THE ENCHANTING PATTACHITRA PAINTINGS PATTACHITRA OR PATTA (CLOTH) + CHITRA (PAINTING) is the traditional art form of painting on a special cotton canvas which has its origins in Odisha. Since it hails from the land of Lord Jagannath, the major art inspiration is the cult of Shri Jagannath and the temple traditions of Puri. While it appears simple and rustic, the paintings require a lot of hard work and patience to make. Depending on the size and subject, each painting can take up to months to complete. It requires dedicated and skilled craftsmanship, something that THE CHITRAKARS (the term given to Pattachitra painters) have mastered.

Pattachitra paintings are vibrant, colorful, and very eye-catching. They are a comprehensive depiction of the Hindu mythology, religion, and culture, thereby playing a very important part in preserving our rich heritage. The art, however, has evolved with time and is no longer just restricted to paintings. There are handicrafts designed with these paintings such as bags, pots, stoles and even sarees.


Pattachitra originated some 3000 years ago in the twelfth century BC. Oriya painters used to paint and give Chitras as offerings in the temples. These paintings depicted the deities, architecture, and life of people in that period. The painters were called MAHARANAS OR MOHPATRAS too. The art form was majorly patronized by Vaisnavas and Jagannath's. Lord Jagannath was the main subject of many popular Pattachitra paintings. Tales of other Hindu gods such as Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, and Hindu goddesses such as Radha, Parvati and Sita were also commonly painted.

Some of the most popular themes for these paintings are The Badhia (a depiction of the temple of Jagannath), Krishna Lila (an enactment of Jagannath as Lord Krishna displaying his powers as a child), Dasabatara Patti (the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu); and Panchamukhi (a depiction of Lord Ganesh as a five-headed deity).

Every year during the time of Debasnana Purnima in Puri Jagannath Temple, the deities are believed to take a bath with 108 pots of cold water to fight the heat of summer. Afterward, the deities supposedly fall sick for a period of 15 days known as ‘Anasara.’ Now since the deities’ are absent from public view, some of the finest Chitrakars are summoned to make three Pattachitra paintings of the three deities — namely Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra, and Lord Balabhadra — for the public to pay obeisance. These paintings are called Anasar Patti.


Pattachitra paintings combine elements of classical and folk styles both. The canvas is prepared traditionally and begins with a fine gauze-like cotton cloth being coated with white stone powder and gum made out of tamarind seeds. This prepares the canvas so that it can easily accept the paint, made from natural colors. These colors are one of the most distinguished features of Pattachitra. The gum of the kaitha tree is the base ingredient and different colors are created by adding pigments of available raw materials. For instance, the shade of white is created by using powdered conch shells.

The art form has its own special set of rules and restrictions. A floral border is a must around the paintings, and so is the use of natural colors. This creates a unique look and feel that is typical to Pattachitra and cannot be replicated. All of the poses of the figures are restricted to a few well-defined postures. The lines are kept bold, sharp and clean. You are not likely to witness landscapes or perspectives or distant views. All the incidents are seen in close juxtaposition. These paintings are meant to be executed primarily in profile with elongated eyes, as well. Since such prominent solid shades are used, one can see even the starkest emotional expressions in greater detail. Finally, when the painting is complete, the canvas is held over a charcoal fire and lacquer is applied to the surface.


The majority of Chitrakars hail from a small village of Odisha called Raghurajpur. An interesting fact about this village is that it happens to be the only village in India where an entire family is involved in some form of crafts be it patta painting, wooden toys or stone carvings, etc., isn't that fascinating?

Although historically, only male artists could make Pattachitras, now a lot of female artists are getting due recognition for their work. A Pattachitra artist passes on his skills to his son but some secrets are not revealed even to him.

Apart from Odisha, this art form is also practiced majorly in parts of West Bengal; the only difference being that instead of cotton, Silk fabric is used in the paintings.

This precious art form has been kept alive not just through paintings, but also various handicrafts, home decor items such as wall hangings, lampshades, trays, showpieces, even key chains. They also get translated on Tussar sarees hence bringing forth the innovativeness to suit the demands of current times.

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The term INDO-WESTERN FASHION or FUSION FASHION isn't really something that needs an introduction. It is the very essence of every modern woman's wardrobe. But if we were to lay the term out clearly, Indo-western fashion is an amalgamation of Indian and western wear, be it in terms of silhouettes, structures, styling, fabrics or designs. When various different elements of these two spectrums of style sensibilities are fused in( and there are thousands of ways to do that!), what we get is INDO-WESTERN WEAR FOR WOMEN, and men as well. This category of clothing has perhaps the most number of permutations and combinations of not just clothing, but also styling various accessories to give a look that is unique and experimental. Fashion-conscious, free-spirited women between 22-32 years of age embrace fusion wear with aplomb as it can be styled for a wedding or office with equal ease.

The trend of Indo-western clothing picked up steam in the 80s and 90s when women were finally breaking free from the shackles of tradition to embrace their new found freedom to step out and be independent. They ditched traditional salwar kameez, sarees or even the western formals in favor of these fluid fusion wear outfits. This genre of clothing has only gained popularity since then as more and more designers and top fashion houses give it their own contemporary twists. Each year stylish new silhouettes are introduced into the market that don't just win heart, but also give a special sense of confidence to women.

