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 If you are a saree lover, chances are you will have quite a few pieces of Chanderi silk sarees in your wardrobe. These fine, elegant hand-woven sarees from the state of Madhya Pradesh are extremely popular with women from the classes, as well as the masses. It's their lightweight, glossy texture and rich, classy feel that makes Chanderi sarees such an alluring drape. Chanderi fabric is used to create different ensembles such as scarves, kurtis, lehengas, and suits but Chanderi silk sarees have carved a distinct name from themselves across the globe.


The timeless elegance of a traditional Chanderi lies in its colors, sheen, and motifs

Factually speaking, Chanderi fabric derives its name from its place of origin, a village in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi which is the weavers colony that originally produced this exquisite fabric. It is created by intricately weaving finely textured cotton with rich and lustrous silk threads that give the fabric its notorious sheen. It is often embellished with zardozi work and nowadays, even other luxurious enhancements such as beads, stones, etc.


Chanderi town has always been known as the hub for weaving world class Chanderi using handspun cotton warps and wefts. The fabric started to evolve with the introduction of mill made yarn in 1890s. But folklore has it that The Chanderi actually originated way back in the Vedic period and was founded by  Lord Krishna’s cousin – Shishupal.

In the year 1910, Chanderi sarees were patronized by the royal family of Scindia and became the popular choice of saree for the royalty ever since. In the 1930s, Japanese silk was discovered by Chanderi weavers in Madhya Pradesh and they started using that instead of cotton warps. This is how Chanderi Silk was born.


There are three main varieties of Chanderi sarees in India- silk, cotton silk. and cotton. Traditionally, both cotton and silk were combined using a complicated and intricate weaving process to produce a light, beautiful fabric that combined the best of both the raw materials.

To date, the fabric has retained its timeless appeal. Pure Chanderi silk sarees are best known for their striking sheen and classy repertoire. Interestingly, Chanderi sarees are also known as WOVEN AIR due to their gauzy, sheer look and transparency.


Over the years, motif designs on chanderi have evolved quite a bit. While it was limited to florals, peacocks, animals, and coin There has been a significant transformation in the motif designs of Chanderi over the years.

A striped Chanderi silk saree, the perfect representation of modern designs in traditional fare

Today, in addition to florals, leaves, peacocks and ancient coin patterns, the modern chanderi saree can be seen emblazoned with geometric and artistic patterns.

Although Chanderi silk sarees are characterized by their pastel hues modern times have called for introducing deeper shades into their color palette such as turquoise, fuchsia, navy blue, white, red and black. The NAKSHI and ADDA borders are the most common border styles on Chanderi sarees. They are extremely intricate unlike ZARI PATELA or PIPING borders which are relatively simpler.

Here are a few stunning Chanderi Silk saree options that you can shop online at PEACHMODE-


Nothing beats the beauty of a traditional heavy Chanderi silk saree with elaborate border and aanchal. Wear this turquoise number to a wedding and get ready to be showered with compliments for your elegance.


Although it's not the traditional color for Chanderi sarees, a black Chanderi silk saree none the less instantly turns up the heat. It's ideal for any wedding occasion or formal office parties. Amp it up with gold jewellery and who knows, that next promotion might just well be yours!


Are you the desi belle who loves flaunting her curves even in traditional wear? Well this simple yet stunning pink chanderi saree is just your dose of glamour blended with tradition. It is light and airy so that you can pleat it, belt it, and sizzle! Keep your accessories restricted to a belt, statement hoops and a stylish bracelet for this one.


With so many festivities being celebrated in our country, a Chanderi saree is just the right choice to spruce things up. Traditional temple jewelry goes very well with Silk so make the most of such auspicious occasions with this pristine white Chanderi with a heavy gold zari border.


If you love Chanderi sarees in your daily wear, this is the most modern twist to the classic Chanderi. Wear this gorgeous bottle green chanderi saree with a contrasting blouse for any day out, a shopping spree or a lunch date even. It's the perfect outfit for ME TIME!


Weddings, pujas or any formal occasion, one cannot ignore the power of a red Chanderi silk saree. It leaves an impact, especially if the zari work is prominent and bold. This Red saree topped with bold red lips and a bindi is meant to spell a cast of charisma and elegance.


Embroidered Chanderi Silk sarees are the perfect wedding wear as they look heavy but sit light as a feather as you celebrate the wedding ceremonies all night. A pair of golden heels, neat hair and some statement jewellery later, you are ready to be the classy saree clad diva.

We hope you by now you have fallen head over heels in love with Chanderi Silk sarees. So go ahead and satiate your shopping urges at PEACHMODE where we have a huge variety of timeless Chanderi Sarees waiting to be explored just by you!

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