Because it's her special day,

because she is beginning an all new chapter of her life,

because she is beautiful,

because she needs to celebrate her womanhood.

She is the iridescent bride, and on her wedding day she has to portray herself in all its shimmering splendor with the SOLAH SHRINGAR in place. Times may change but the concept of 16 Shringar is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago in a Hindu Marriage. Along with all the other rituals, this one has its own significance and is something that even the most modern of brides would gleefully embrace, albeit with some variations.

From maang teeka to bichuas, here is a complete list of the 16 adornments of 16 body parts that make for  Solah Shringar of the Indian Bride-


It not only looks great on  the forehead but also has religious significance as a symbol of a married woman. Ideally a red dot makes for a bindi but now a days there are some beautiful bindi tattoos and stick ons that brides experiment with on their big day.


Also known as vermillion is one of the main rituals of a marriage with the groom filling up the bride's Maang with some red sindoor to signify their marital bond. Its also available in roll on stick form now a days.


Its one of the most gorgeous accessories that adorn the bride's forehead. From oversized Maangteekas to maatah pattis to paasas, there are so many variations to this beautiful adornment. Truly an essential part of the Solah Shringar.


Indian eyes look beautiful when lined with kohl. A line of kajal in the bride's eyes gives her that mysterious yet appealing look. Kohl lined eyes complete bridal makeup to the T.


How can you have a wedding album without the Dulhan posing with her nath? With so many celebs flaunting this ethnic piece of jewelry, a nath has become a style statement of sorts, and needless to say, it is an important part of the bridal jewelry.


Bridal finery is incomplete without heavy layers of haar or necklaces around her neck. From the elaborate and heavy pieces inspired by Aishwariya's look in Jodha Akbar to multiple chains set in polki and uncut diamonds, a Haar is one of the major components of the Solah Shringar.


Better known as earrings is another part of the bridal jewelry. Chose from jhumkis to ear chains to heavy statement pieces, there are earrings to match every look and every bridal style.


It is so significant that we have an entire ceremony planned around it. The brides love a full henna tattoo look with exquisite floral or architectural designs all over their hands and legs. From Arabic mehendi to white mehendi, there are many choices in this one as well.


Lots of bangles in red and white made of glass, lakh or metal are a symbol of the newlywed bride. They look absolutely gorgeous on those freshly manicured henna adorned hands of the bride and are something that she loves to flaunt!


Another strong accessory, its a band tied around the upper arm. Armlets as they are also called are available in beautiful  Mughal, Rajasthani or Jaipuri designs.


The fingers of the bride are adorned with exotic rings. Aarsi is the thumb ring which the bride wears. It mostly has mirror embedded on it and enable the bride to have a glimpse of herself as well as her partner.


In simple words, its the hairstyle! While most bridal attires require a bun, brides are freely experimenting with the messy bun, the side sweep, the bold waves or the fishtail braid even. However, a long braid decorated with accessories or flowers looks resplendent.


The bride's feet are decorated with these rings and chains(mostly in silver or artificial) that come in various beautiful designs. A newly wed's Payal with its little tinkering bells is meant to fill up the groom's house with joy and prosperity.


Or the cummerbund is as the name suggests, a band that decorates the bride's waist. It is a metal chin with lots of possible designs and looks absolutely royal and classy over the saree especially.



Away from the world of Diors and Armanis is an exotic  heritage of Itars that our country is famous for. These sweet smelling little perfume powerhouses are an important part of the bridal attraction. Any pleasant whiff from the bride is surely going to give good vibes.


Last but not the least is the bridal lehenga/dress/saree itself. A would be bride probably spends a lot of time and money in selecting THE outfit for her big day. Bridal attire is definitely a deal maker for any bridal look as a whole and of course a part of her SHRINGAR.

So these are the SOLAH SHRINGARS  that every Indian brides needs to do in order to complete the Hindu wedding ceremony traditionally.


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