Bridal Lehengas Trending This Wedding Season

Bridal Lehengas Trending This Wedding Season

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Next up in our series of Indian wedding chronicles are the most favourite part of any wedding- the bridal wear. We will give you a lowdown on the most loved trends on bridal lehengas, what colors are in, what unique designs can be your safe bet and what can you ditch this season!


Pretty Pastels

Pastel is one color that is the beauty of every season and every occasion. And when it comes to heavy work and embellishment lehengas to subtle but elegant wedding and bridal lehengas, this color pallet is always everyone’s favourite.



There is something really imbibed in these pastels that they make the whole outfit look pure sophistication and grace.



Florals fever

Florals are another raging trend every occasion, be it some festival or the pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. Flowers exude happiness and a sense of celebration instantly. Floral decorations are always considered elegant and never go out of fashion. So why not have some floral lehengas too on your day! You could go for an embroidered floral lehenga or one with embellishments. The lehenga will instantly add spark to your look!


Radiant Red- Red Bridal Lehengas




The color red is a highly auspicious color and is very much the essence of Indian weddings. Red symbolises new beginnings and is the underlying color of the pure and pious wedding vows and the sacred bond that the bride and the groom share.

When it comes to the color red, you can never go wrong with your outfit. In fact, red bridal lehengas impart this ravishing glow to you letting you stand apart as the happiest bride!



The Fusion Florals


The best thing about florals is that you can play it down, paly it up or just play around with attractive combos. You could go either pure florals or you could throw in some abstract designs or some geo prints to go along with your florals.

The bridal lehenga here has beautifully fused together these enchanting florals along with these abstract prints which very beautifully keeps the charm of florals along with some contemporary patterns.



Dapper Dupattas

Dupattas are something that add an element of grandeur and grace to your bridal outfit. And there are just so many ways you can drape and flaunt your dupatta alongside your bridal lehenga.

One such dupatta trend that quite caught on was a contrast dupatta on the lehenga. One color that turned out to be everyone’s favourite was the pretty pink dupatta!

Just make sure to pick a dupatta that is not right into one’s face nor is too drab for a bride’s outfit. Ink and pastel or fuchsia dupattas are some color pallets that can never go wrong.



You could also go for a beautifully embellished dupatta that augments the beauty of the lehenga. You could take it over your head or just let it fall freely to add that dramatic touch to your look.

Catchy Combos

Another exciting trend this season is the mixing and matching of colourful hues as per your taste and personality. This not only looks very fresh and intriguing, it also adds a sense of personal touch and style to your bridal outfit.



As a bride, you have all the luxury to go for striking, bold color combinations. So be it some dark, warm colors to soothing ones, or any color pallet of your choice, you can totally experiment with your ensemble and elevate your bridal look just the way you want!


Monochromes All The Way

Well this trend was something that brides played on and off with, but ever since Priyanka Chopra’s all and all red monochrome bridal lehenga caught everyone’s fancy, this trend has become quite the rage.

You can either go for bold colors or go for the subtle beige ones ( if it is a day function) and trust us, your ensemble will look nothing short of a royal affair. We’d recommend warm colors though for the magic to absolutely unfold!!


Accessorize Your Look

You can add fun elements to your bridal ensemble to make the look all the more captivating and mesmerising. Like throw in a traditional belt or a  waist band- that always works wonders.



Or you could add some ethnic hair accessories to your look. That will make it look extremely aristocratic and dignified!!


So you lovely brides-to-be, while it ultimately is your call when it comes to picking your wedding trousseau, these suggestions by us and the ongoing trends will help you choose better and make you look resplendent and ravishing in every which way.

To check out more such brilliantly curated and crafted bridal outfits, make sure to keep checking our wedding collection!


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