrum. Red is psychologically a very motivating and driving color. It inspires people and is often the color of creativity. This is also the color of love, passion and high emotions. Red also happens to be symbolic of strength, independence, bold and fierce attitude. Too much of the color red around a person can lead to pulsating of heart. So at subtle occasions, this color should be avoided or be worn in slight hints.

If red happens to be among your favourite colors then you are a bold person who wants to be taken notice of and doesn’t shy from taking risks. Also, lovers of red are higher in confidence and are outgoing and love socializing.

When people are restless or irritated or unhappy, they have been observed to dislike this color. Many people who prefer relaxed atmosphere and calmness around them are not very fond of this color.





Psychology of Blue:



Since blue is the color of sky and the sea, this color has immense calming effects and is a very peaceful color. It has a lot of therapeutic attributes and is a very restful color. Blue is believed to release chemicals in body that naturally have a very relaxing effect. Blue is also symbolic of dependability, stability and wisdom.

Those who prefer the color blue are relatively more focused in life and also have a higher productivity rate. You are a cool, a reliable and an affable person if blue is the color you love. This color evokes compassion and a feeling of sensitivity.

If blue is not one of your go to colors then this possibly means that you get tired of monotony very soon and are somewhat restless from within.





Psychology of Yellow:




Yellow is the color of sun. Considered to be a very lively, bubbly and happy color, yellow is an optimistic color. This color is a very warm, welcoming and joyous color. In Indian culture, yellow is taken as a very auspicious color and the beginning of anything new and big is embarked upon using this color. Yellow is high on energy and a very cheerful color.

Those who stick by the color yellow are positive people at heart. They are thinkers, love to be perfect at what they do and prefer keeping to themselves.

If you dislike the color yellow then you probably are more of a practical person who looks at things in life with a realistic approach and you tend to be more of a socially active person.



So folks, what is your favourite color that perfectly describes you? And while you are picking one of these handsomely styled kurtas that are a true reflection of who you are, stay tuned to this section to get to know more about other colors and their psychology in the second part of this series. 

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