We all have grown up to learning about the many amazing sides of the mother earth, of it being the most optimal for being a habitat to millions of species of living organisms. The more you read about the earth we live on, how it sustains and nurtures humans, animals and plants beautifully, the more fascinated will you be.

It is also ironic at the same time that the very earth we live on, which is the basis of our existence identity is being neglected by us to an extent that we our dwindling the rate of life on it and posing a threat to all the living beings, humans included.

April 22 every year is observed globally as World Earth Day to raise awareness of the augmenting issues and threats to the earth and how we need to pledge to restoring the planet.



Inception of World Earth Day

Earth Day began as a small movement in United States. For the next many years, this day was celebrated only in United States until 1990 when it became a global movement. It was on April 22, 2009 that the United Nations General Assembly officially declared this day as ‘International Mother Earth Day’. Today, in its 49th year, World Earth Day has become the single largest scale initiative with around 192 countries participating with over 1 billion activists who push for environmental improvements on a global level.





Earth Day 2019

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is ‘Protect Our Species’. We have endangered the lives of a zillion species on earth purely due to our negligence and an absolute lack of empathy for them. So selfishly absorbed have we got in making our lives a tad more luxurious and lavish that we have become oblivious to the many threats it is imposing on the innocent lives around us- plants and wildlife alike.

The incessant trash that goes out in the water bodies is a consistent hazard to the sea plants and animals and has brought many species to the brink of extinction.

The Sunderbans which once boasted of the largest tiger reserve is now struggling to save the rich species. Mindless poaching of elephants, rhinoceros, peacocks, yaks, pandas have shook the very existence of these guileless beings. Encroaching their natural habitats in the name of expansion and development has jeopardized their clan immensely.





Global warming is expeditiously inflicting danger to the lives of the wild in cold and sub-zero temperatures. Penguins, polar bears, pandas, migratory birds and several other snow plants have been put in the endangered spot, for no fault of their own.



Contribute Today, Make a Better Tomorrow

Many would debate that they have in no way ever harmed any wildlife or the green reserves for that matter, but do you not think it is our sole responsibility to maintain the balance of nature and equilibrium of a healthy co-existence on earth? Yes, development is an obvious way to progress but conscious efforts will always crop up ways that are eco-friendly and will bring negligible to no harm to the species around us.

Small steps towards conserving the earth today will go a long way in bearing positive results. Natural calamities are something no one can forebode but what’s within our realm is to be more sensitive to the nature that’s nurtured us.

So take individual actions starting today and pledge something good as a constant effort to saving earth. Minimise plastic pollution by using and promoting bio-degradable products. Plant a sapling every month. Sponsor or adopt animals. Contribute to wildlife reserves. Use herbal products as much as possible- they do not tamper with the composition of the environment around us and bio-degradable waste poses minimum harm to water bodies. Work towards energy conservation.

Involve kids at home and in your vicinity in these activities- they are the torchbearers of a better world and it is necessary that they connect with such causes.





It is time we woke up to the hard hitting reality that our mother earth is rapidly becoming a fragile habitat and it is imperative that we preserve and conserve it. We need to work towards maintaining a balance on the planet that is home to us and maintain a sustainable co-existing habitat that the earth is.

We at Peachmode too are making conscious efforts towards conserving our planet starting with a little contribution of using only bio degradable paper bags for our packaging. You too can initiate your efforts in retaining this elixir of life called Earth and providing a more eco-friendly environment to everyone around. So, conserve your Earth, protect your Home.

And to add a dash of fun to this amazing movement, we’ve come up with a collection of earthly colors- that’ll make you feel more attached to the cause, we bet! Begin by picking a few of these right away!















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