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Indian Lehenga choli & Lehenga Kameez is the staple Indian attire. Its history and origin is as interesting as the outfit. It has travelled a long way to reach where it is today. Initially it was considered as the royal Indian attire. During the Mughal era, this was worn by every woman. Today it is worn at functions and occasions. Mughal designs and motifs were seen on the ghagra choli designs earlier but now it has its variety of styles and craftsmanship.

Different types of lehenga that Peachmode offers :-

1. A-line Lehenga

Look amazing on your special day dressed in an A-line lehenga. Featuring A-line hem these lehengas are usually tighter at the hem and flaring out at the bottom. They look wonderful on different body shapes such as hourglass, pear shape as well as tall body structure. Look for colours, fabrics and embellishments to make sure that it matches the excitement in your heart and adds to your beautiful look. You can also opt for a simple design if you are wearing it at a wedding function.

2. Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga, also known as circular lehenga, is one of the oldest of styles. They feature broad flares and give the impression of forming a complete circle due to the extra volume and lots of pleats. They look great on apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape as well as hourglass figures. If you want your wedding lehenga to be heavy they come as the best choice. Look for pretty embroidery in some bright colours for a gorgeous look.

3. Fish Cut Lehenga

Fish cut lehengas are also known as mermaid lehengas and look best on hourglass and rectangle body shapes. As the name suggests these lehengas feature a fishtail shaped bottom along with a fitted waist, tighter around the knees and flares at the bottom. Fish cut lehengas are perfect for modern brides who want to keep their look simple yet stylish. Fish cut lehenga are also great for wearing at different wedding functions.

4. Sharara Lehenga

Sharara lehenga is basically a kurti worn with wide legged trousers or a palazzo but resembles a lehenga. Usually worn by Muslim brides, these are stitched from the middle of the hem similar to a palazzo. Sharara lehenga looks good on apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape and hourglass body shapes. You can also opt for it if you have a tall frame. Colours such as red, green and turquoise are most preferred for sharara lehenga.

5. Panelled Lehenga

As the name suggests, paneled lehengas feature several panels attached together that offers it lots of flare. The contrasting set of fabric used offers it a colourful and chic look. They are great for rectangular as well as inverted triangle body shapes. Usually resembling a petticoat with flared bottom they come with heavy embellishments and hence are perfect to be worn on the big day.

6. Straight Cut Lehenga

A straight cut lehenga, as the name indicates, has a straight skirt that flows along the body curves and doesn’t flare out like the usual lehengas. This one is the most versatile option and goes well with almost all the body types.

7. Lehenga Kameez or Lehenga with a jacket

The lehengas are kept flary and simple with a long jacket covered in zardozi embroidery or delicate weaving on velvet. Since only the hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket, these often have broad laces or heavy work on them. With the type of jacket that you chose, you can have a variety of looks from rich and elegant ones to subtle and decent ones as well.

8. Half Saree Lehenga

The look is basically due to the way one drapes the dupatta with the lehenga. It usually is a low flare A-line lehenga.

9. Circular Lehenga

This lehenga has a broad flare and forms a complete circle at the hem. The Lehenga has extreme volume and starts with numerous pleats at the hem that finally diffuse as one goes down the flare.

10. Flared Lehenga

This lehenga choli is also known as the circular style of lehenga choli. In this style, lehenga had great volume with broad flares. It gives the impression of flaring when around the air. This kind of lehenga had basically smooth flowing fabric. A waist yoke with heavy work or fancy hangings, gives it a beautiful look.

11. Asymmetric Lehenga Choli

This is one of the latest style of lehenga which basically doesn’t have specific hemlines or panels. These lehenga can have clinging drapes and pre-stitched drape or pleats attached to the waist line panel on it which the lower hemline becomes unbalanced. Keeping less borders and no work on this kind of lehenga makes it look more beautiful.

Modern Woman's Must Have Lehengas

The Lehenga as an attire and girls in general have a beautiful love affair with each other since eternity. The fact that a lehenga is the most immemorial part of her bridal trousseau makes the bond even more special. However, nowadays, it's not just the bridal lehenga that a girl desires but all sorts of variations of the traditional version have become an integral part of her wardrobe. From light cocktail style lehengas to indo western variants with modern cuts and embellishments, a lehenga is so much more than a representation of Indian tradition.

So what makes the lehenga such a versatile and popular choice amongst women or girls now a days? For starters, it's super comfortable and suits most body types. Indian women have a history of flaunting lehengas since the time of the Maharajas and states like Rajasthan and Gujarat are still resplendent with this gorgeous outfit. What with beautiful Indian colors and prints and embellishments, there is a lehenga for each occasion. Be it weddings, festivals or just an everyday version (think lehenga skirts and kurtas or even crop tops), lehengas are such a favorite across all ages.

Since its festive time and also wedding season is just around the corner, we at Peachmode have curated the perfect lehengas for all your occasions and needs. From light everyday styles to bright, festive lehengas and also bridal lehengas, there are so many options to choose from.

