10 Latest Saree Draping Styles You Must Know

10 Latest Saree Draping Styles You Must Know

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What could possibly marr the beauty of the grace and elegance that are inherent to a saree? A messily draped saree. The beauty of saree is that it is contemporary and traditional at the same time and to further enhance their sensuality, it is essential that the drapes on the saree come out immaculately.

So Peachmode decided to give you a low down on all the latest saree draping styles. Go ahead and become a pro and ace these saree wearing styles which are the most stylish saree wearing types on the block right now!

So here are 10 latest styles of wearing a saree trending right now.



The Butterfly Drape

This is a very modish draping style. It is non-bulky and a very fresh style on the block. Very popular among the Bollywood celebs, you too can drape it in the simplest of steps. You got to form a butterfly at the lower end of the pallu and keep the top relatively slender and you are all set to rock your look!






Open Pallu Drape

This is the evergreen draping style where you want to flaunt your pallu like a free bird. It is the easiest of the draping styles- and it looks flawlessly elegant. Make sure to pin the top of the pallu otherwise it’ll keep falling off as you walk! Also make sure that the pallu is ironed crisp else you’ll make for a very messy impression.






The Double Drape

This is a very innovative and unique way of draping the saree. The conventional way is to use two sarees and their pallus but that sometimes gets too much to handle. An easy alternative is to drape it like the model in the product- it gives off the same, amazing effect.






Gujarati Style

This famous saree draping style is best suited for heavy work sarees. The style aims at fetching out the affluent work of the saree in a bequeathing way. In this style, the pallu falls in the front giving a very dressed up frontage impression.





You can also drape it the modern way by adding a hint of contemporary to the traditional style as shown in this style below.






The Neck Wrap Drape

Draping is all about dishing out some new, unique and unusual styles to wear your saree. One such unconventional but highly trendy way of draping your saree is the neck wrap drape style. Wrap the pallu around your neck to trench a scarf curled look. This is a very chic style. And the brownie point, it is great for those cold, winter chilly nights !






Dupatta style drape

This style is on top of the draping styles trending right now. A major hit among many fashionistas and also on the fashion ramps, this style is very contemporary and adds an attractive factor to the draping style. The key points are to choose a dupatta that compliments your saree’s pallu really well, preferably of the same palette as the pallu.






Lehenga style

Well this style has been rocking the trend for the longest time now- it is the most popular choice for wedding festivities. A much better option to buying those expensive, kilograms and kilograms of heavy weight lehengas, it gives the same look as a lehenga and is much daintier and prettier. Make sure to go for a saree that has a fuller work all over to bring out the best effect!






Trail style drape

This style of draping up your saree is quite similar to the regular, conventional style. All you got to do is leave out a major chunk of the 9 yard saree in the pallu and let it trail at the rear. This will give you an assured diva look walking on the red carpet!






Belt it drape

As the style name suggests, all you got to do is throw in a fancy, attractive belt around your waist. This will accentuate your style brilliantly and will look ethereally beautiful too. Make sure you choose a narrow belt, a wide strip belt might just look out of place.






The Bengali Drape

This style of draping is iconic and is quite the obsession of Bollywood. With lot of magnum opus cinematic wonders panning around this culture, this draping style always is on the vogue list. This draping style is an amazing choice if you want to flaunt the back of your blouse or if you want to go the traditional way.





And with Raksha Bandhan around the corner, you could absolutely use some of these styles to bring about the most glamorous festive look!


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