Know what your bridal color speaks abt you

Know what your bridal color speaks abt you

Are you about to get married but can’t decide on the perfect colour for your wedding dress? Do you want to leave an everlasting impact on your guests, husband and in-laws, but don’t quite know how? Worry no more, this handy colour palette guide will set your queries to rest!



Red is undoubtedly the most popular colour choice for brides in India. Yes, you’ve seen enough Bollywood movies with sultry actresses draped in red sarees, but what does red really signify? In Hinduism, red signifies both sensuality and purity. This is the logic behind a red tikka and sindoor, but the colour reflects fertility, wealth and power too. Reds and maroons also stand for tenacity, passion and love.


Shades of yellow and orange are the colours of choice for festivals, prayers and special occasions celebrated in India. Like the purity of the ‘haldi’ you are anointed with before your wedding, this bright and appealing colour is a great choice for the most important day of your life. It signifies learning, spirituality and happiness. This hue also embodies the warmth of the sun and the cheerful effect that a field of yellow flowers captures so well!


Green is one colour that has made quite a comeback! While most brides in Maharashtra and Muslim brides wear green on their wedding day, the trend seems to have caught on with the rest of the country too. With hues such as lime green, teal and emerald green taking the fashion world by storm, this gorgeous hue just had to show up in bridal wear too. In most cultures, green signifies loyalty, affection, peace, hope and fertility.


White at weddings is usually associated with the western world, but Indian brides love this elegant colour, and you find quite a few of them opting for ivory, cream, beige, champagne and vanilla hues. Since our culture associates white with death and widows, it is usually not encouraged. Breaking these superstitions, the surreal feel, purity and peace of the colour is beginning to be accepted, especially when teamed with brighter shades


Various shades of purple such as fuchsia, violet and burgundy have been making quite the statement in modern bridal wear. Traditionally associated with royalty through the ages, this colour has a grace of its own. Purple is also considered to signify supernatural energy, spirituality, artistic inclinations and unique personalities. If you want to feel like a princess, this is the colour to choose!


The blue colour has traditional significance in the western weddings. However, wearing blue on the big day hasn’t been very common in India, until recently. Hues like navy, pastel blue, indigo and cyan will add a one-of-a-kind appeal to your outfit. In addition to this, it will also enhance your boldness and depth of character. In many cultures, this colour is also an emblem of holiness, immortality, harmony, stability and peace.


 Black may seem like an unusual colour choice for weddings, but this all-time fashion favourite is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Often associated with people who are artistic, sensitive and well-attuned to their own desires, this classic colour is also a great way to explore your punk or goth preferences in style!

Gold and Silver

Metallic shades of gold and silver add a touch of glam to your wedding outfit, so why not go all the way? Women who love bling will feel elegant and radiant in these precious hues, which also imbue a hint of exclusivity and royalty. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being sparkly, you can always team them with subtle or bright hues of your choice.

The colours you choose are more than just a way to brighten up your wedding photos. They will unveil your personality and reveal a side of you that your loved ones see once in a lifetime – the beautiful bride. Be it a saree, ghagra choli, lehenga or anarkali that you flaunt on your big day, we’ve got a beautiful selection of colourful bridal wear that will allow you to stay true to yourself




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