Dance is one of the best means to destress oneself and the perfect way to articulate. April 29 is observed as International Dance Day on a global level where anyone who sees a potential in this field of performing arts or believes that dance attaches value in any way possible. UNESCO too has earmarked this day as celebration to urge not just the people but also the governments of various countries to encourage this wonderful form of art.

The purpose behind this day is to bring together people from all walks of life irrespective of their religion, region, culture, ethnicity or political preferences and bind them with the language of dance.


Dance India Dance

India has a strong connection with dance that stretches back to centuries. Right through the royal eras, the provincial India, the Mughal era, the pre and post-Independence period, dance has remained an integral part of the Indian society.

Our mythological narrations too vividly describe how dance was of paramount importance and the Gods and their devotees actively participated in it.





India is known for its hugely talent encompassing classical dance forms and we as Indians should reel in these culturally enriching art. The classical dances along with folk dances from various regions of India have a distinct character to them which transcend beyond the boundaries of any religious or socio-economic disparities.

Kathak is one of the oldest and most graceful classical dance that originated in North India. Bharatnatyam is the dance of Tamil Nadu and has immense following the world over.

What began as a devotional dance form in the revered Shri Jagannath Temple, quickly transformed into the very artful and renowned Odissi dance. Many temples in that region have dancing sculptures in the Odissi Natya mudra.

Kuchipudi, the dance of Andhra Pradesh first came up in the 3rd century and has traces of Bhartanatyam and Odisi in its moves. Katahakali is one of the most intriguing dance forms that has great emphasis on the facial expressions. It is the only classical dance form that is influenced by martial arts.

Other wonderful classical dance forms are Kerala’s Mohiniyatam, Manipur’s supremely talented Manipuri dance, traditional dance of Assam Sattriya and various forms of artistic fold dances originating from each region of India.





Bollywod and Dance

We all know of the unbreakable bond Bollywood movies share with dance and music and this is one thing it needs to be credited for! Be it traditional dance forms or contemporary dances with foot tapping music, Bollywood always manages to have the audience swept off their feet with the stellar dances they have in the movies. It’s no secret that somewhere we all are influenced by the cinema industry and the predominance of dances on the screen further adds to the growing craze among masses to take up this art as a profession!





Indian Weddings and the Crazy Dancing

Indian wedding, the shenanigans and the powerhouse energy that accompanies it have become a global icon. Indian weddings are nothing short of a huge festival. And so are the dances that are the quint-essence of any pompous wedding. The success of a well-planned wedding is directly seen by how energetically the guests grooved to the beats of the dhol. Ladies Sangeet at the weddings is like the next dance competition, everyone wants to be their best on the stage. There are full-fledged wedding choreographers. And the shop-hopping that precedes the Sangeet night adds to all the fun and drama!



The Perfect Stress-Buster

It’s not just us, psychologists will back up on this when we say that dancing is the best way to relieve stress and pump up that adrenaline in your body. When you dance and dance freely, your body automatically transitions into a stimulus mode and releases endorphins and happy hormones. The brain has an increased oxygen flow and automatically the mind feels relaxed and positive. You feel optimistic, your stress is alleviated and your sleep quality greatly improves.





Dance is also the perfect way to stay fit and healthy. Every part of the body takes part when you dance. The heart pumps better, the lungs function better and the glow on the skin is brownie points. Dance is also a great way to quickly lose weight and get rid of the belly fat.

And the best part, dance is a great way to express yourself and is also the most poised form of art.

Dance is the perfect way to celebrate your emotions. Whether a trained dancer or an amateur or someone who just likes to break into an impromptu jig, dancing is the best de-stresser and a great form of exercise!

So idle or busy, calm or frustrated, happy or tensed, make sure every once in a while you tap those feet of yours and dance through life, young and carefree! So dance like there’s no tomorrow, enrol yourself for classical dance training or Zumba or any dance form you have an inclination for. And if nothing, gatecrash the next wedding and dance like it’s no one’s business. Just kidding!

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