Let's Treasure India this Independence Day

Let's Treasure India this Independence Day

What are Some of the Marvels of India?

While the country’s treasures are so vast and impressive, there are a few that really stand out and make it special:

  1. Historical Monuments

  2. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is one of India’s marvels

  3. Sacred Rivers

  4. Our country is home to some of the most ancient monuments, which pay homage to every culture that has made its home here. Temples, shrines, palaces, forts and even ‘havelis’, the dwelling-places of days gone by, entrance visitors from all corners of the world. The capital city of Delhi is known to be a paradise for history lovers, but you can go to any region in India and find some historical treasure situated there.


    India’s rivers have always been the heart of the nation


  6. Textile Products

  7. The most famous of India’s rivers is undoubtedly the Ganges or Ganga river, which starts in the Himalayas and winds its way across the nation. This river is said to be the pulse of India, which is why extreme efforts are being directed towards cleaning it up. While the Ganga may not be the pristine water body it used to be, there are others like the Brahmaputra, Saraswati, Beas and Sutlej which flow through the country. Surrounded by fields of crops and often shrines or temples, these rivers are peaceful and timeless.



  9.           Gorgeous tapestries, handloom and rugs conjure up an image of the country

  10. Artisan Crafts

  11. India is known the world over for the varied and colorful outfits that adorn men and women of each region. The fascination of hand-woven saris, richly embroidered anarkalis, mirror-worked vests, tie-died lehengas and other clothing has seen these creations being revived on runways and in boutiques everywhere. Age-old techniques of dip-dyeing (ombre), tie-dye, batik, block printing, hand embroidery, zari and weaving have always been one of India’s largest treasures, and they are being brought back to life!




                                            Indian handicrafts are to die for!

    If you’ve ever set eyeson papier mache sculptures from Kashmir or coir jewelry from South India, you can easily understand the variety and beauty of India’s handicrafts. Every region has something to offer, whether it is oven-fired pottery, wooden toys, beaded belts, blown-glass lamps – the list is practically endless. Like textile creations from the country, Indian handicrafts are in huge demand everywhere. Artisans are being encouraged and assisted with the process of creating and passing on these techniques to the next generation.

  13. Adventure and Nature




     Lush green forests, endless oceans, majestic mountains, we have them all!

    Although you can find adventure sports anywhere in the world, our country is fast becoming a major center for thrill-seekers and nature lovers from around the globe. Whether it’s skiing in Gulmarg, white-water rafting in Rishikesh, camping under the stars in Rajasthan, quad-biking in Goa or scuba diving off the coast of Andaman and Nicobar, there is something to keep everyone happy. India is also home to some breathtaking wildlife preserves like Corbett National Park and the Sunderbans, the sky-scraping Himalayas, serene tea plantations in Darjeeling and Assam, and so much more.

    A Resolution for Independence Day

    This Independence Day, let’s make a few promises to ourselves and our motherland, for what is all this beauty worth if our generation or the next cannot appreciate it?

  15. Let’s do our best to keep these treasures safe. Whether as tourists or locals, we can do our part to keep our country clean and safer, even if it’s just cleaning up after ourselves.

  16. Bike down to Ladakh or backpack across the Northeast!

  17. Let’s appreciate the beauty and wonder while we still can. Hey, a bucket list with a bike trip to Ladakh on it sounds pretty awesome!

  18. Let’s give our artisans the respect and remuneration they deserve. Instead of haggling over the price to the extreme, we can look up the fair trade prices and work with those.

  19. Let’s find either some spare time or money to invest in a cause, whether it is cleaning up the Ganges or encouraging rural entrepreneurs, we can make a difference even with what we’d normally spend on an evening out!

  20. Let’s be kinder, and encourage others to do the same. If we can make even a few people happier by showing respect and kindness, the ripple effect will spread wider than we could ever believe.






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