Have a look at some of the most popular lehenga styles that are MUST HAVES in your wardrobe :-

The Heavy Wedding / Occasion Wear Silk Lehenga

Be it your wedding or some close friends' or cousins' or some really special occasion, looking good is definitely desirable. Try out some stunning silk lehengas from our bridal wear collection and shine bright on the special day.

Breezy Net / Georgette Lehengas

For those who prefer, easy breezy net and georgette lehengas, we have a huge variety of embellished as well as light net and georgette lehengas that can jazz up any occasion without much weight or pomp.

Saree Style Lehengas

Some lehengas look better when the dupatta is draped like a saree. Such gorgeous occasion wear with fishtail styles or A line cuts become a must have when you have so many festivities and parties happening around you.

Festive Wear

With so many festivals lined up such as Dussehra, navratri, Diwali, Karva Chauth etc, a gorgeous lehenga becomes your go to outfit as it's the perfect blend of comfort and tradition. Pick from a variety of printed ones or lightly embellished lehengas to sparkle brighter on your favorite festival.

Light Everyday Wear Lehengas

I personally am a huge fan of lehenga style skirts coordinated and tops or even kurtas on some days so this style is your go to option when you are feeling the breezy yet earthy vibes in your daily routine at home or at work.

Chic Girly Crop Top And Skirt Style Lehengas

For those who love the youthful and modern version of the lehengas we have a variety of crop top and skirt style lehengas that are so much in trend now a days.

Lehenga style to suit your body type :-

The dream of every bride is that perfect wedding dress, which will make her look like the most beautiful bride the groom and the crowd have ever seen. Selecting a wedding dress is a process, it is a memory in making. No doubt, it is the most difficult task for the bride. Here are the lehenga styles as per your body type :-

1. Balancing the bridal look of the Pear-shaped girls: 

If you belong to this sexy category with heavy bottoms, well here is an idea to flaunt your sexiness. Show your curves by wearing a low-waist lehenga or drape that saree along your navel for that slim look. Go for a blouse that has both detailing and will add volume to your upper body.

2. Lehenga for the sexy bride with Hourglass figure: 

If you are blessed with this coveted type of figure, first thank god. Now the tough part, Selecting the perfect wedding dress. A fishtail lehenga will be perfect for you. Add a halter blouse or corset to enhance your oomph effect. You can also try an A-line lehenga in a flowy fabric with some layers.

3. Lehenga for the Apple figured bride-to-be: 

Apple figure is referred to those women who are heavier on their upper body side. You can try a longer blouse or choli with a deep V cut to balance your look. For fabric, you should try the lighter and flowy fabric like chiffon and Georgette. A heavily embellished neckline would be better. You should also try empire-length lehengas. Avoid heavier and still fabrics like brocade and tissue. Wear a blouse of a darker colour for slimming effect on the upper body.

4. Wedding Lehenga for the Straight square-shaped bride: 

If you are more of skinny and straight than girly and curvy, this is the section for you. The motive of your lehenga is giving you more feminine and curvy look. You can try lehenga which accentuates your waist curves. This will draw attention to your slim waist. Try choli cut blouses with deep embellished necklines. Fish cut lehengas are a great choice. Wear shorter blouses instead of kurtas. You can also use the luxury of heavily embellished dupatta in a stiff material. You can try corsets to define curves. Wearing a lot of jewellery is also a good idea for that coveted feminine look.

Different Styles to drape a dupatta on Lehenga

There are few of the most common drape styles for lehenga - 

  • The first style is to open the dupatta on both shoulders in front and let it fall naturally. This style is most suitable for occasions which involves very less activity by you.

  • The second style is to pleat a dupatta on one shoulder and taking it across back drape it on the opposite forearm. There are variations of this style in which you could open the dupatta pleats on the shoulder or on the arms or even wrap one corner of the dupatta around your wrist instead of draping it over the arm.

  • The third style and probably the most common is the saree style in which you tuck one corner of the dupatta at the lehenga waist, taking the rest of the dupatta around back bring it to the front and drape it over the shoulder. You could also open the dupatta pleats at the shoulder or even tie it in a knot for a lightweight dupatta.

  • The fourth style is an extension of the first style. For this pleat a dupatta on one shoulder and leave it open on the other shoulder. A plain dupatta if draped in this style might bring down the look of the lehenga and blouse embroidery. You could use this style if your dupatta has medium to heavy embroidery. You could either drape the dupatta higher at the neck or form a ‘V’ at the neckline with the use of safety-pins. If you have a simpler blouse- drape the dupatta in the second and third variations which cover the blouse giving the ensemble a heavier look.

  • The fifth and quickest dressy drape style is to open the dupatta on one shoulder, drape it across front and pleat the rest on the opposite forearm. Use this drape style for a more casual look to the outfit. You could also pleat a dupatta on both the shoulders and the forearm, like the second variation. If carried gracefully the third variation of carrying the dupatta open on the shoulders and the forearm looks good too.

