Kundan Polki Jewellery

Kundan Polki Jewellery

Jewellery and ornaments have always been an intrinsic port of the Indian ensemble and heritage. For the longest time, stretching back to the Indus Valley Civilisation time, India was known to be the lone producer of precious gemstones, gold and diamonds.

The Kundan Polki jewellery is one of the most enchanting, mesmerising and elite kind of jadaau jewellery that India boasts of. With an extremely royal lineage to its credit, the kundan Polki jewellery today is a mark of status and perfection.


Origin and History

The Kundan Polki jewellery is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Many believe that the mesmerising Kundan work flourished immensely during the Mughal rule in India. This art of jewellery making is more than 2500 years old.



The royals not only adorned heavy Kundan ornaments, their furniture and accessories too were decked with Kundan work. There are a lot of historic evidences of the Kundan Polki jewellery being a regal and majestic asset. A lot of records mention this style of jewellery as Kundan Keshri too.


Technique to make Kundan Polki Jewellery Sets



A typical Kundan Polki jewellery piece is made on 24 carat gold base. The polki designs are traced on a gold foil and placed at the back. Doing this is an excessively complex process.

Firstly, a framework is prepared which is known as Ghaat. This is a carved framework which is intricate design carved out on it. After this, resin (at times lac too)is poured into it- this procedure is known as Padh. The liquid then solidifies and takes the form of the design in the framework. This is done at the back of the ornament.

Now for the front part- a very meticulous and detailed design is traced and the diamonds are cut very accurately. A combination of cut uncut diamonds, gemstones- emerald, ruby, sapphire etcetera are fitted into the framework in a technique called Khudaai.

After this, a very intricate Meenakari design is carved onto the backside which adds the element of magnificence to this design piece.

The most commonly used gemstones used in the authentic Kundan Polki jewellery are pearls, diamonds, emeralds, sapphire, topaz, ruby, agate, garnet, crystal, amethyst and jade.



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Popularity of Kundan Polki

 Kundan Polki jewellery is forever in demand. Be it some equestrian families or a hoarder of elegant ornaments, Kundan Polki always tops the list.



Kundan Polki bangles, Kundan Polki earrings, Kundan Polki choker, Kundan Polki rings- there is something very majestic about Kundan Polki Meenakari designs that resonate with magnificence.

The impeccable finishing and the centuries old technique of curating Kundan Polki jewellery have caught the fancy of Bollywood as well. Be it a royal scene, a magnum opus, a big fat Indian wedding scene- Kundan Polki jewellery is a must.


In the year 2006, Kundan Polki jewellery alone contributed to 73 percent of the total jewellery market sales in India.



Value and Cost

The start price of an original Kundan Poli is a minimum of seventy-eighty thousand and can run in laks depednding on the size and quality of diamonds. But when it comes to the value, the sets are a huge asset. With so much royal history attached to them, they are more of a heirloom piece. Adorning these pieces transport the wearer into a regal era gone by!!


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