Essentially Indo-western wear consists of clothing such as dhoti pants, crop tops, petal pants, cotton maxis, Indian textile clothes such as tops, tunics, etc made from ethnic Indian materials and prints. You can spot women flaunting Bangaru print blazers over skirts, or Rajasthani  mirrorwork tops with denims, silk pants with long coats, juttis with pants, stoles over tank tops, the options are limitless.

PEACHMODE has a stunning variety of Indo-western outfits for the women of today that they can wear at formal do's or in their daily life. Let's have a look at how you can style some of these outfits for various occasions-


An outfit like this can be worn to work, or for a casual lunch with friends too. However, this easy breezy grey number is just right for those hot summer days out when comfort with style is what you need. Open-toed sandals, a bright scarf, and a tote bag are all you need to spruce it up a bit.


Nothing beats the glory of this outfit for a wedding occasion or an evening party. It's stylish and has a hint of tradition that gives you an edge. the contrasting colors are going to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Style it with medium heels, statement earrings, and a clutch bag for better impact.


A formal jumpsuit is a wardrobe must have for the modern woman. This sheer black number will cast a spell wherever you go. It has subtle embroidery that makes you want to wear it for a semi-formal occasion or an office party as well.  Style it with flirty curls, big hoops, and nude pumps to make a statement.


One of our top-selling items, this light and smart contrasting printed pants and top set with a tasseled scarf is as cosmopolitan as it gets. It's youthful, sassy, and extremely wearable for casual and semi-formal occasions. You can team it up with sandals or loafers along with a smart tote bag, and it's good to go!


Floor length attires have their own charm and are especially suitable for formal occasions. A printed, long anarkali style gown is just the right kind of chic attire that brings comfort and fashion together. The print makes it look playful while the gown style structure gives it a formal touch. Sandals or pumps literally elevate the style quotient of this popular Indo-western attire.


This outfit draws inspiration from Pakistani suits but it comes with a dash of contemporary with those cropped pants and the straight, feminine, sleeveless kurta. It is one of the most easy-breezy garments that can be styled conveniently for any occasion, all you need is a confident smile to make it perfect!


The charm of white is all permeable. A white kurta with matching white pants and dupatta is an ethereal experience. It is bound to turn heads and fetch compliments while giving you a very comfortable Indo-western option for all occasions. Silver jewelry goes best with this all white look.


Dhoti pants are extremely versatile and when teamed up with a short kurta, they look absolutely amazing. You can style this look for a sangeet or mehendi party as it will keep you looking effortlessly chic. Jhumkis and juttis compliment this fusion attire perfectly.


Cape styles are trending and a monotone gown in jewel tones with embroidery and an asymmetrical hemline is the perfect date night look for you. This outfit has the right blend of Indian and western elements that make it so special. Style it with delicate studs and heels to set pulses racing.

These are some of our very special INDO- WESTERN outfits that will add the right dose of effortless glam to your wardrobe. Don't forget to check these and many more amazing fusion looks only at Peachmode.

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The fashion game as we know it, is extremely dynamic. Trends change with every season bringing with them a fresh lease of styles that infuse our wardrobes with liveliness and vivacity. Silhouettes, fabrics, prints, colors, you name it, and there will be a zillion variations to play with each. Keeping in mind the changing weather currently, we bring you some of the most happening spring-summer trends that are expected to be game-changers this season. Get ready to embrace the hottest fashion that will be in vogue this summer of 2020!


Designers across the globe are showcasing ruffles and tiers in their latest spring-summer collections. Although this trend has been around since the last couple of years, this summer, the drama continues to hold strong still. Tiered skirts, ruffled sleeves, layers will continue to rule this summer, in lighter, more summer-friendly fabrics.


If you love an edge in your wardrobe, infusing neons is probably the most convenient way to do it. Neons have leaped from western wear to Indian silhouettes as suits, lehengas, and kurtas with fluorescent touches have been gaining immense popularity among women. They look vivacious and youthful, especially in the sunny season.


No more a grandmas secret kit, crochet work on suits, sarees, dupattas and dresses is going to be extremely hot this season. This intricate yet very boho threadwork looks very chilled out and resort wear friendly but at the same time works surprisingly well on semi formal Indian wear too. For instance, This cool white number looks extremely classy with crochet inspired threadwork all over and can be easily styled for a day time event.


Again, palazzo pants are all the rage for the summer season of 2020. Team them up with long kurtas or short cholis and layer it up with a jacket. This is an extremely versatile look that works wonders in cool cotton and khadi fabrics especially. Georgette or chiffon versions of the same structure can be carried gracefully for more formal occasions too. Free flowing anarkali style jackets, structured or pleated jackets, as long as it is a legit layer, it is in vogue!


If you have been closely following the runway trends, feathers and fringes could not have escaped your attention either. A trend that caught fire in the wedding season, fringes and feathers continue to ruffle us (pun intended) this season too. Borders, surface embellishments or the entire fabric adorned with them, feathers and fringes enhance the look of any outfit easily making our designer wear dreams come true!



