Buy Best Dresses for Haldi Function Online

Buy Best Dresses for Haldi Function Online

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The winters have set in and the wedding season is here. There is something ethereally charming about Indian weddings- they pack a powerhouse of days of absolute merrymaking, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, groovy, foot-tapping music, scrumptious food and a bunch of amazing ceremonies!

So ahead of this wedding season, Peachmode decided to have your back and curate the most gorgeous outfits for every occasion that the big fat Indian wedding encompasses! These Indian wedding dresses will make you look glamorous, ethereal and elegant, all at once!

The Haldi ceremony is the first big wedding ceremony that is performed in practically all regions and customs of India- the haldi ceremony for bride and the groom well.



Let’s begin with the many facets of the very enjoyable Haldi ceremony and our personally chosen traditional and contemporary. Be it haldi ceremony dress for the bride, for the bridesmaids or for the bride’s sister, we have an amazing collection of haldi special dresses for you!

So read on about the many customs and fun rituals of the Haldi ceremony, Haldi items and buy these amazing dresses for haldi function that we have handpicked for you! And because these days, the unsaid color code for Haldi functions is yellow, we have laid out the ebst yellow dresses for haldi for you!


Haldi Dress For the Bride

The bride is the undisputed showstopper of the wedding saga. More than the groom, it’s the bride who has every guest’s attention. So while picking a lehenga for Haldi (you could pick a suit too, but going by the trends these days, we highly recommend you pick a lehenga), make sure it is pretty, elegant yet not too much over the top.


You can also browse through our other yellow lehengas for haldi online here.

While accessorising the look for the bride, we’d recommend to not go with gold or diamond jewellery at all. The primary reason being, the haldi applied will get terribly stuck in it and the secondary being that it’s just not the raging trend these days for a haldi function! Instead, go with some basic floral jewellery.

Many people prefer customising their haldi ceremony floral jewellery in real flowers- and we have to admit, it does look like a scene straight from the fairy tale!


Preparing the Haldi paste: Here’s a quick tip- add a few dried petals of roses to your haldi paste. You could either just crush and mix them in the paste or could buy ground rose petal powder and add it. This will enhance the glow on the face of the bride and the groom and will also feel very cooling to the skin!



These days, more and more people opt to hold a combined haldi ceremony for the bride and the groom. This way, both the families are spared the hassle of organising separate functions and together is so much better, no?


Make the Function Quirky!

You can always add some fun elements to this traditional ceremony. Keep the décor in sync with haldi ceremony- floral decoration will go the best along with yellow backdrop.

You can make the function all the more enjoyable by organising a hald holi function- where not just the bride and the groom but all the guests in attendance also play with the haldi paste.

You can make a dreamy entry of the bride and groom by arranging for flower rains- it looks really magnificent and you also don’t need to spend a bomb. Plus they make for a mesmerising photo shoot!



Make customized badges and placards- they will absolutely make the function go rocking and will also have the guests and families from both the sides bonding real well!!

And for all you lovely friends of the bride, the bridesmaids and the sister of the bride- we have some lovely haldi outfits for you too.




And this lovely kurta for the groom for haldi!






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