5 Awesome Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Brother

5 Awesome Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Brother

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How Do You Decide on the Perfect Rakhi Gift for Your Brother?

                                          Pamper your brother this Rakhi!

On the occasion of Rakhi, you need to pamper your brother the same way he pampers you throughout the year. Instead of picking out the conventional basket of sweets, let your gift reflect the affection and love you feel for him. A personalized gift that reflects your brother’s tastes is the best choice.

Here are some gift ideas that your brother will be sure to go ga-ga over:


                                   A quirky pocket watch? Yes, please!

There is nothing like a stylish timepiece to send boys and men of any age into raptures of delight! With the availability of international brands in the country, you have a much wider range to pick from, so consider your brother’s personal sense of style. Sporty watches are great for a fashion-forward young man and those who enjoy the wild outdoors, while leather and metal watches are perfect for the sophisticated ones. Whichever his type, a watch is a great for showing your love that’s as steady as time. Why stick to wristwatches alone? A quirky pocket watch or antique-style watch-and-chain can make a brilliant and unique gift too.

Tools and Toolkits 

           Boys do love their tools!

It’s hard to think of a single man who doesn’t have a tool fetish, whether it is out in the open or hidden under layers of sophistication. Hammers, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches – brothers of every age love to tinker with these 'toys', especially if they can take things apart and put them back together again. Whether your brother likes to do home repairs or enjoys DIY woodworking and craft projects, a set of tools is a great gift idea for him.

Bar-Themed Goodies

 Your brother will love gifts that let him play barthender!

Okay, maybe your brother isn’t much of a drinker, but he probably still nurtures a wistful dream of creating an awesome bar to throw parties and soirees at home. Everything from wine glasses and beer mugs to themed gifts like mug-shaped fridge magnets and wine bottle lamps is a lovely way to get him started on the perfect indoor bar. It’s even more thoughtful if you create a package of themed goodies with a fancy bottle of wine or his favorite drink.


Get your brother a gift that is based on his interests

This is where you can really show your brother how deep your bond is and how well you know his hobbies and interests. If he likes movies, you could gift him a poster or have one printed specially for him, a comic book fan would love to receive a set of classic or limited edition graphic novels, sports fans will enjoy themed novelty items and so on. Really, anything from a model train kit to a set of Transformers toys is perfect – it may seem silly to other people, but is he’s a fan or hobbyist, your brother will hand you the ‘Best Sister Award’ hands down!

Electronic Gadgets  


From cute to classic – Electronic gadgets are a great choice!

While this is an idea that has been done to death for years, it still remains one of the top choices for Rakhi gifts. The latest and coolest gadgets are perfect, since they remain a top choice (we hosted an informal poll with our male friends and this made the top 5 of every list!) for guys of any age. Younger brothers can be gifted video games or cute speakers and mobile phone accessories, while older ones would love everything from a fancy music system to the newest tablet on the market.

Rakhi Image 1 by Rashmi Gupta, Rakhi Image 2 by Vikram Verma (Flickr Creative Commons)



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