Imagine walking into a store with the most enamoring outfits- lehengas with the right amount of embellishments and the perfect hint of glamour or salwar suits that swathe in trends and panache ever so smoothly. Or imagine this, browsing online through an enchanting collection of ethnic wear and prepping to fill your shopping cart with all those pieces of beauty. Isn’t that a very alluring picture in your head? And now imagine a li’l further, just as you are about to pick that piece you laid your eyes on, you realise that it is not available in your size. Isn’t that the saddest moment for shopaholics in us?


Trust us, we all have been through that outcast moment when we have chanced upon that perfect dress only to realise that we won’t fit in. Isn’t the world already turning into this massive ball of stress and disappointment already than experiencing the chagrin of not being able to buy the dress we just began to fancy only because it was not made for our size?!





Many a times, these ethnic outfits we get at stores or online come with some cloth margin along the inner hem which feels like small mercy when the dress can’t fit us or when we have put on those extra pounds (every woman’s biggest woe). But often times when we strew open that hem line or tighten it along, the beauty of the outfit is marred because the design was crafted with the set measurements.


And hence you pretty women, we at Peachmode made sure that you didn’t have to go through that frustration while shopping online with us. Yes, we’ve got your back! We have for you the most exquisite, the most stunning, full of elegance and abounding in grandiose lehengas and salwar kameez which come with the luxury of customization! Yes, you can now have your cake and eat it too.


We bring to you these lovely lehengas and salwar suits in semi stitched style. So you have all the artistic work done proportionately to the cut outs and you can have them customised to your taste. Semi-stitched outfits in fact are way more flexible than completely unstitched dress materials because many a times these unstitched materials are not able to trace the intended designs and detailing while tailoring it.







So with these semi-stitched outfits, all you got to do is have the sleeves and the neckline tailored to your style. The frills and the flares running along the length of the choli or the kurtas are left untampered thus retaining the native beauty of the outfit.

And because you have the luxury to have these strewn along to your physique, you can always leave some margin to have the outfit loosened or tightened to your body fit. Because hey, altering the shape of our body instantly may not be at our disposal but we can definitely alter the clothes we would want to wear!

And as for salwar kameez, we provide the salwar in unstitched style because the salwar defines the grace of your salwar suit- that is the most flattering part of the set that would flatter the silhouette just right. So you can have it tailored just the way you want- as a churidar, a Patiala or a palazzo.

Another happy advantage that these semi-stitched lehengas and salwar suits at Peachmode give is that you can have them customized keeping in line with the running trends and style. You could also have the length of your kurta or your choli be defined as per your comfort.

And the best part, these semi-stitched outfits cost much less than the readymade ethnic outfits. Doesn’t all this feel like a gleeful bonanza devised for you?!

So as we always promise you ladies, there’s never a dull moment when you shop at Peachmode. Browse through our semi-stitched collection of outfits and wear them to your comfort style, we all are entitled to be the heroes of our stories, right?

And here’s listing out some semi-stitched outfits we thought you’d love!!

So get shopping with our very attractive discount offers and convenient shipping options, we deliver outfits wrapped with love at your doorstep.













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