Sarees are not just our national attire but one of the most popular and exquisite outfits that can adorn a woman's body. And a saree is not just yards of flowing fabric, its a drape that can be worn on all occasions. In fact there is a type of saree for every occasion. Different types of sarees are worn on different occasions. For example, you can flaunt  this ethnic wear to your friend's wedding and you can also wear a saree for an important business meeting. Currently saree is the most trending attire for most fashionistas . Although sarees can be worn on a regular basis, but there are some specific types, which are specifically woven or designed for various occasions. In fact, every part of India or to be more precise every state of India has some unique saree collection to boast about.

Lets have a look at the different types of latest saree collection that you can flaunt on different occasions-


Sarees that are suitable for everyday wear should be light and easy to carry. They should also be preferably in a breathable fabric like cotton sarees.



As the name suggests, party wear sarees are all bout pomp and show. Its not necessary that one can look party ready only in western outfits. Business and even personal parties now a days see women flaunting chic sarees to dance the night away. They could be stylish, sleek designer  sarees  or silk sarees that speak volumes about the class and elite of the lady. There are several options available in designer sarees  online and also net sarees that will make one feel like a celebrity.



Not just the bride but the next of kin and other close relatives also love wearing wedding sarees apt for our traditional marriage ceremonies and other functions around it. Ideally, classics such as Banarasis, Chikankari and Kanjeevarams work wonders for such special occasions.



On most festive occasions like Diwali, Holi, Pujas  etc it is almost a norm to  wear new sarees. You can either wear designer net or silk sarees during this time. Festive sarees can be moderately heavy and you can choose matching jewellery with it. You could either wear a plain kanjeeravam saree or Bengali tant cotton sarees with broad borders on occasions of religious celebrations, Pujas etc.



For occasions such as fun brunch with friends or family, kitties, birthday parties etc, Fancy sarees are the perfect choice for modern women. You can try wearing designer half sarees that blend two different fabrics such as nets, georgettes, silk etc  and play around with drapes for such occasions.


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