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Banarasi saree is ranked among the finest traditional sarees of India. When we talk about wedding sarees or bridal sarees, the first kind of saree that raids our mind is a banarasi saree. They come in various designs, colours and textures such as embroidered banarasi sarees, banarasi silk sarees, designer banarasi sarees, cutwork sarees, etc. Banarasi sarees online at Peachmode are made of finely woven silk with Mughal inspired designs such as intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs, ‘kalga’ and ‘bel’, a string of upright leaves called ‘jhallar’ at the outer edge of the border. They get relatively heavy because of these engravings and borders. Other patterns are gold work, solid weaving, figures with small details, metallic visual effects, ‘pallus’, and mina work.
Banarasi saree, originated in India’s oldest city Banaras, now called Varanasi was first invented in 19th century. Therefore, to give our customers a proper feel of banarasi saree we pick out the best sarees from our Banaras vendors as well. Undoubtedly there are number of benefits to buy banarasi sari online.

Look your best

Amongst all the Indian outfits, a banarasi saree is the best of the lot. They make you look elegant, charming and yet fashionable. The overall look with the jewellery is beyond compare. You can also grab a net and Banarasi combined wedding saree for marriages. Colors like maroon, brown and red in combination with green and golden will definitely stand out uniquely enhancing your stature.
Many of the vendors try to sell synthetic material in its name. But at Peachmode you are sure to get pure banarasi silk sarees. We believe in reinventing our ancient ethnic wear with better wearable and affordable fashion options. Our original banarasi sarees are the example of our goal.


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