India is a land of culture and the rich heritage that encompasses this enriched land resonates perfectly with its dressing style. And of the numerous characteristic costumes that India conjures, our fashion fixation includes kurtis, hands down.

Kurtis are versatile, comfortable, chic, always in vogue and they are a hit amongst girls and women alike. And while you do get this wonderful piece of clothing in all sizes, we all secretly always wish to look our slimmest best in everything that we wear. Even while picking kurtis, you should keep certain points in mind so as to look your best.


Here are some hacks that you can use the next time you are shopping for kurtis online or from a store.



Cuts and Flares

These style patterns proffer a wide range of designs to pick from. Just because you tilt towards the healthier side or are a tad bit skinny doesn’t mean you should forego the delight of wearing modish kurtis. All you got to do is choose the right one that is apt for your body cut.

If you have broad shoulders, go for polo neck kurtis or collared kurtis. This will take away the focus from the upper part and will give off the impression of a flattering figure.










Those with a heavy bosom should go for straight or a line kurtis. Long sleeved kurtis will also sit beautifully on such body cuts because that spaces out the look on the whole body and not just the problematic areas.





Women, if you are struggling with a heavy lower body, particularly broad and heavy thighs, then you should go for ladies’ kurtis with flares at the tapering ends. Anarkali kurtis are a boon for you!







If you have a rectangular figure then go for kurtis with uniform print or kurtis with slight flare from the hem to the bottom. This will give you a slight voluptuous effect and make you look perfect from all places.





Slay Your Kurti

If you happen to have a pear shaped body, throw in a belt over your kurta. It’ll camouflage all the flab around the love handle.





Opt for palazzos! You can also go for flared palazzos. They’ll make your thighs look less flabby.

If you have very thin arms, then opt for three-fourth sleeves. They’ll take away the focus from your very thin hands and make you look slim in the right proportion.





If you have a heavy waist line, then you can funk up your kurta with a jacket. That’ll conceal your tiers and bingo! Bring on the petite figure!





Avoid these Mistakes

If you are more on the bulky side, avoid full sleeves. They will add more volume to the whole look. Go for short sleeves or elbow length sleeves instead.

Short heighted ladies, avoid pairing your short kurtis with palazzos or dhoti pants. They’ll make you look all the more tinier. You should consider wearing leggings- that’ll add some extra height.

For women with heavy bust, avoid heavy embroidered or high neck kurtis. They’ll make your chest look more pronounced.

Fabrics like chanderi, starched cotton and khadi don’t compliment plum figures. They’ll make you look bulkier. Avoid them!


So ladies, we have set you off for your kurta shopping spree with all the heads up you need. Just dazzle up your look with some enchanting accessories and right footwear and you are all set to rock the look remember, fashion is a lot about creativity and experimenting with your style. With these style hacks, you will ace your kurta game right on!!

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