5 Amazing Rakhi Gift Ideas Your Sister Will Love

5 Amazing Rakhi Gift Ideas Your Sister Will Love

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Rakshabandhan Celebrations in Modern Times

While the basic premise of the Rakhi ceremony remains the same, the celebration itself has undergone a sea change over the years. These days, elaborate rituals and extravagant gifts (for both the brother and sister) have replaced the simplicity of the original custom, becoming a festive and joyful occasion that is celebrated by siblings all over the country!

The gifts may have changed, but the ritual remains the same! 

                     Image by Vikram Varma (Flickr Creative Commons)

Now, the major question most people face is – What would be the perfect gift for my sister or brother?

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 gifts for your sister (another post will follow with Rakhi gift ideas for brothers), which she will cherish for years to come. So, if you want to put a big smile on your sister’s face this Rakhi, just get inspired by the ideas below:

Gift Hampers

Girls of any age love receiving presents in pretty packages, and the more the merrier! Depending on your sister’s preferences, pick out a hamper with a selection of her favorite items and watch her grin from ear to ear. While sweets are traditionally part of any Rakhi hamper, you could get her one with soft toys, beauty products, perfumes and any other stuff she likes, all packaged in a pretty basket or decorated box.

     A gift hamper with your sister’s favorite goodies is the perfect Rakhi gift!

Watches and Jewelry

Jewelry and precious items make a great Rakhi gift, since they are beautiful and functional at the same time. They can also serve as an investment in your sister’s future, especially if you buy her gold coins or necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings and other ornamental pieces in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. Watches are also a great gift, especially if you get your sister a trendy timepiece that she can wear with pride! 


Jewelry and watches are all-time favorites for Rakshabandhan

Designer Apparel

Gifts of clothing have become a Rakhi tradition over the ages, especially premium designer wear that your sister might not buy for herself. Colorful saris, stylish suits and trendy casual wear will definitely make your sister feel cherished. Treat her like the special lady she is by giving her an embellished anarkali, luxurious silk sari, embroidered lehenga-choli set, vibrant and eye-catching tunic or elegant flowing dress in colors she loves.  

Gorgeous designer clothing is sure to make your sister happy this Rakhi!

Hobby Products

If your sister is into creative pursuits or has a particular pastime that she loves, show her your encouragement with a gift that reflects her passion. If she likes collecting decorative items, get her some quirky figurines or wall hangings to add to her collection. Gadget freaks would love the latest mobile or computer accessories, DIY and craft enthusiasts will appreciate painting, sewing or craft supplies, budding photographers could be gifted books or a collection of lenses – you get the drift!


Your sister’s hobbies and pastimes can clue you in to the perfect gift

Personalized Gifts

Gifts that are personalized always strike a chord in the receiver’s heart, since they show that you put in the time and effort to have them customized. Photo gifts are the most popular choice, with tee-shirts, coffee/tea mugs, diaries, photo albums, collages and prints that feature images of you and your sister, her favorite phrase or an art print she’s always wanted. You could also go the extra mile and write a custom greeting or poem and have that printed on the gift too.


Gifts with her favorite images or phrases will never be forgotten!

                       Mug Image by theimpulsivebuy (Flickr Creative Commons)

 When it comes to Rakhi gifts, the rule of thumb is to keep your sibling’s personality and likes/dislikes in mind. It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter how much your gift costs, but the thought behind it should be one of love and appreciation. She’s your sister after all, you know her best and can get her exactly what she would love!


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