Latest Indian Wedding Dresses For The Bride

Latest Indian Wedding Dresses For The Bride

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In our ongoing series of ideations and outfit suggestions from the wedding chronicles, up here is our handpicked collection of outfits fit for all ceremonies leading up to D day for the beautiful bride!

At Peachmode, you’ll find one of the most elegant and graceful collections of wedding outfits for the bride- be it bridal outfits for reception, bridal outfits for sangeet, contemporary dresses for wedding for not just the bride but all you lovely ladies too.


Radiant in Red


Red is synonymous with bridal outfits for a very simple reason- the radiance and glow that a happy bride exudes during her wedding resonates just as well with the warmth and radiance of this color palette.

Red color is also considered very auspicious- the color of sindoor in most Indian customs is red signifying the sacred bond that marriage vouches for!


And while your bridal trousseau is meant to be exceptionally heavy embroidered or embellished, you can easily play it down on your other pre-wedding outfits.

Remember, you are the ultimate diva at your wedding and while we strongly believe that nothing can beat the pure inherent happy glow that the bride possesses, it wouldn’t be wrong to take some little outside help.

And after all, you want to remember your own wedding ceremonies as the most precious and cherished moments for a lifetime ahead and it only adds to it that you should look like a diva too. After all, we all are the fashionistas of our lives, no?


Blissful Blue


In our last segment, we spoke of all the wondrous capabilities of this regal color. This is simply fit to be picked in any Indian ensemble. Such is the charm of this color that it automatically transports into one ravishing beauty. We all have associated this hue of blue with royalty, hence the name royal blue! So it is a very safe bet and a successful one to have this color in one of your dresses for your wedding!!


Embroidered Ecstasies!

Embroidered outfits pack quite a punch and look effortlessly extremely ethereal! And don’t worry if you think your outfit is a bit on the heavy side, it is your day and you can dress up the way you want. Just make sure you don’t end up looking like a Christmas decoration tree!!



Gold and Bronze

These hues have panache and elegance imbibed in them and they always exhibit magnificence! This is another loved trend this season. In fact, just like red, you can never have enough of this color pallet. And when it comes to golden color, the more the merrier, as long as it does not go a tad too blingy.

Just a quick tip- with this color, team up with pearl accessories or keep them very minimalistic. Your dress in itself will be very heavy so it serves no point going overboard with heavy jewellery.



Box clutches are your go to accessories to catch up with your ensemble. And you can pick all the variations of glitter and bling. You can also go for envelope clutches or potli bags. Make sure to check out our extensive range of studded and embroidered clutches at Peachmode- they are simply beautiful and stunning!!




You will be the focus during your wedding so its only necessary that you look ravishing head to toe. Your ideal footwear for Indian ensembles would be a studded sandal or chappal or a nicely done mojri. When it comes to cocktail gowns, you can ditch the flats for heels.


So all you pretty and gorgeous brides-to-be, we have laid out our most loved outfits for you. Pick them to your style preference. And to check out our elaborate wedding collection range, make sure you check out our ensembles at Peachmode!



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