Fashion is just not about great designing or silhouettes or embellishments. Sometimes  fabric is the hero and one such example is LAWN SUITS.

Lawn suits are traditional salwar kameez made from a very soft and smooth fabric called LAWN  and are a major hit during hot summer months. Lawn suits are almost a close cousin of PAKISTANI SUITS which have become immensely popular on and off the runway in the last few years. Owing to their soft texture and feel and also the very contemporary prints that are being now used on them, Lawn suits are a symbol of class and elegance.


Lawn cloth or lawn is a plain weave textile, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton. Lawn is designed using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky, untextured feel. The fabric is made using either combed or carded yarns. When lawn is made using combed yarns, with a soft feel and slight luster, it is known as "nainsook". The term lawn is also used in the textile industry to refer to a type of starched crisp finish given to a cloth product. The finish can be applied to a variety of fine fabrics, prints or plain.

Lawn is a lightweight, sheer cloth, crisper than voile but not as crisp as organdy. Lawn is known for its semi-transparency, which can range from gauzy or sheer to an almost opaque effect, known as lining or utility lawn. The finish used on lawn ranges from soft to semi-crisp to crisp, but the fabric is never completely stiff. Lawn can be white, or may be dyed or printed.


The term "lawn" derives from "Laon", a city in France, which produced large quantities of linen lawn.

 It was imported from there till the time India took over the production process after and used cotton yarns to create salwar-kameez and churidar-kameez in the fabric. This however took place in British occupied India and at the time of the partition of India, the producing lawn and lawn suits was contained majorly in Pakistan.

Now however, we manufacture the fabric indigenously as well!


The Lawn suits are one of the most fantastic fashion exports of Pakistan and have kind of status there as Silk has in INDIA.

Mid 2000 fashion saw an insurgence in this clothing and has been going from strength to strength ever since. It is a popular ensemble for women across all ages and come in versatile prints and patterns. The best thing about lawn suits is that they are not popular for some particular drape or work. They are just evergreen by themselves.


The prints are usually contemporary and digital giving them a modish look. They come in vibrant shades and have a very appealing and youthful look about them.


Lawn cloth commonly is used for suits, dresses, blouses, nightwear, underwear, lingerie, curtains, collar cuffs, shirting, infant wear, and handkerchiefs.

Although lawn suits are a complete package in themselves, some style variations can be adding colorful borders or minimal embellishments such as Crystals to highlight the prints. They are an Urban oriented  trend with working young women dominating the clientage. Even designer made pieces focus on minimal embellishments with necklines and borders mostly being used experimentally.

Lawn suits look best with Palazzos or cigarette pants instead of the regular salwars and the sleeves are mostly full length. Pretty laces and embroideries on the yoke are some ways to jazz up a lawn suit. They have some of the most colorful and busiest prints that we see on clothing and that's what sets them apart.



Team them up with some classy danglers or chandelier earrings or some statement rings. Let the rest of accessorizing remain basic or null. Carrying A solid colored tote and platforms or flats in footwear would make for the perfect summer contemporary look.

Anarkalis in Lawn fabric are now making fashion waves too. Shop some beautiful LAWN SUITS only at PEACHMODE for the Authentic, contemporary Indian look this season.

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