The 60s and 70s influence is back, albeit with some millennial refinements. Polka inspired prints are going to be all the rage this season but it is not the exact print we are talking about. So all colors are included, some shape variations, and embroideries that look like polka prints are hot right now. Wear them as sarees, shararas or dresses, the polka is here to rule.


If long jackets are making all the noise right now, how do you expect their shorter version to stay far behind? Vest and waistcoats make an androgynous splash this season as you can easily team them up with almost anything. Kurtis, cholis, dresses, introduce a lease of gender fluidity in your wardrobe with short and sexy waistcoats that can be styled for any occasion.




Consider this shade as the colour of the season! Marry yellow and golden and what you get is this bright yet subtle shade of yellow that will be seen everywhere you look. Right from accessories to footwear to clothing, Marigold is already creating  waves! Sarees and long kurtas in this color look especially classy. So go right ahead and invest in this shade of the sun to see yourself through fashionably this summer.


We cannot stress enough on how important sleeves are to the entire look. Of late, sleeve designs are hogging all the limelight and the trend continues well into this season as well. So pleats, flares, ruffles, puffed out shoulders, anything that adds drama to an otherwise regular outfit is your best friend this season.


It's the return of the retro sans the floral drama this time. So think of those wallpaper prints on your grandparents' home and bring them alive on your clothing. Graphic prints are a rage this season and we cannot get enough of them already! The hottest selling sarees, lehengas, and kurtis in summer of 2020 will be the ones with these eyeball grabbing prints that look contemporary and boho-chic at the same time.

So these were the hottest trends of Spring-Summer 2020 that you can shop at PEACHMODE. If you have any more ideas about what's in vogue and not on our list, do leave your valuable suggestion sin the comments below! Till then, happy trend shopping!

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Tips to Help You Look Your Best on Your Big Day

If you want to look gorgeous in your bridal lehenga and wedding trousseau sarees, maintain a balance between the right foods and regular exercise. Here are some tips to help you with the process

Work on a goal that is designed specifically for your body

  1. Set an Achievable Target – Rather than trying to look like a particular celebrity or fashion model, understand your body type and create a realistic target accordingly. Consult a nutritionist to assist you with your goal – he or she would be able to recommend the best dietary choices, taking into account various factors like age, height, genetic characteristics, medical conditions, etc.
  3. Follow a Balanced Diet – It can be difficult to focus on eating the right foods during the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, but it’s essential that you do so. Try and eat home-cooked meals as often as you can (recruit friends and family members to help you with this if required). Make sure your diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich foods like fish, poultry or meat for non-vegetarians and lentils (dal), chickpeas (channa) and soy.

     Snack on the right foods - low on calories and high on energy!

  1. Opt for Healthy Snacks – When you’re out of the house, organizing the details of the wedding, you might not be able to sit down for a full meal on time. So, keep nutritious tidbits at hand or pack a salad and carry it in your bag. Nuts are a great choice, fresh fruits, sugar-free juice and other healthy snacks can be carried in your handbag. The idea is to avoid turning to easily available junk food when you’re hungry.
  2. Enjoy Your Favorite ‘Junk’ Too!  – This may seem like a contradiction to the above points, but it’s important to occasionally indulge in foods you love. If you try and deny yourself of them completely, you’re more likely to binge on them when you are stressed out. This will then make you feel guilty, affecting your peace of mind and health alike. Rather, enjoy a sugary treat or calorie-loaded takeout meal once in a while, guilt-free!

  1.        Water, fruit juice and natural coconut water will make you glow!
  1. Ensure You Stay Hydrated – Water really is the magic elixir if you want to look fit. Carry a bottle with you (everywhere) and drink at least 8-10 glasses a day, which will help your body release toxins, improve digestion and give you higher energy levels too. Avoid fizzy, sugary drinks and pick plain water, fresh juice or coconut water when you’re out. Bonus? Keeping your body well-hydrated will also make your skin and hair glow naturally!
  2. Maintain an Exercise Routine – Even a few hours of exercise a week makes a huge difference, so find and set aside time for it. If you can’t go to the gym, include a regular morning or evening walk in your schedule, go jogging or swimming, or de-stress at the end of a long day by going dancing with your friends. See? Exercise doesn’t have to be boring to be effective. :)


The right foods and regular exercise make for a beautiful blushing bride!

When you’re trying to get into shape for your wedding, follow a fitness regime starting as early as you can. You want to look your best on the wedding day, glowing with health and happiness. After all, you will be the center of attention on the big day!

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Handloom sarees are the pride of the rich textile heritage of India. Mostly found in cotton and silk, a handloom saree is more than just a statement of chic, classic fashion. It is a matter of stature and status to own an authentic handloom & Hand woven saree. For the appreciative eye, there are a number of traditional as well as designer Online handloom sarees on our Online saree boutique Peachmode.


If you are an ardent lover of six yards, then you must be having almost all types of Online sarees in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, the aura and the comfort that the handloom sarees offer are incomparable.


