How to Style Traditional Clothing for a Modern Look?

How to Style Traditional Clothing for a Modern Look?

Traditional/Indian outfit is an essential aspect of our cultural heritage & it's also a way to express our identity and history. Traditional attire is known for its intricate designs, simplicity, vibrant colors, & unique patterns that make it stand out and differentiate. 

However, traditional clothing is not limited to cultural events or special occasions. Today is the time where fashion is the most rapidly changing industry, and it allows huge experiments. Traditional clothing pieces can be mixed and matched with western wear to give it a new indo western or Boho look. It can be styled in a modern and trendy way for everyday wear. 

In this blog post, we will provide tips and ideas on how to style traditional clothing for a modern look that is stylish and respectful of your cultural heritage.

Choose the Right Traditional Piece

Styling traditional clothing for a modern look always requires choosing the right traditional piece. You should select a versatile traditional piece paired with modern accessories. 

For example, a saree can be paired with a modern blouse, or a lehenga can be worn with a trendy crop top. You can also wear a chicken kari kurta or lucknowi kurta with baggy jeans layered with the right piece of jewelry. 

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Note - Always choose clothes that are well-fitted & complement your body type. This way, you'll feel confident & comfortable.

Mix Traditional and Modern Styles

Mixing traditional and modern styles requires perfect knowledge of trends and a willingness to experiment with looks. 

For example, pair a kurta with boyfriend jeans and sneakers or wear a lehenga with a trendy crop top. This balance of traditional and modern styles will give your outfit a unique, personalized look that is trendy and respectful of your cultural heritage. 

You can mix and match traditional pieces with modern accessories such as statement earrings, handbags or clutches, and contemporary footwear to make the outfit look modern and chic.

Accessorize to Add a Modern Touch

When accessorizing traditional clothing, it is important to keep it simple and add a modern touch. 

Accessories such as statement earrings, modern handbags or clutches, and contemporary footwear can make a traditional outfit look modern and chic. 

However, it is essential not to overdo accessories as they can take away from the beauty of the traditional piece. Therefore, it is recommended to choose one statement accessory and keep the rest of the accessories minimal.

Pay Attention to Fit

Pairing any outfit with different styling requires attention to fitting. This is because a well-fitted outfit will give your body a perfect shape while showcasing your style.

For example, a fitted salwar kameez or a pant kurta set with a modern fabrication or design can provide a contemporary look that is stylish and comfortable. Fitted clothes doesn't mean you need to wear uncomfortable clothes, you should always well-fitted clothes that allow you to move freely is also important. 

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Experiment with Colors and Patterns

Traditional clothing/outfits are always known for their simplicity, colors & unique patterns allowing you to experiment with colors & patterns to create a modern look with traditional clothing. 

For example, you can pair a traditional saree with a modern polka dot blouse or wear a red embroidered kurta with a denim jacket to give it a Boho Look. 

Mixing and matching traditional pieces with modern patterns and colors can create a unique and personalized look that reflects your personal style.

Play with Layers

You can also add a modern twist to traditional clothing by playing with clothing layers

For example, you can pair a long cardigan or a denim jacket with a traditional kurta completed with simple/minimal oxidized jewelry to create a layered look that is both stylish and practical. You can also layer a traditional saree with a modern jacket or coat to add a contemporary touch to the outfit. 

Playing with layers adds depth and dimension to the outfit and provides additional options to adapt to different weather conditions or occasions. Just ensure the layers complement the traditional piece and don't overpower it.


Styling traditional clothing for a modern look is about finding the right balance between traditional and modern elements. Mixing and matching traditional pieces with modern accessories, experimenting with different colors and fabrics, and playing with layers allow you to create a trendy and respectful look of your cultural heritage. 

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