  • The next style is the most basic in terms of styling- open the dupatta and carry it on one arm. It’s preferable if the dupatta has some embellishment- either all over the body or a border at least.

  • The next style of dupatta drape is to open the dupatta and drape it across the back and scrunch it at elbow. You could even the drape the dupatta a little lower on one shoulder. If your dupatta as a big motif in the center this is the best style to drape it in.

  • The other variation is to scrunch the dupatta at both elbows and this is suitable for dupattas with embroidery along the narrow edges.This style is comparatively new for a lehenga dupatta and we can call it the shawl drape. Similar to a regular shawl for this style drape one third of the dupatta in front and wrap around the rest of the dupatta throwing back the excess over the same shoulder.The basic version of this style is to tuck a corner of the dupatta at back waist and bring the dupatta around the front draping the rest in pleats over the shoulder. The side cowls that form looks very interesting. A variation of this style is to pleat a dupatta along one of the corner at the shoulder.

  • The use of belts is another way to refresh your drape style. Drape the dupatta on one shoulder and wear the belt either at the navel or on the lehenga waist. You could also drape the dupatta in the saree style and use the belt over it. A thin belt is best if you do not want to highlight the waist area yet tuck the dupatta in it.

Different ways to Revamp your Lehenga

  1. Pair your bridal lehenga with a different lighter dupatta-The bridal lehenga most of the times comes with a very heavy dupatta and using a different light weight or plain net dupatta can help play down the grandeur of your wedding outfit. You can go for a plain net dupatta in same colour with simple lace stitched on all four sides or get a bit more creative and try a dupatta in a colour contrasting your lehenga.

  2. Use the blouse of your bridal outfit like a saree blouse-If your wedding lehenga has a heavy blouse then pair it with a plain saree. Sheer sarees work best for this kind of experiment as it gives ample scope for the heavy work on your bridal blouse to be showcased.

  3. Play with different style top options like a long kurta-Ditch the blouse which came with your lehenga and explore other options like a long kurta or cape style simple blouse in contrasting colour of your lehenga. These latest lehenga blouse design options also allow you to skip dupatta making your wedding lehenga wearable for smaller functions.

  4. Wear your bridal lehenga with a shirt-Pairing a heavily embellished lehenga with a shirt is the latest trend. It all started off with Anushka sharma in ADHM where she rocked a lehenga with white shirt and layered neck pieces. Just pair an existing white or black shirt from your wardrobe with a lehenga and skip the dupatta to the next wedding you attend.

  5. Wear your wedding blouse and dupatta with plain lehenga-The lehenga is the most heaviest part of your wedding outfit and to make it more wearable just skip the lehenga and pair your wedding blouse and dupatta with a plain lehenga. You can use an existing silk or net lehenga from your wardrobe or get one tailored in modern cut or design.

  6. Add a sheer cape to your lehenga set-Sheer capes are totally in and they can completely change the look of an outfit. Skip the dupatta and add a sheer net cape over your wedding lehenga for a trendy indo western outfit option.

  7. Use your dupatta with a different light lehenga or suit-Dupatta of your lehenga is something you can reuse many times. Get a plain floor length anarkali stitched in contrasting colour and wear with your wedding dupatta.

  8. Experiment with your dupatta drape-Changing up the dupatta drape can also make for a refreshing change with your wedding lehenga. Most brides pin their wedding dupatta or use it to cover the head but after your wedding you can go for a more relaxed and a flowy dupatta drape.

  9. ​Get an anarkali made out your wedding lehenga-If the idea of an expensive lehenga sitting idle in your home doesn't sit well with you then transform it into an anarkali. you will need a good tailor to bring a stylish anarkali to life from your wedding lehenga which you will wear a lot more times than the lehenga.Get a sheer layer attached to your blouse to look like a lehenga anarkali.Team your wedding lehenga and blouse with a contrasting light dupatta.Cinch your lehenga look with a belt for a modern look

  10. Add a jacket over your bridal lehenga-Long jackets over ethnic wear are hot in trend these days. You an add a floor length jacket to your wedding lehenga and rewear it to a wedding. For winter weddings go for silk jackets or opt for a sheer net jacket for a summer wedding.

  11. Remove can can net and use as is-Most bridal lehengas come with a layer of can can net which adds volume to the outfit but if you want to reuse your wedding lehenga after your wedding you get the can can removed from underneath of your lehenga and wear it. Removing the can can layer makes the lehenga more wearable and less bridal. When wearing your lehenga as is make sure to change up the styling a bit. Go for open hair and a jhoomar and skip the neckpiece.Use your bridal dupatta for a half saree look.

  12. Rent out your designer Lehenga-You can actually earn money by renting out your wedding lehenga online. Many sites online offer hassle free renting options especially if your lehenga is from a leading designer.


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