In Sync With Fashion - Colors To Wear This Summer

In Sync With Fashion - Colors To Wear This Summer

Each season brings with us a list of dos and don'ts and quiet ironically we say fashion has no rules. Obviously it's a creative outlet and cannot be bound by rules. But the blistering heat does come with its list of do's and don'ts including the favorable colors to wear according to the season in order to tone down the effects of the merciless heat.

The Spring Summer trends on the runways have shown an inclination towards all colors surprisingly. So who so ever tells you that red is totally fiery and goes against the hot summers is less clued to fashion obviously. Red, Blue, Yellow, Black even are making a summer splash like none other this year. The hot favorites from the last season- Pink and orange are still a favorite this year. Only, the army has grown more vivid and bright. The rules are all broken this year with greys and khakis becoming a huge summer trend too.

Let us enumerate all these dainty shades that you can pick this season and stay style miles ahead as the mercury soars this year.


Shop the Grey Dress Suit here 

I have raved about this subtle color of elegance even previously in detail and how it is becoming a summer staple suddenly instead of a winter shade. Shades of grey play the perfect host to the season's bigger trend of accessorizing with statement jewelry. Bring the grey base out and play with your looks like never before!


Shop the Glamorous White Anarkali here 

Does this one even need any explanation? The epitome of cool is the summer shade to be seen in, undoubtedly!


Shop for Electric Blue Anarkali here

Most designers have used aqua influences quite liberally in their latest collections. So all shades of blue including teal, midnight blue, ice blue, baby blue and my personal favorites- turquoise and scuba blue are just oh so happening this season.


Shop for the Asymmetrical Red Tunic here

You heard that right! The Red Family is still the color to paint the town in. For your party wear or formal occasions or that all romantic date, wear red and see the world turn rosier and more glamorous with your sexy presence.


Shop the Beige Anarkali / Lehenga here

The oh so boring khaki is ruling the runways like never before. This subtle shade has won the hearts of many with makeup, bags and accessories even going the khaki way. Flaunt the very in Ombre shades to look cool and classy.


Shop the Black Printed Tunic here

Black and white aren't really a recent fashion phenomenon, But summer 2015 is definitely going black and white with a vengeance. You can flaunt the combo as it is or for some variation, combine black and white with some pastel shade like mint green, baby pink or yellow even to look like a fashion icon.


Shop the Yellow Collared Tunic here

Yellow is always a hot summer favorite but not all people can carry shades of yellow. So there is an option of picking from different shades of yellow such as lime, mustard yellow, or neon yellow according to your comfort and choice. But sunny side up is definitely the way to fashion this summer!


Shop the Asymmetrical Soft Pink Tunic here 

Pink is in all its forms a favorite with most women. In fact pink is one of the most popular shades that you can associate with femininity or girly charm. This season's pink goes from pop to powder soft though. The baby pink hue is definitely very in for summer weddings much like its other pastel partners.


Shop the Light Green Tunic here

Yes, the cool soothing color conjures up images of a hot summer afternoon braved with a summer dress or tunic in this pretty pastel shade. Flaunt it for your formal wedding attire as well in order to stand out like a summer queen.

So be the style supremo this summer with these hot shades in your wardrobe. You can shop them all at PEACHMODE exclusively to stay in sync with the latest in fashion this summer!


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