“If You Just Take A Minute And Think Why You Should Buy Handloom Sarees on Peachmode Then, We Can Give You These 5 Reasons”:


  • Because it is eco-friendly and naturally made:


Handloom fabric are completely made from 100% natural fibres, and this can be counted as the prime reason for choosing handlooms instead of other materials. Starting from the manufacturing of the drapes to the production of it, everything involves natural fibres. So, the Jamdanis or the Chanderis that you see on display in the showrooms are actually @ our Online store PeachMode were you find pure Handcraft silk,cotton or Khadi. So, who would mind wearing eco-friendly clothing? Now you can shop these New ethnic Handloom wear at your doorstep with our brand


  • Because it displays the vastness of Indian Culture:



The Indian handloom Sarees industry doesn’t fail to uplift the artistry of weavers, and also shows the rich and diverse Indian Culture. One of the most sought after types are Bengal handloom sarees.. The most popularly known Bengal saree is the Kantha, which is one of the most well-known embroidery stitches in the country, along with Jamdani, which is made of fine muslin.With unique painting, needlework and weaving design, every handloom sarees is different from the other, and it is worth having every single piece.Today’s it is marked as a world Classy Day For women Handloom ethnic wear  find your Brand at one Click.

  • Because it supports livelihood:

As already we are discussing in these. Handlooms Sarees & Handmade products are giving financial help to the poor. When you buy sarees online, a major share of financial help reaches them. More than 4 million workers have been working in this genre. So when you buy handcrafted Sarees, you are in a way boosting their livelihood. Doesn’t it give you a nice feeling, deep down?



  • Because every piece is unique:


Since the workers take the initiative of doing every saree in a unique way, therefore every six yard comes out to be something different from the rest. Starting from the fabric to the colour, it is unique, distinct and highly appreciable. And, this might instigate you to buy almost all of the varieties that you see on our online store of Peachmode.

  • Because it has no chemical induced dyes:


Using anything chemical on your body can be harmful; you might not have thought about it, but, the chemicals or the dyes induced in the sarees you wear might be damaging your skin. It can be a slow process, but who knows where it will end? Why take a risk? Rather choose from the these  handloom drapes option which will be vibrant and perfect for your skin.So Grab the Opportunity to Buy the Pure Handloom sarees @Online store

Style tips by Peachmode Stylish:

The main thing to keep in mind when styling a saree is to pay attention to the style of the saree itself.  Traditional handcraft sarees need chunky jewelry to set them off while designer sarees can swing either ways i.e. be contrasted with traditional jewelry to retain the ethnic quality or paired with modish pieces to look chic. Although, a common piece of jewelry can  always paired with handcraft sarees with a pair of bangles.

  • Traditional handloom sarees – Most traditional sarees that are in cotton Sarees can be paired with a chunky beaded necklace with a statement piece at the center. On the other hand, silk sarees of the handloom Sarees variety should be accessorized with heavy pieces of metals & Jewellery ass with  silk fabric.
  • Designer handloom sarees – To complement designer sarees one can wear intricately designer modern accessories that add texture and patterns to the overall look. With the designer variety one can also choose to wear the jewelry pieces in contemporary form.

  • Although makeup depends largely on the occasion the Handmade saree is worn for, one can always put a bold bindi to complete the look.


Green is the new trend and handloom sarees fit the trend perfectly. So what makes you wait? Check out the options  on Peachmode online sites, and start adding them to your cart!


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Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej is a Hindu and Jain holy day, that falls on the third Tithi (Lunar day) of Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of Hindi month of Vaishakha. It is said that holy rites, rituals and acts of charity performed on this day bring unending bliss, grace, and prosperity.

Any activity started or initiated on this day is believed to yield good results and people focus on buying valuables and starting new ventures.

But, buying of Gold on this day are considered highly meritorious and are believed to confer prosperity and happiness in households.

Akshaya Tritiya The Fact You Should Know

Helping the poor or needy with a clean heart is the key to receiving material and spiritual blessings. Giving money or material on Akshaya Tritiya with an understanding of this fact will produce great returns.

Akshaya Tritiya The Fact You Should Know

On this day the Sun and the Moon are in their most radiant phase and, astrologically at an exalted position. In many states, mass community marriages are held under a single mandap, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, to help the brides and the grooms with limited financial means to have a decent wedding, with all the religious splendor.

Akshaya Tritiya The Fact You Should Know

Akshaya Tritiya is also the day when Parashuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born on this earth. This day is highly auspicious for the worship of Ganesh and Lakshmi, making charities, bathing in rivers, conducting pujas, offering barley seeds in fire and a list of others and these acts performed on this day are said to bring lasting results.

Akshaya Tritiya The Fact You Should Know

Akshaya Tritiya is an occasion for us to learn the Universal truths.

Any meaningful activity or charity done on this day is supposed to be fruitful. In this aspect, we have to learn that for the true success in life, we should give with a pure heart.

Shop our Exclusive Akshaya Tritiya Collection

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 Kurtis evolved a lot over the years. From knee length to low hemline cuts, gaining popularity in every age group.The fusion of ethnic and western style makes it ultimate option for almost every occasion.

Keep reading to know trending styles for the upcoming week.


