Earl Wilson once said - Feminists say 60 percent of the country's wealth is in the hands of women. They're letting men hold the other 40 percent because their handbags are full. He couldn’t be more right. A handbag is like a Pandora every woman carries. Their bag preferences may vary but every woman is crazy about bags and this is the reason bags are never off the market.

Handbags are the ultimate signature accessory of any woman. They speak lengths about a woman and her style statement.



While there could be n number of bags one could lay their hands on, there are certain bag styles that can never get your look go wrong. And then, there are some bags that are trending this season.


The Belt Bags

Well, we all have at some point or another felt the need to have a bag and have our hands free too. Throw in belt bags! They are uber chic, super convenient and great to carry around your essentials.



Belt bags looks quite fashionable and sophisticated and are great when you need to carry just a few items. They look best when paired with high boots or minis.



Your belt bag will also go well with three-fourths.


The Box Handbags

These sultry bags are like nostalgia reloaded. They look like a fashionable version of our school lunchboxes! Of course they aren’t meant for everyday use but once in a while and especially to go with your corporate formal look, they look terrific!





The box handbags are also one of the raging trends of 2019 and trust us, when carried with the right outfit, they will elicit a wow reaction for sure!!


Sling bags





You can never go wrong with these ones. Always sought after, these bags look ultra modish and are quite the eye candy! Wear them with any outfit, they look pretty charming all the time.



Potli Bags

Potli bags are small storage purse usually round in shape. These bags are embellished with sequins, mirror work, zari work and sometimes even gold. They are affixed with a drawstring which is helpful for opening and closing the bag. As compared to the earlier times, today they have evolved as a fashion ensemble and an integral part of the ethnic look.




Potli bags are an Indian creation and have become quite popular on the global platform too. These are the best pick for ethnic accessories and go really well with traditional outfits and for wedding ceremonies.

Of course there have hip hop versions emerged of the potli bag too but the traditional ones hold the sentiment right.




You can team your lehenga or anarkali suit with a potli bag to give off that ethereally rich feels.


The Tote Bag




Any bag lover and hoarder of bags would definitely have this bag in their collection. You can carry the entire world in them and they look fabulous and sophisticated to carry around. These are super versatile and compliment any apparel style.





Wear your tote with your regular semi formals to the office.




Whether going on treks or just your random day out, these bags are super comfy to carry around and look superbly chic too. They are great to stuff all your things in a compact fashion. Even for everyday office use, these bags are a great option.




They go well with jeans, trousers and one-pieces.





Embroidery Bags

Another talented creation of our soil, the embroidery bags are much loved worldwide. They sit equally well with western outfits as they do with the conventional ethnic ones. Available in various styles, the embroidery bags are an evergreen hits.


Embroidery bags and clutches look exceptionally enchanting when paired with an ethereally rich ensemble.






The clutch purses are a huge hit in the Indian wedding scenes. They look royal and mesmerising with the outfit. And they can carry all your essentials too!




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