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Bridal Know-How Gold and the Wedding Trousseau

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In our country, anyone who has attended a wedding has seen the copious quantities of gold worn by the bride (and even many of the guests). An Indian bride’s wedding trousseau would be incomplete without it, but have you ever wondered why gold jewelry is the ornamentation of choice?

It’s not just the ‘prestige’ value, as many believe – the significance of gold has deeper roots in our culture and traditions. Every special occasion, including Diwali, Dussehra and other festivals place huge importance on gifts of this glittery metal, so why would a wedding be any different?


Why is Gold so Significant at Indian Weddings?

Gifts of gold are traditionally showered upon the bride

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Gold jewelry, coins and household ornaments are traditional gifts given to a bride on her wedding day. Beyond the aesthetic value of this beautiful metal, there are a number of reasons why gold is so important at weddings (and other auspicious occasions too). We’ve listed some of the main ones here, for those who have always wondered – Why Gold?

  1. Investment Value – As opposed to gifts of cash, gold is considered more valuable as an investment for the future. Regardless of market fluctuations, gold is always in demand and the value keeps growing, unlike other assets. It is also convenient to liquidate, as it can easily be converted to cash when required.

  1.   Gold has a greater investment value than most other assets
  1. Religious Value – As a symbol of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, gold is believed to bring good prosperity to a household. It is also believed to cement relationships for life. As a gift given to a new bride or the newly-wed couple, it represents the gift-giver’s blessings for them – a future together filled with luck, love and joy!
  2. Aesthetic Value – Can we deny the fact that gold jewelry looks beautiful on a new bride? Ornaments made of this metal complement the flickering light of the sacred fire, adding to the glow of happiness on the bride’s face! The precious metal is also versatile, perfect for delicate necklaces, chunky bangles and intricate earrings alike.

The soft metal can be shaped into many different forms, from chunky to delicate

  1. Prestige Value – Yes, gold is indeed a traditional status symbol in our country, since it displays the wealth of the family and their standing in society. Today, gold retains its rank as the most sought-after precious metal, and even though there are more expensive variants available, gold will never go out of style!
  2. Nostalgic Value – The sentimental appeal of traditional family heirlooms is one factor that really pushes gold to the top of the list. Jewelry passed down through the ages, from mothers to daughters, takes on a certain charm of its own. Since it has always been used for adornments, most ancestral ornaments are made of gold.


Gold isn’t just beautiful - its value extends beyond mere aesthetics!

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Gold has always been considered an auspicious metal, with the ability to bring luck and prosperity to a household. While it’s also chosen for practical reasons, as a form of investment for the future or a rainy day, the beauty and appeal of the shiny yellow metal is definitely one of the reasons it is such an essential part of Indian weddings!

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