1. Kurti with Plazzos

The combination of kurti & palazzos started trending since Deepika showcased in Piku . As it made her look dependable sassy chic.


 Kurti with plazzos



 2. Layering Kurti


Go bohemian, the ideal combination of skirt with kurti and stay tuned to the latest ethnic trends.  

 Layered kurtis



3. Leggings with Kurti


Combination of kurti coordinated with leggings has been a hit style since years. It is indeed a savior for any formal or casual day outs.

Kurtis with leggings




4. Kurti with denims


Amp up your vow factor with a pair of distressed jeans, spruced up with a not too elaborate kurti.Apparently it so popular among teenagers due to vivaciousness.

kurtis with jeans


5. Kurti with Cigarette Pants 


Cigarette pants with sleek fitted kurtis looks amazingly beautiful. It seems to be influenced by Nawabs era. It blends the royal looks of nawabs with the modern women look.

Cigarette Pants with Kurtis



6.Flared Kurti


Ahaan! It’s not a big party or club but want that skater dress look .Flared kurti could be a saviour.

Flared kurti


7. Kurt with shorts


Fusion is the current fashion. So try your short kurti with hot denim short.

Kurtis with shorts


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HOLI is just around the corner and we can't keep calm! Considered to be the second most popular festival of India (after Diwali), Holi is definitely a colorful and cheerful festival loved by many. Traditionally speaking, this festival marks the end of winter and a foray into spring and also celebrates the victory of good over evil. One of the most popular Holi stories we have been hearing is that of Holika, Hiranakashyap's sister who was killed by Prahlad owing to her evil intentions. It is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which occurs around the month of March.

Coming back to the grand celebration though, Holi is all about letting go of all inhibitions and just diving head on into the madness of colors, water guns, Bhaang, Gujiyas, and music. It's about sharing the love with your fraternity, sans the rowdiness that some people tend to indulge in as well.


People start preparing for Holi way in advance owing to the exciting nature of the festival. Stocks of water guns and balloons, Made to order mithais and Gujiyas, special food and music arrangements, flowers, and colors (we recommend only natural colors), and travel arrangements, in case you are heading out for a special Holi (we will talk about the best Holi celebration destinations in Delhi in a while too, keep reading!). Honestly, if you have been celebrating Holi you might be well aware that there are absolutely no limits in this festival. You will get drenched in color that refuses to leave your skin for ages, there will be balloons and water guns showered from all sides if you step out, and your skin and hair might just turn a different shade of green or pink for a while. Although a lot of it cannot be escaped, the extent of damage can be minimized by taking some skin and hair care precautions before stepping out into the battlefield.

Here are some pro tips-

- Always apply oil (coconut or almond) generously on your hair and body before you start playing. It will be easier to get rid of the color.

- Keep your valuables and phone sealed in plastic, imagine the loss that can happen if your phone or money takes a dive into a pool of colors.

- Use only natural colors and flowers to minimize damage to your skin.

- Wear old clothes in and out. Most outfits are only good to dump post Holi.

- Stay covered and wear cotton if possible, to avoid allergies and rashes that can happen in the crazy concoction of chemical colors, synthetic clothes, and water.

- There will be water, so choose clothes that don't become see-through when wet to avoid any embarrassing situations.


Our cultural heritage is our pride and HOLI being such an important festival holds special meaning in different parts of the country. If you are the wandering soul that is looking for an unusual and special Holi by heading out, here are some of the best HOLI DESTINATIONS IN INDIA that you can check out for a mesmerizing and unique experience-


The festival is called Shigmostav here. Festivities start off with prayers and proceed with cultural dramas, processions, dances and finally, gulal play on the fifth day. It attracts hoards of tourists from all over the world so book in advance!


These places are the Holy Grail of Holi celebrations The land of Krishna sees the most elaborate Holis with everyone playing with everyone out on the streets. There are so many special Pujas, singing, dancing and lots of colour and water play. The Banke-Bihari Temple in Vrindavan hosts week-long Holi celebrations. The event here takes place just a day before the main Holi festival and the temple opens up its doors to all visitors to come and play Holi.


The place in Uttar Pradesh is well known for its Lath mar holi where women hit men with sticks playfully as a part of the celebrations. If you have a knack for these extreme versions of celebration, Barsana is the place to be!


The Holi festival is celebrated as Basanta Utsav or Spring Festival in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Students of Vishva Bharati University dress up in yellow color and present some wonderful folk dances and cultural programs followed by the throwing of colors. These festivities were started by Rabindranath Tagore and are an important part of our heritage.


Sikhs celebrate Holi (called as Hola Mohalla) in their own style at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab. While the vibrant Holi festival boasts of sprinkling colors, Hola Mohalla takes the form of demonstrating martial skills in simulated battles over a three day festival.


Experience a royal taste this Holi with celebrations in the princely state of Rajasthan. Over a span of two days, the people along with royalty of these cities display not just color play but also their heritage with Holika dehan, color play shows, animal races and much more.

Now that you are well prepared for Holi, let's help you with some OUTFIT IDEAS TO LOOK YOUR BEST THIS HOLI-


Yashraj movies have made the white saree an epitome of sensuality, even on Holi. Groove to the beats of Rang Barse in this sheer, sexy white saree teamed up with a colorful blouse and pompoms on the border that look Oh-So-Right for holi!


