4 Trending Colours of this season that will uplift your style

4 Trending Colours of this season that will uplift your style

You all might have heard about colour theory and how various colours can affect our mood. Colour theory basically refers to combining or using colours to depict a mood or aesthetic. Some colours dictate warm tones while others dictate cool tones. What colour you choose to incorporate into your wardrobe tells a lot about your personality and mood.

Colours like white and black are considered to give a minimalistic and sophisticated approach to your outfits. Whereas colours like red, yellow and blue will make your outfits stand out and be more vibrant.

Every year, there is a new and different range of colours that becomes famous and trendy. With changing seasons and eras, even the colours change and evolve. After the year 2020, there has been an increase in the use of minimal and neutral colours when it comes to fashion.

But 2023 is all about breaking barriers and rules. People are now ready to rock a neon-coloured jacket with white coloured cowboy boots. This year is not about thinking out of the box but more about breaking the box itself. People, now are looking to break away from the norms and create their own unique trends that showcase their individuality and creativity.

So here are 5 of the best and trendy colours of this season, that will help you look stylish and fashionable:

  1. Mustard yellow

The colour yellow is a symbol of positivity, warmth and comfort. Yellow reminds us of sunshine and sunflowers. 

Just like Yellow, we have another shade which enhances the beauty of clothes. Mustard Yellow is a toned down and darker shade of yellow. This shade adds depth and intensity to clothes. If you are someone who loves dark colours instead of bright ones, Mustard yellow is the one for you. Moreover, it goes well with our Indian complexion as the colour blends with our skin.

2. Pastel shades of green, blue, and pink

No other shades are as cute as pastel shades of various colours. Pastel shades are usually lighter tones of bright colours. Clothes in Pastel shades are perfect for warm days as they do not absorb direct heat. If you want to add a touch of softness and minimalism to your wardrobe, make sure you go for clothes, particularly in pastel colours. Pastel outfits have been in trend since the retro era and are still ruling our hearts. They bring out the delicate and fragile side of fashion. 

3.  Grey

We all are sick and tired of the same old black-and-white, monochromatic outfits. Grey is the perfect colour for all our neutrals and minimalism lovers. If you are someone who wants to break the barriers of monochrome colours and try something new, you must definitely look for outfits in Grey colour. Not only is this colour super trendy but also unique in its own way. It is truly versatile as you can pair this colour with various different colours such as yellow, green, blue and many more. Grey-coloured outfits offer simplicity and are uncommon in the fashion world.

4. Olive green

We were saving the best for the last. Olive green is undoubtedly a winner this season. It is ruling the world of fashion, as it brings a sense of earthiness to the table. Shops and stores are packed with Olive green shirts, dresses, and t-shirts. Now we think it is safe to say that this shade of green has even conquered the world of ethnic wear. Apart from being a unique colour, it is also gender-neutral. Because why should girls have all the fun? You shouldn’t hold back and get yourself a pretty Olive green kurta. Style it with heavy silver oxidised jewellery and black, white or green pants. 

In essence, these trending colours offer a range of options to elevate your style and make a statement. From the warm and vibrant Mustard Yellow to the soft and delicate Pastel shades of green, blue, and pink, these colours add depth and personality to your outfits. The versatility and uniqueness of Grey provide a refreshing change from monochromatic looks, while Olive Green brings an earthy and gender-neutral touch to your wardrobe. Embrace these trending colours and let them reflect your individuality and creativity, breaking away from the norm and creating your own fashion trends.



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