Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Online Shopping

When one talks of the famous heritage sarees of India, Bhagalpuri silk saree is a name you just can’t miss. Such fine is the texture of this fabric and so captivating is the grandeur that Bhagalpuri silk sarees are undisputedly a symbol of India’s textile heritage and tradition.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees today have amassed a huge fan following not only in India but on a global scale too.



Origin of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

One of the oldest art works in India, this fabric took its name after the town of Bhagalpur in Eastern Bihar.

There is a mention of this fabric in the Vedic scriptures but it was only during the Mauryan dynasty that the fabric and the sarees caught on and became immensely popular.



Success Story of Bhagalpuri Silk

The Bhagalpuri silk industry as of today is more than 200 years old and has craftsmen who have acquired the skill of sericulture and silk weaving as a prized and respected legacy. Bhagalpuri silk fabrics and silk sarees are exported globally on a large scale with our major market being the USA, Japan, West Asia and Europe. This industry weaves more than 2 million metres of silk on yearly basis.



Bhagalpuri silk sarees have become quite the rage and top notch designers’ muse on not just national but acclaimed international fashion shows as well. Top fashion hubs of Milan and Paris too have often used Bhagalpuri silk saree renditions in their creations.



Scenario Today

Bhagalpuri silk fabric today is patronized significantly by both the government and non-governing organisations. There was a time when the demand for the Bhagalpuri silk sarees had slipped and reformative and concrete measures were taken to get this heritage art back on the textile market. With concrete steps taken in this direction, Bhagalpuri silk has redeemed its numero uno.



The Bhagalpuri silk sarees especially have successfully intrigued the youth of today and lived up to the contemporary fashion trends and demands. Be it weddings, traditional functions, festivities or just a random occasion to flaunt the saree soiree, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are very much the rage and the vogue factor today!


Interesting Facts

  • A very limited number of silk worms are killed while rearing silk for Bhagalpuri silk which is why this silk is also known as ‘peace silk’.
  • The Bhagalpur town is known as Silk city due to the immense popularity of Bhagalpuri silk sarees and Bhagalpuri silk fabric it produces and exports.
  • Bhagalpur is responsible for making a revenue of 100 crores per annum through Bhagalpuri silk, primarily through Bhagalpuri silk sarees.
  • Bhagalpur alone employs more than thirty five thousand silk weavers and twenty five thousand silk looms.
  • One lakh people alone are employed to separate silk from the cocoons, the every initial process of silk weaving.



Peachmode and Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

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You can accessorize and ace up your stylish ante by pairing the saree with fascinating clutches and ethnic and enamoring jewellery!




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