Bollywood has taught us to keep it pristine white on Holi as it takes on the shades of the festival perfectly. But adding a dark, contrasting dupatta to an all white suit can make all the style difference you need!


It's a delicate and feminine option, ideal for those who aren't planning to go too wild on Holi. Add some oxidized silver jewelry and make the perfect style statement.


Nothing beats a floral outfit on Holi. Pick a floral saree with a matching blouse or Choose a suit from the lighter shades such as creams, beiges, peach and other pastels if white isn't your thing. A matching, flowing floral dupattas is definitely a head turner this Holi. Add floral jewelry if you like to jazz things up too!

You can even try something like a coordinated floral palazzo and kurti set to quirk things up a bit!


How about teaming up a white skirt with a stark dark blouson? It keeps your modesty in place while giving one of the classiest Holi looks ever. For the after party, when things are sobered and you just plan to eat, dance, drink and be merry, opt for a heavier version of this look and go ethnic boho!


If Deepika Padukone' Balam pichkari is your ideal style then how about this short printed kurti that you can team up with Payjamas, denims, shorts or pants? It's minimal and yet the most practical Holi look you can go for.


If you are heading to one of those high class farmhouse or hotel holi parties then be prepared to look your absolute royal best with some classy white or pastel options. Formal straight kurti suits and even anarkalis are all the rage and these options below are bound to give you that PAGE3 party popper look this holi.

As these are mostly day time parties, we say you skip the saree and stick to elegant suits that allow easy movement and playfulness throughout as you make merry!

Now that we have given you all the insight on how to have the BEST HOLI EVER, do let us know your special Holi celebration ideas too!

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The textile industry is second only to the Agriculture industry in India, and forms one of the largest contributors to Indian exports. Archaeological evidence as well as mention in Vedic texts suggests the existence of spinning and weaving technology from thousands of years in the past!

Tie-Dye (Bandhini)

Over time, the use of fabric has evolved from the basic applications of cover or protection, and moved into the world of high fashion. One of the most well-known examples is Bandhej (or Bandhini as it is popularly known) - colorful fabric created using the tie and dye technique and found majorly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Whether for t-shirts, dresses or casual sarees, tie-dye has become a fashion staple everywhere!


Another one of the more popular textile forms in India is Ikat, which is manufactured in Andhra Pradesh. This dyeing technique is used in cotton as well as silk fabrics, and the beautiful print follows a pattern of rich and vibrant colors. The fabric is usually embellished with silver and gold thread to make the colors stand out even further, just like Banarasi silk, Mysore silk or Kanjivaram sarees, and zari-embellished bridal lehengas.

Block Printing

Originating in the south Indian state of Karnataka, block printing on fabric has become extremely popular all over the world. Blocks are carved out of wood with intricately detailed designs, and then used to stamp running patterns along the length of the fabric. It may sound like it’s an easy enough exercise, but it takes a great deal of precision to get the pattern exactly right!

Madhubani PaintingBeautiful and one-of-a-kind artwork is painted on fabric, walls, pottery and more in the villages of Madhubani in Bihar, and this art form is enjoying a global revival of interest. Like kalamkari art, the colorful and intricate motifs are based on epics and scriptures, depicting gods, flora, fauna, etc. These art forms are traditionally passed on from generation to generation, and children start helping out their parents at a very young age.


Originating in Punjab, the beautiful technique of phulkari floral embroidery has graced shawls and scarves for generations. Today, it’s used to add visual appeal to everything from contemporary dresses to traditional salwar-kameez suits and sarees. While it was originally done in shades of yellow, orange and white, you can find phulkari-embellished apparel in every shade of the rainbow now!

Indian textiles are unique and diverse, and tell us a great deal about the rich cultural heritage of this vast nation. The application of techniques like embroidery, zari, mirror-work and beadwork in contemporary designer collections shows how classic folk styles can become fixtures even in the modern fashion scene!

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The wedding season is right around the corner and this is the time to take your fashion game to the next level. Right from clothes to footwear to accessories, makeup and whatnot, everything has to be to the 'T'. If you are a bride or her friend/ cousin or just anyone who is looking for some special inspiration for hairstyles, we have something really special for you- the zesty yet classic, and not to forget fragrant GAJRA! Consider it, THE FASHION ACCESSORY for some inspiring hair-dos this season. Right from celebs to brides, everyone is jumping on to the GAJRA inspired hairdos bandwagon with élan. What was once seemingly reserved for South Indian brides is now the "IT" accessory for every bride; and deservingly so. Gajras not only make any hairstyle look extra special by drawing focus on the hair, the sweet fragrance of Mogras and Jasmines just uplifts the entire Aura around the wearer too. The fresh and pleasant fragrance attracts and refreshes instantly besides making the Gajra hairstyle more aesthetic and appealing.


A GAJRA is a flower garland that women use to adorn their hair on special events, festivities, weddings, or otherwise as well. India has an age-old relationship with the tradition of wearing Gajras. That intoxication fragrance of Mogras, Jasmine, and other flowers ornamenting the hair of goddesses, queens, and princesses is definitely something that we can date back right to the ancient times.

