10 Latest Party Wear Saree Blouse Designs

10 Latest Party Wear Saree Blouse Designs

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The saree is one of the most gracious, versatile and iconic attires of all times! Sarees look elegant, ravishing, gracious and regal, all at once. And not only in India, the saree is a phenomenon globally too and is loved and celebrated massively all across the world.

A small but essential to the beauty of this maverick of an apparel is the blouse- the blouse subtly but distinctly adds to the grace and the grandeur of the saree. A complimenting blouse design further elevates the style quotient of the saree . Just like a well picked saree, a well-chosen blouse enriches the overall appearance of the saree. A well meaning saree design can go awfully wrong if it is paired with an odd suiting blouse.

So to let you pick only the best blouses and the best sarees, we’ve laid out some latest saree blouse patterns that are very much in and especially go well as silk saree blouses.


Embellishment Blouses



An embellished blouse adds to the beauty of a party wear or a heavy work saree. And this year starting with the wedding season, embellished blouses are quite the loved trend!

You could have one stitched in short sleeves or go for long sleeves. Although to have full effect of the embellished blouse and to give it a more royal feel, a longe sleeved blouse would be better.


Long Sleeved Blouses



Long sleeved blouses are another trending ones when it comes to popular blouse designs of this season. And they have found their way up among stylish blouse designs too. These too look best when plain and sit really well on party wear sarees, cocktail sarees or heavy embroidered or embellished sarees.

Make sure to pick the base color of the saree for the blouse. These too should preferably be of single plain color.


Sleeveless Blouses


Well, this is one trend that always manages to retain its position in the most stylish blouses, always! Be it the regular basic sleeveless blouse or some embroidered one, they always up your oomph factor.  This blouse design can never go out of fashion. You can either opt for a plain one or a blouse with motif work to go with your party wear saree. You can go for a deep neck design jacket for your sleeveless blouses. Or you could have it styled as a strap blouse to give it a more modish, contemporary touch!


Silk Blouses


Silk has an inherent touch of royalty to it. The moment you a dorn a silk attire, it speaks elegance and luxury. So a silk blouse is always your safe bet when you have to exude a royal avatar.

You can also sport your silk blouses with other fabrics- the trick is to have a good fusion that isn’t too much in the face.


Embroidered Georgette blouses


A good embroidered blouse goes on to add an element of beauty to your graceful saree. You can have your blouse stitched in any modish way and the best part about georgette blouses is that they look very rich and crisp.


Plain Black Blouse

We all know of the age old fashion maxim- when in doubt, wear black. This absolutely holds true for blouses with the evergreen sarees as well. Be it long sleeved black blouses or contemporary modish black blouses, one can never go wrong with this color.




Cocktail Blouses

Well, as the name goes, they are absolutely meant for your cocktail or these fine-dine parties. You could go sober or pick an embellished style in this one- it all depends on your comfort level.



Collared  Blouse

These blouses add a formal touch to your look- so you could go for these for your business meetings or formal luncheons or coffee discussions.




Cold Shoulder Blouse


These are another from our trending blouses list. They are modern yet have an ethnic charm to them.



You can also go for drooping or off-shoulder blouses. They look mesmerising, especially when paired with heavy work sarees or an embroidered blouse with a plain saree.


High-Neck Blouse



This fashion norm in blouses is a big yes from us. Not only do they look very ethereal, they also add a hint of royalty to your look. You can also opt for a plain high neck blouse for your regular simple silk sarees or can ace them up a little, add some heavy designs or choose a heavy blouse pattern to make them look more artistic. You can also pair these with plain satin sarees- a embroidered or embellished high neck blouse with a  plain saree is quite a power packed combination, we say!



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