The Sindoor ceremony is perhaps one of the most sacred and pure rituals of a Hindu wedding that go on to be etched in the memory of the wedded couple for a lifetime. Sindoor is one of the 16 adornments that constitute the solah shringar of the Hindu woman.



The custom of applying the sindoor dates back to more than 5000 years as mentioned in some of our oldest written scriptures. There is ample evidence which shows that women from the Harappan civilization too applied sindoor. Our mythology too vividly mentions the importance of sindoor. Be it the Ramayan or Mahabharat, folklores about Radha-Krishna and even shiv-Parvati- our mythology abounds in tales that relic the value of sindoor.


Significance of Sindoor

The sindoor holds a very significant value in our customs and culture. The application of sindoor onto the bride’s forehead officiates the wedding.



According to our revered mythology, the sindoor is like paying obeisance to Goddess Parvati and She protects and wards of any evil that may latch onto the applicant’s life and that of their loved ones.


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Invariably, the sindoor is red in color which signifies Shakti or Goddess Parvati and her many incarnations- that of the fearless.

Sindoor is also offered to Gods in Hindu temples- of Ganesh, Vishnu, Shakti, Lakshmi and numerous other deities as a mark of devotion to the deities.


Astrological Significance and Benefits

The forehead contains numerous pressure points. By applying the sindoor on the forehead, the body of the woman has blood pressure under control and also relieves her of any unnecessary stress.

The sindoor is ideally made of turmeric and lime which compounded keeps the health too in check. It also has mild antioxidant properties. The turmeric based sindoor is scientifically proven to have properties that absorb water thus preventing from any possible cold allergies and also stimulates concentration.

The sindoor is also very beneficial in mind rejuvenation processes. The spot where sindoor is applied is the sixth chakra which runs all the way through the space between the two eyebrows- and is the centre space for concentration and to enhance energy flow and positivity in the body thus keeping it calm and relaxed.

It is believed that so great is the power of the sindoor that it helps the keep together the marriage. According to Hindu beliefs, it also ensures a long life of the husband.


Sindoor Daan

The ritual in a wedding ceremony of application of the sindoor by the groom on the edge of the partition of bride’s hair is typically known as sindoor daan. The very touch of the sindoor makes the bond between the husband and the wife auspicious and pious. Even in the contemporary and fashion conscious generation of today.



Not just in marriage, the sindoor has immense social and religious significance as well. It is considered more of a customary practice for the husband to apply sindoor on the bride during the rituals. Bollywood movies have further added an element of validation to this ritual. It is no more an age-old practice but has become more of a fashion icon and the modern woman of today doesn’t shy from flaunting this ancient ritualistic practice that is a testament to our enriched lineage.



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