Traditionally, Gajras have been a part of the Indian bride's SOLAH SHRINGAR and it is considered auspicious to wear them during the wedding ceremonies. Jasmine or Mogra flowers are normally used to make them as they are easy to string and have a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance, but now many more flowers such as rose, crossandra, orchids, and barleria are stringed together in the Gajra. The bride's hair is styled into a tight bun or plaits and strings of Gajra are tied around it or pinned over the braid, as per the hairstyle. It is said that these flowers are a symbol of good luck and attract love which also makes sense since who can really resist the charm of the lingering floral beauty and fragrance! They captivate the senses from the inside out.


Flowers have become a major accessory during weddings, be it decor or hair styling. Flower buds pinned individually or strings or white and colored flowers gajra decorated innovatively on the bride's hair, floral bangles, jhumkas, maangtikas, even flower dupattas's raining flowers quite literally. And we aren't complaining! Not only do they add an element of freshness, but they also make the bride feel and smell good throughout naturally. And why just brides, her next of kin, moms, aunts, friends, everyone is styling the Gajra at weddings, festivities and special occasions like never before.

Let us look at some of the most interesting Gajra hairstyles that had us drooling-


Poola Jada's are by themselves very captivating and if you add jasmine and mogra along with a dash of color such as roses or lilies, the hairstyle reaches another level. There are rows of Gajras at the base of the braid and then the entire jaal of mogras goes down all the way to the tail. It is a stunning Gajra hairdo that definitely turns heads!


Use colored flowers or the traditional mogras, single or multiple strings of the gajra are attached to either upper or lower half of the bun to achieve this elegant hairstyle.


Nothing beats layering the Gajra round and round over a simple bun. Be it a saree, lehenga or a suit, this hairstyle never fails to impress. You can also pin loose flowers on the bun for variation.


Messy or neat, Low buns look very sophisticated and adding gajra to its side definitely amps up the style quotient. Remember Sonam Kapoor from 'Gal Mithi Mithi Bol'? You get the drift now right?


A loose string of Gajra just secured to your hair on any side or the back over any hairstyle does the trick as well. It is a classic Gajra hairstyle for everyday or special occasions too.


Mix natural flowers with hair accessories to create a contemporary and elaborate hairstyle with the Gajra, Play around with white or multi-colored flowers depending on your look. but this one is a show-stopper for sure.


This one can be worn easily over the braid by plaiting the Gajra with the hair or just curling it down along the entire length of the braid. Sonam Kapoor made this look famous and now it is spotted almost regularly at every wedding. There are many other gorgeous ways of donning special Gajra hairstyles for the wedding season. All it requires is imagination ( and a good hairstylist!).


Jasmine Gajras are often used in various religious ceremonies and Pujas (owing to their auspicious value). They are an essential part of every Classical dancer's look too. Besides that, GAJRA accessories are all the rage at Mehendi and sangeet functions. These quaint little flowers surely have a mammoth value when it comes to ceremonies and ornamentation.

Do tell us in the comments below what is your favorite Gajra hairstyle this season.

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There was a time when only an Indian bride would sport a lehenga at her wedding, but these beautiful dresses have captured the imagination of fashion lovers all over the country. Today, practically every young woman has a colorful array of lehengas in her wardrobe, to be worn when attending weddings or during the festive season.

What Makes a Lehenga Such a Well-Loved Outfit?

The lehenga-choli was first seen in India during the Mughal rule, when queens, princesses and royal ladies sported these gorgeous outfits at feasts and grand occasions. The flowing drapes and elegance of the skirt-blouse-dupatta ensemble would be heavily embellished with rhinestones, embroidery and trims.

Dark Blue Lehenga 

What’s led to the ever-increasing popularity of the lehenga is probably its versatility. It is equally well-suited for dressy bridal wear, festive gatherings with friends and family, or even a special occasion at the workplace. In addition, this style is well-suited for almost every body shape and size, since it forms a flattering silhouette for any figure!

The Lehenga as a Modern Masterpiece

                                                                        Smouldering Maroon Lehenga  

Lehenga-choli outfits are huge favorites with designers all over the country, who have created one-of-a-kind celebrity bridal lehengas and others for red-carpet appearances. Teamed with choli blouses that often feature intricate embellishments, these flared skirts are available today in a mind-boggling array of colors and designs.

White Lehenga

With the Indian fashion industry losing its heart to the graceful ensemble, lehengas have seen a variety of avatars and will probably see even more in the years to come. It wouldn’t be quite accurate to say that the lehenga is ‘back in style’ - this ageless outfit never really has gone out of style!

For more such intricate bridal lehengas, check out the hottest ethnic fashion destination PEACHMODE today!

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Each one of us eagerly waits for Diwali parties every year, since it’s the perfect occasion to meet and celebrate with loved ones. Of course, over the festive season our taste buds get a dose of delicious, rich food that makes us worry about our waistlines after the festive season is over!                               

