The saree is the most elegant attire there is! They look graceful, poised, sophisticated and regal at the same time. Sarees are an extremely popular choice of attire in countries outside India too.

But what adds to the beauty of saree is a well suited blouse. A complimenting blouse design automatically amps the beauty of a saree. Just like a well picked saree, a well-chosen blouse enriches the overall appearance of the saree. An out of place can marr the beauty of the saree completely.

To help you, we’ve picked some latest saree blouse patterns that are very much in and especially go well as silk saree blouses.



Long Sleeved Blouses




An elbow length sleeves silk blouse looks outstandingly beautiful. Keep it simple with minimal neck design. You can add a dash of class to your long sleved blouse by adding a collar to it.



Ruffled Sleeved Blouses

This is another trending blouse pattern. Ruffles in fact are very trending in western outfits and they have found their way up among stylish blouse designs too. These too look best when plain and sit really well on long sleeves.





Make sure to pick the base color of the saree for the blouse. These too should preferably be of single plain color.


Sleeveless Blouses

This blouse design can never go out of fashion. They are very basic and you can either opt for a plain one or a blouse with motif work to go with your silk saree. You can go for a deep neck design or a jacket blouse deign for your sleeveless blouses.





Striped Blouses

Striped blouses are another rage these days. A lot of silk sarees offer striped blouse piece but you can also opt for striped blouses if you want to add a twist to your saree. Just make sure that striped blouses work best when paired with a saree that has subtle work. A very heavy saree with striped blouse would be like you walking out straight out of a fashion disaster!





Plain Black Blouse

We all know of the age old fashion maxim- when in doubt, wear black. This absolute holds true for blouses as well. Silk sarees look all the more stylish with plain black blouses. You can go for any blouse pattern with black- sleeveless, collared neck, long sleeves, sleeves with hem. They look especially beautiful for night parties or cocktails.





Cut Work Blouses

Sarees always have had a fancy for artistic blouses and cutwork blouses are something which always manage to stay in vogue. The design usually is around the neckline, around the front or at the back.

Depending on the work on your silk saree, choose the elaboration of your cut work accordingly. A plain silk saree can accommodate a heavy cut work blouse and for a heavy silk saree, keep the cut work subtle.





Drop Design Blouse

This is one design we found really attractive. It is simple yet very poised. Although not among the topmost trending designs for blouse this design has its own fanbase. The beauty of it is in its minimal creative simplicity.





Dori Blouse

Dori blouses and silk sarees are always a hot pair! Especially for traditional functions or wedding festivities, dori blouses with variation of tassels and pearls make the look all the more sublime.

You can also opt for a dori blouse in your simple basic silk saree or your printed silk saree like the one shown in our product.





High-Neck Blouse

This fashion norm in blouses is a big yes from us. Not only do they look very ethereal, they also add a hint of royalty to your look. You can also opt for a plain high neck blouse for your regular simple silk sarees or can ace them up a little, add some heavy designs or choose a heavy blouse pattern to make them look more artistic.



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