Saraswati Puja or Basant Panchami, call it whatever you will but one cannot deny that this major Hindu festival is incomplete without the wearing the yellow saree! Celebrated on the fifth day of Magh (according to Hindu calendar), the festival is celebrated to commemorate Goddess Saraswati's birthday. It marks the beginning of Spring- of blooming flowers and lush ripe fields; of pleasant weather replacing the harsh winter; and brings with itself an overall sense of refreshment.

Everything about Saraswati Puja is somehow connected to the colour yellow. Not only is it the colour of Spring mustard flowers blooming away joyously in the fields, but it is also considered as the colour associated with Gurus, teachers, and gods. Yellow is associated with joy, life, and cheer. It is the colour of ripened fruits and flowers. It is the colour of Sun, that makes a brightening appearance, marking the end of a gloomy winter spell and ushering in the season of perky, yellow Spring. The whole colour of mother earth turns yellow around the time of Saraswati Puja and hence it is customary to wear bright yellow sarees for women and yellow clothes for men as well. It tends to make you feel one with nature, which around this time is itself wearing a gorgeous blanket of yellow. In fact, people prepare yellow food, smear their forehead with Yellow teeka and consume Yellow prasad on Saraswati Puja.

Maa Saraswati- as she is fondly anointed, is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music,  arts, sciences, and technology and hence this day is of major significance to everyone, especially students.  In Bengal, girls are believed to deck up in beautiful yellow coloured sarees with stylish blouses to attract prospective mates and married women wear traditional Yellow sarees, as it is also a day to celebrate love.

Students start their day by worshipping Goddess Saraswati, they also keep their notebooks, pens and educational items near the goddess's statue and offer chants and prayers in her honour. People visit temples, wear new clothes and donate books, notebooks and other items to the needy. They also distribute food to the poor. It is a day of great religious significance.

The overall sight of women flaunting their beautiful yellow sarees in all its myriad hues is a wonder in itself. Right from finely draped yellow jacquard sarees to the elegance of yellow silk sarees, there are so many stunning options of yellow sarees online nowadays.

In Northern India, amidst the sight of fields full of mustard flowers in fine bloom, the farmers' community celebrates by flying kites as a symbol of freedom and enjoyment. Women here in addition to yellow sarees wear yellow suits and lehengas as well. The best way to wear a yellow saree look is with matching red or any contrasting coloured blouse.

PEACHMODE has a wide range of stunning designs in yellow sarees for everyone. Be it a textured Yellow Banarasi saree with a black border or plain yellow saree with matching blouse, the collection has something for each taste. So soak in the myriad hues of Yellow and have a very happy Saraswati Puja! May goddess Saraswati bless everyone with abundant wisdom and joy.


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