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Blue has always been an important colour in art and creativity since ancient period. Even though it came much later than reds and pinks it never failed to attract our kings and queens. A colour associated with harmony, confidence, dignity, wealth is a winner in itself and if wearing a blue saree or a blue salwar suit links you with such traits then nothing can stop you from capturing the spotlight you have always craved for. Peachmode has come with its blue saree collection only to fulfill this dream of yours. Our mesmerizing designs and patterns are sure to lock you in the glamorous zone. 

In a mood to try a different shade of blue? Well, welcome aboard! Our collection ranges from royal blue saree, navy blue saree, sky blue to peacock blue saree. All these shades are woven with intricate works like zari and beads and are decorated with trendy motifs, classy patchworks, cool colour blocks and much more. 

With the changing trends we always think that the past work has fainted into oblivion but what we fail to understand is that the new tends are just the remodelled versions of the old ones, carrying little essence of the past. Our designers work in the same way. They work hard to redesign those particular evergreen designs in order to give you the best of both worlds. 
Pick those blue sarees with golden borders to accentuate you look and sizzle in any wedding receptions or try a blue saree with sequins black blouse to get Deepika Padukone’s look from her hit movies. If you want to go traditional choose our blue banarasi silk saree and pair up with gold temple jewellery to complete the look. 

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