We all have at one point or another tried to evaluate the recognition of the hard work that we put in- as kids in school and college through exams, as participants of any competition through results and more importantly through employee packages and promotions in the corporate world. Have you ever wondered there is one person who works selflessly each day, each week, each month of the year, without any expectations, without any rewards and without any complaints?! You read it right! That person is our Mom!

Mother’s Day holds a very special and sweet place for each and every one of us. Celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day falls this year on May 12. Some European countries celebrate this on the fourth Sunday of May while some Arab countries celebrate this in the month of March. Whatever be the date, there is one thing that remains consistent throughout, the sentiment behind the celebration.

While we all are aware of the existence of this day, let’s unravel how this day came into emergence and then add a dash of fun describing the supremely important person in the lives of each of us alike, our mother!

How Mother’s Day Came Up

The idea of allocating a day to celebrate Mothers initialized way way back during the Greek age. Other countries too followed suit but somewhere the thought got lost. It was only during the 1940s when the US officially announced this day formally that this day came up.


India and Mother’s Day

Our Indian culture has always place mothers at a position of supremacy. Much before the concept of Mother’s Day even came up in India, mothers have been worshipped, idolized, revered and trusted with being the pedestal of progression!





It’s ironic that the nation that has always devoted itself to honouring and venerating mothers had to turn to the western concept of commercialising this concept of love to have children reaffirming its value! Well, whatever crumbles the cookie! India is catching on the concept and is looking beyond confining just one day to celebrate mothers and motherhood.

A mother has numerous facets to her disposition. She is loving, she is caring, she is compassionate, she is selfless, she is gentle, she’s comforting, she’s your friend and at times your critic, she is your 24*7 support system and she is much more!

The Best-Friend Mom

She is your emotional confidante, your go-to person. She gives you honest opinions and will always keep your interest first. You can bank upon her always!

The Inspiring Mom

Our mothers have been our first source of inspiration and they never cease to motivate us. She has always taught us to work tirelessly, to never get discouraged and too have a positive outlook all the time.

She is your guardian in every way. She’s your mentor, she’s your teacher, she shows you the path ahead.


The Cool Mom

Well, you’ll see this version of your Mom only when you are a grown up adult and transform from being just her little kid to becoming her friend. From being your partner in crime at times, to your shopping partner, discussing your love life and giving you cool tips, this badass side off mums is too good!





The Melodramatic Mom

This version of Mom pops up every now and then. From not cleaning your room to not eating food, even misplacing your lunch boxes, everything boils down to you being an insensitive person. She’ll go any lengths to have her way but the only hidden agenda behind the dramatizing of situation is purely your good.

The Tech Savvy Mom

Our Moms are fast catching on with the advents of technology and they are quickly becoming their best tools to keep a tab on our activities. From Whatsapp to Facebook, Moms are everywhere! And those missed calls from mothers, they are warning bells!

The Detective Mom

Our mothers have the potential to outdo Sherlock Holmes, Raw, FBI, CBI, CID, Mossad, Scotland Yard and all the intelligence agencies put together. Trust her to never be wrong in reading her kids. Whether you have scored bad grades or have fought with your friends, one glance at you and she has a whole report ready. She knows when you’re hungry, when you need that hug, when you need that dress and when you need some alone time.

She’s in the know of each and every crush you’ve had. When you sneak into the house after a late night out, even as you thing you’ve fooled her, she knows when you entered. Love it or hate it, she’s your all day, all night spy!

The Savior Mom

Mom is the one person we instinctively run up to or call for at the slightest sight of any trouble. Remember how we would hide behind our mum to escape the tough scolding from our Dad or how we would show the note from our teacher only to our Mom? Even as a grown up, or a grown up with kids, we need to have our Mom around when in trouble.


Each mother is perfect in her own right. Housewives or working mothers, young or aged mothers, single or married mothers, mothers are the best creation of God. Whatever perils we go through, however tough the world may seem, with our Mom around, every situation becomes a smooth sail. Mother’s Day is about celebrating each and every aspect of this amazing creation a mother is.

Many a times, we take the efforts our Moms put in, for granted because we are conditioned to believe that being on her toes constantly is what motherhood is all about and this is where the problem lies. She is a human just like us, she is bound to get tired, she needs someone to have her back, she needs love, she needs care. So busy we get growing up that we get oblivious to the fact that she is growing old too. And trust us, all that a mother needs is a gentle assurance that we are there for her, just like she has always been for us, anytime, anywhere.





So make the sweetest gesture this Mother’s Day- spend the day with her. Take her out shopping, for a dinner date or a movie or just for a drive. Give her undivided attention. Buy her a gift, make her a card, cook her a meal, do the household chores for her, share her workload or simply sit and chat with her. Do anything but do it with pure love. You’ll be amazed to see the boundless joy it’ll bring to her.

The eternal and intimate bond that we share with our mother completes us. This Mother’s Day, deliver love, just like she has taught you to!

We’ll help you start off with the gesture by helping you pick a gift for her. Feel free to browse through our special Mother’s Day Collection! Happy Mother’s Day, from us to yours!!









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