Diwali Fashion Must-Haves - Our Top Picks With Perfect Guide 💕

Diwali Fashion Must-Haves - Our Top Picks With Perfect Guide 💕

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Festivals in India are all about celebration and spreading joy and happiness not just within the community but also with the people you are surrounded every day. The festival of light, Diwali is just around the corner and the festival itself specifies that it’s time to take a step ahead and add a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe. Diwali is not only about illuminating homes but also about your personal style. So, to help you have the best festive look, Peachmode brings you a handpicked selection of Diwali Fashion Must-Haves. So, let’s dive into the collections that will make you the fashionista of the celebrations. 

Sarees that shines: Many trends come and go, but the saree is the only style that can easily grab immediate attention in the crowd. The charm of the saree always stays on the trend. This Diwali, opt for our elegant saree collection, from silk to chiffon, as every material has it own unique zari work or sequins. Also, a perfect drape to the rich saree adds an elegant effect to your saree look. The statement jewellery will surely add glamour to your saree look.

Lehengas with a twist: Everyone of us have a dream lehenga and what if I say that you are just a click away to make your desire come true? A beautifully crafted lehenga easily turns heads and makes you the talk of the town, so get ready to be the centre of attention this Diwali celebration. Explore the unimaginable colours like pastels and metallic shades and pair them with the contrast blouse for an exquisite look. Also, don’t forget to style your Dupatta in a new transformative look to complete your elegant attire.

Semi-stiched Classics: In today’s time, semi-stitched outfits have raised the bar as they come in every style- Anarkali, Sharara, Straight Cut, Pakistani, Indo-western and many more. A heavy semi-stitched attire allows you to make your festive look perfect, and for the ones who always find their outfit imperfect due to stitch, it simply releases you from the stress as it contours according to your comfort and style.

Kurta Sets Charm : Comfort is the key, be it any occasion and for a relaxed yet stylish Diwali look, a stitched or readymade Kurta Set is an all-time perfect choice. Delicate embroideries, vibrant colours and sequins always make you stand out from the crowd. The combination of traditions and contemporary style makes you look elegant and on-trend.

Adorned Accessories: For a complete festive look jewellery and accessories are a must. Even if your outfit is heavy with rich work but without proper jewellery it feels that something is missing. Choose accessories that complement your outfit. Traditional jhumkas, delicate necklaces and bangles are the actual must-haves with any outfit. Rich jewels like deep reds, royal blues and emerald green are the perfect choice for the occasion. Gold and silver jewellery with intricate designs easily adds a touch of tradition and prestige. Along with this, a stylish clutch, footwear and decent make-up enhance your festive appearance.

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