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There’s perhaps nothing more enjoyable or utterly fascinating than the abounding fun-frolicking an Indian Summer wedding promises. Indian weddings are all about dressing to the hilt, grooving to the reverberating peppy music and gorging on the scrumptious and extremely delectable food spreads!

Marriage is a beautiful partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other and Indian weddings wonderfully capture the essence of this union. Your wedding day remains etched in memory forever- it’s like laying the ground for that colourful mosaic you build along with your partner through the unfolding years. And an Indian wedding in summer is like spelling a magical combination!


India has all the mystical locales, astounding backdrops and peppy summery vibes that will blend in the right amount to host a memorable summer wedding!



To make sure that your summer wedding is an awesome and fun filled splash of celebration, you should choose well from the rage of choices that the tropical season in India offers. We’ve gathered some ideas for you to help you curate the wedding just perfect.


Choosing the right venue

Indian summers are synonymous with clear weather, clear skies and bright outdoors. So while zeroing in on the venue, look out for the perfect backdrop that would capture the most eventful day of your life. Let ethnicity blend with the cosmos beautifully while you exchange your wedding vows.

An outdoor themed wedding would be the best, complementing the vibrancy of the summers just fine. If you are planning a daytime wedding, make sure the venue is properly air conditioned- you wouldn’t want your make-up wearing out or your guests fretting.

Summers also happen to be the most apt for a beach wedding or a poolside wedding.

Getting the Décor Right

Décor is one of the most prominent aspects of a successful wedding and let’s admit, we all want to get a little pompous when it comes to displaying the quirky style and themes of our wedding. So make sure you get your wedding theme right. Since summers are all about colors, florals sound just about right when it comes to decoration. In fact, you get the best choices available in flowers during this time of the year. Jasmine, marigold, orchids, roses, sunflowers- you can mix all these and throw in some ferns too to dish out the most alluring wedding décor! The stage, the mandap and the entire set up should be suffusing opulence all around.


You can also opt for warm, metallic colors as your decoration theme- this will add a pop of bohemian rhapsody bursting with energy all over. Go for hues of purple, turquoise.

For wedding receptions or wedding during night time, use bright, solid colors. Also, for summer weddings, copper, bronze cutlery and the works do amazingly well.

Engaging a Good Wedding Photographer

Pictures come out exceptionally well in bright weather. So make hay while the sun shines, literally! Wedding photography is the essence of a memorable wedding. Candid shots, group pictures, aerial shots – these captures are as big as you wedding day. Your wedding photography team should have an eye for emotions and go for the perfect backdrop for you wedding shoot.

Oh and yes, pre-wedding shoots are very much the rage and must we tell, they do pack a punch and unfold what a fun-filled wedding lies ahead. So do get on shot. The right wedding team will know how to narrate your wedding story just right through its frames.

Get the Menu Right

Summer weddings call for lot of refreshing drinks, ice creams and desserts in addition to delectable food. So make sure the starters include a good mix of coolants and platters of seasonal fruits.



Also, since the sweltering summer heat might spoil the food, make sure it is prepared well and contained well while on the serve. The last thing you’d want is your guests falling sick of food poisoning! Well, that will not let them forget the wedding but not in the best way!!  Just kidding.


Choosing the right music

What is an Indian wedding without lots of peppy beats to groove to? Keeping in mind that Indian weddings in summer promise a lot of gathering since most people have holidays then, you need to have a playlist and a DJ that can have people dancing their hearts out. Invest in a good event planner team that does the sound system and the music compilation glaring with energy!



Give Away Souvenirs

Who doesn’t like gifts? And what better way to add a personal touch and a gesture of gratitude for all the lovely guests who came and became a part of your priceless moments? Also, these wedding giveaways are a very sweet way of people reminiscing your wedding as much as the couple! Customised wedding giveaways are sort of a thing now, so look up a good fabricator and get your own personalized gifts curated for the guests.


Wedding is not just an event, it is an elaborate celebration of two souls coming together. So it’s only just that we add the right amounts of panache and grandiose to it. Nothing can surpass the ornateness of Indian weddings and curating the perfect wedding to let it etch in everyone’s memory for years to come would be like the perfect royalty to celebrate the union called marriage.



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