Nehru Jacket is a piece of garment that has become synonymous with India and its celebrated signature style. This piece of clothing is amongst the few men’s attire that has created a niche for itself globally. Nehru jacket has emerged as the nation’s most sartorial apparel that is full of versatility and vouches for a true gentleman.

Ironically, Nehru wore some signature garments during his public life, more so post independence from 1947 till 1964 a bundi with a kurta or the achkan during winter. These signature garments found a strong following amongst the rural India while the Nehru Jacket went on to become a global sensation.


Same Same But Different

The Nehru Jacket version in the United States of America, United Kingdom and other European counties has a slightly improvised version of the original Nehru Jacket worn by the Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru.

The Nehru Jacket bears a starking similarity to the regular western tailored suit jacket except for the collar and the lapels which are replaced by a front-button round neckline surrounded by a stand-up collar.


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The Nehru Jacket story

Even before Nehru Jacket became an icon that it is today, there were many pre-runners to it. The earliest garment that resembles it is believed to have come up sometime in the 10th century. These shirts were more like a double breasted jacket with closed enclosures, just like the Nehru jacket that emerged much later.

With Mughals invading India, long kurta like shirts came into picture. These too bore a similarity to the jacket we are speaking of. Soon after, embroidered kurtas came up and became an extremely popular choice among the people. Known as achkans, they were a favourite of Nehru.


Other than achkans, the sherwani too was Nehru’s favourite. Mixing up and concoting his own style dress, the Nehru Jacket surfaced sometime in early 1940 and went on to remain for keeps.

The native material used for Nehru jacket is khadi. But given its global appeal, other countries improvise on the material basis their climatic conditions.


West Effect

Nehru jacket rose to its popularity starting 1960 when the Beatles wore it as a troupe. It also became a rage after its appearance in some Hollywood movies. Ever since, this jacket is quite the grabber in the west and people there have their own rendition sto it but it goes by its maiden name.



Nehru Jacket Today

This jacket is not only the gentleman’s attire today but also a fashion showstopper outfit. It is trendy, stylish, attractive and it naturally evokes confidence through its weaves and appearance.


What’s the best part is that this global iconic men’s wear is perhaps the only one that has carved a niche for itself on every level of brilliance and has done us Indians really, really proud.



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