Independence Day: Freedom To Shop Online

Independence Day: Freedom To Shop Online


This August 15, India celebrates its 73rd Independence Day, marking the historic day India attained and fought back its freedom from the British Colonial rule, paying tribute to the millions of fierce freedom fighters of the country who fought selflessly, not once fearing their lives to protect the dignity of their motherland.


Since Independence, India has managed to pave its way as one of the world’s fastest developing countries and one with a steady growing economy. Of the many industries that India lucratively excels in, the textile industry is easily among the top rankers. But before we speak of how it has grown exponentially, let’s look back at how this industry evolved, pre and post-Independence, especially the Ethnic Wear.


Textile Industry through the Years

Early Civilisation

During Early Civilisation, dressing included just bare minimum clothing along with decked jewels. The Rig Ved however has evidence of Paridhan and Pesas- dyed and embroidered cloth pieces. As early as the 2nd century, muslin cloth was exported to the Roman Empire from India. Way before the 10th century, tailored garments and stitched outfits were produced thus paving way for what came to be known as cottage industries in India in the later years.


During British Rule

During the British rule, the Khadi market boomed considerably and the Indians were encouraged to have their own hand woven cloth material and eventually diminish their dependency on British goods.

The Charleston era in the 1920s saw lot of revived fashion trends which went on to become extremely popular. Of the many raging trends, the Indian saree with full sleeves and mid-sleeve blouse became quite popular.






The independent India saw an upsurge in the garment market and around early 1980, a number of fashion schools were founded across the country. Chiffon sarees in particular saw an immense demand in the market. Ethnic wear from various cultures saw great prospects. Come 90s and full sleeved salwar kameez became the style icon.



Indian Textile Market Today

The Indian Textile market is amongst the top grossing industries in India. This industry has witnessed a massive boom ever since our Independence and continues to see a steady growth rate statically speaking.

Increasing number of working women has been a huge driving force in the increase demand of garments, study reveals. People have become more and more conscious these days of their appearances and are open to shelling out money on clothings.

The Indian textile market (domestic and export) has observed a steady growth in demand and an increased shift towards ethnic wear and western wear.


Increased Traffic towards Online Shopping

In the recent years, the Indian textile market has seen a steady increase and a continued craze among the people to shop for garments online. Not just the millennials, even the middle aged Indian today finds greater convenience in shopping for apparels online.

There has been a substantial rise in the online market from tier 1 and tier 2 cities. There has been a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour from need based to aspiration based. And with more women stepping out of their homes today, there has been an increasing consciousness towards fashion these days.

In smaller Indian cities, there has been a distinct rise in the e-commerce platforms for apparels, ethnic and western alike. Rural India too has been witnessing migration towards the online market.

The reasons for this massive increase in online market are primarily because of paucity of time in the metros and big cities and the lack of retail stores in small towns and cities in India. The social media too has heavily influenced the Indian apparels online market.





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