Diwali Gifts: Budget Online Shopping

Diwali Gifts: Budget Online Shopping

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The most vibrant festival of the year, Diwali is just round the corner and the atmosphere is just galore with all the happy buzz resonating with the spirit of the festival. The festivities have already begun with people visiting the markets to buy Diwali lights, Diwali diyas, lanterns, crackers, sweets and the ritualistic items.


Diwali Gifts for Friends and Family





One innate feature of this very lively festival is buying gifts for friends and families (and even for oneself, because, self-pampering!). And we know how tiring the whole running around business to markets can be to pick gifts for everyone. Given the tech savvy bounds we all are in today, why not use it to our advantage? While we celebrate Diwali the traditional way, let’s save on the energy by buying Diwali gifts online!





And while choosing gifts for everyone can be quite taxing, another factor to consider is the budget. Diwali is all about exchanging gifts and the bigger your social circle, the bigger the hole in your pocket!





But fret not, Peachmode is here to your rescue. We have panned out some amazing gift products you can pick this Diwali and they are extremely affordable yet of supreme quality yes, that’s a powerhouse of shopping!


Shopping Under 999!!!

Browse through these gift product ideas- our budget store online under 999! Yes, you read it right, now you can buy splendid gifts for your friends, family, loved ones, colleagues this Diwali, all within 999 rupees only! Steal this deal, we say!





Budget Dresses Online

Peachmode has an extensive range of mesmerising dresses- festive kurtis, sarees, salwar suits- just what you’d want to wear to your Diwali outings to your Diwali card parties. Being the budget friendly online store, at Peachmode you can indulge in as many items in your shopping cart as you want without being forced to put them in your shopping cart for a more opportune time.





Buy Diwali Gifts Online

Peachmode brings to you the convenience of choosing the best gifts for Diwali and send them across to your loved ones. Diwali is all about fusing a hint of ethnicity and tradition in everything we do- so why not in buying gifts too! And while exchanging mithai is quite the norm during Diwali, why not gift enchanting ethnic wear and accessories this Diwali which the receivers would cherish all along!!





So if you are wondering where to buy the perfect Diwali gift for your girlfriend online, Peachmode is your go to place! With a massive variety to choose from, we proffer supreme quality at the best prices!

Browse through our gorgeous collection of clutch purses- the perfect Diwali gift idea for your friends, sister, wives- you could order these for your colleagues and employees too!






Not to forget, these are all under 999 so you can buy as many as you want and spread love and happiness this Diwali! Because when we say budget store online, we actually mean it!


If you are looking to buy some ethnic wear or the perfect Diwali gift online for your husband or your boyfriend, you should totally check out our men’s kurta collection! With the most apt choices to be worn for Diwali pujas and parties, these kurtas are dapper in every way!!






You could also select Diwali combo gifts if you intend on gifting it to your couple friend- a complimenting pair of ethnic dresses!







So sit back on your computer screens or just browse on our Peachmode app and choose from these lovely Diwali gifts online and gift your known ones the most thoughtful Diwali presents this year.

And while you are at it, make sure to look out for our amazing online Diwali shopping offers to make your Diwali online shopping all the more fun and full of excitement!!




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