The festival of Dusshera holds much significance in our culture. Different states celebrate the occasion of VIJAYADASHMI in their own different ways. The one thing, however, that remains constant is the underlying message behind the celebrations, and that is- Victory of good over evil and the success of truth over lies.  

According to the legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day after Navratri.  It is believed that the war between Ram and Ravana went on during these 10 days and on the tenth day Lord Ram emerged victorious over Ravana. Ravana is said to have abducted Ram’s wife, Sita and was also known as a dictating ruler. The end of Ravana meant the end of bad and evil spirit as he was a demon by birth too.

The second legend associated with this festival is that of Durga Puja. It is believed that Maa Durga’s battle with the demon king Mahishasura went on for nine days and she killed him on the tenth day, which is celebrated as Vijayadashmi. Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped over these nine days and the tenth day is again the victory of morals over immorality, of virtue over sin. The festival gives us the message of overcoming all our vices, fighting all our inner demons to emerge clean and virtuous. That also explains why people fast during Navratris as they purge out all impurities from their physical being over these 10 days to come out pious.

These 10 days is a time of great celebrations all over the country, whatever their belief might be. People deck up in their best attires, attend Ramleelas, fairs or just enjoy themselves in Durga Puja Pandals. A lot of them also express their joy by dancing to the beats of Dandiya and do the Garbaa Raas, especially in Gujarat. This spirit of brotherhood and harmony is all pervasive and the tenth day the celebration finally comes to an end. Effigies of Ravana are burned down to literally burn the evil down. People in the East immerse idols of Maa Durga to officially mark the end of Durga Puja.

Durga Puja and Dusshera are also one of the most popular times for shopping since people love wearing new clothes for the festivities. They love to flaunt their ethnic avatar and hence designer sarees, lehengas and suits are much sought after. Women especially dress to impress all through the nine nights of Garba in their fancy chaniya cholis, gowns or ethnic dresses with matching accessories to boot. Some people also color coordinate their outfits according to the different hues associated with the nine goddesses but generally, it’s all about traditional Indian wear with a contemporary twist that people love to flaunt during Navratris.


Lehengas in vibrant colors, stylish cholis, and embellished dupattas are extremely popular during the festive season. The whole idea is about spreading color and joy so silk, georgette and net lehengas with mirror work, etc become a preferred choice.


Nothing beats a saree when it comes to looking feminine and festive ready. Girls love flaunting unconventional blouse designs with traditional bandhani sarees, georgette sarees, and sheer lace numbers to dress their best during Navratris. The ever-popular white saree with red border is also very much in trend for Puja.


From Anarkali gowns to straight cut net gowns, there are plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to dressing up for Dusshera in 2018. They are comfortable, trendy and can be teamed up with dupattas to give a more traditional look. Take your pick from fitted gowns or the ones with elaborate gheras and twirl the navratri nights away.

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