Parties start in the evening and go on till the wee hours of the night, and the food that accompanies card games, family celebrations and parties must keep flowing too. People love visiting each other before and after the puja too. If you have a late-night plan including the card party, you will need to make sure that there is ample food and no one leaves without eating anything.

What to Serve Your Loved Ones on Diwali

When you host a celebration or card party at home this Diwali, keep the menu simple yet appetizing. Include traditional favorites and decide when you will serve each item. Remember that some of your guests may not eat non-vegetarian food or consume alcoholic drinks on Diwali. If you have hired a caterer for large gatherings, discuss the list with them in advance.

Card parties could go on till late at night, so should the feasting!

Here are some ideas and tips for what to serve your friends, family and loved ones this Diwali:

  • Welcome Drinks: Choose a welcome drink that is refreshing and delicious. Fresh lemonade, Jal-jeera or mint mocktails are a good option. Use herbs to give these drinks a special flavor, and to be on the safer side, go for at least two variants. Unless religious beliefs prohibit alcohol, you can serve some lovely flavorsome cocktails too.
  • Snacks: Try to keep a variety of light snacks ready to serve, like sandwiches, dhokla, pakodas made of different vegetables, cookies, chips, etc. Make sure that you have enough ready-to-eat foods or finger snacks available so they can be served while playing cards till late at night!
  • Meals: Diwali lunch or dinner should basically consist of traditional Indian food, but it’s a good idea to keep a few other dishes that everyone would like. Quality and taste matter as much as the quantity. Along with the meal, keep salad, papad, raita and other side dishes that are an important part of every Indian festive meal.
  • Desserts: No Diwali party is complete without sweets, so choose at least 2-3 different sweet dishes for guests to dig into after their meal. Choose all-time favorites like gulab jamuns, kaju katli, cakes and ice-cream or go for seasonal items like ‘gajar ka halwa’ or even moong dal halwa. If you want something different, go for flavored or chocolate sweet paans that everyone will enjoy!


  •                          Diwali is the perfect time to indulge in sweets and rich food

Useful Tips

Make this Diwali special by ensuring that every guest enjoys the food. Make the list of what your friends and loved ones like to eat and start with the preparations in advance. While deciding the menu, you need to keep all your guests in mind, so follow these tips:

  • If you are buying Indian sweets, make sure that you choose a reputable sweet shop. This is essential to get good quality and adulteration-free items.
  • These days, people have become very health-conscious, so offer healthy and low-fat foods or dishes in addition to the heavy traditional ones.
  • Instead of serving super-spicy food, keep it simple. This is especially important if you are expecting small kids or guests who are not used to Indian spices.
  • Offer savory chutneys of mint and tamarind, spicy pickles and other meal complements so that people can add desired flavor to their plate

Fresh salads, chutneys and other add-ons will round out the perfect meal

Dress Right for the Occasion!

Whether you’re a host or a guest, dressing for festival celebrations is always fun, since you get to show off colorful attire, accessories and jewelry that you may not be able to wear on a daily basis. Traditional festive outfits and party wear go hand in hand with Diwali foods, since they reflect your cultural heritage while allowing you to get all dressed up too. They also make a lovely gift idea for friends, family and loved ones over the festive season.


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India is a country of many art forms, so much so, that it becomes almost impossible to keep track of them all. However, the vivid and bold art of Kalamkari continues to be a popular one, thanks to the art meeting design in the form of Kalamkari sarees, rugs, hand towels, paintings, door covers, bed covers, dress material, etc. The art continues to remain a favorite with designers as they reinterpret to suit the contemporary fashion styles in Kalamkari ethnic wear and western silhouettes as well. Kalamkari with its gorgeous intricacy and detailing, the use of natural colors and patterns continues to entice classic and nouveau fashion lovers alike.


Kalamkari is originally an ancient style of hand painting done on canvas or cotton or silk fabric with a tamarind or bamboo pen, using natural dyes. The word Kalamkari is derived from a Persian word where ‘kalam‘ means pen and ‘kari‘ refers to craftsmanship. This art involves 23 intricate steps of dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block-printing, starching, cleaning and more.  Kalamkari motifs can vary from flowers, peacock, paisleys to divine characters of Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Kalamkari, in its recent applications, is seen depicting Buddha and Buddhist art forms.

Kalamkari art primarily uses earthy colors like indigo, mustard, rust, black and green. Natural dyes used to paint colors in Kalamkari art are extracted from natural sources with no use of chemicals and artificial matter. Natural dyes that are used as paint colors in Kalamkari are extracted by blending jaggery, iron fillings and water; and it's used for outlining sketches. Alum is additionally used for creating natural dyes for Kalamkari fabric and also for treating the material. Alum ensures stability of the color in Kalamkari fabric. This fabric features a characteristic shine because it's soaked in resin and cow milk. Distinct effects on the Kalamkari fabric are achieved by using trash, seeds, crushed flowers and different sorts of plants. After every single application of dye on Kalamkari fabric, it must be dyed again for better results.

The color pattern used for Kalamkari also follows certain special themes and rules. Women figures, for instance, are always depicted using Yellow color, gods are in blue, while demons are projected using green and red. Lotus is the most common background figure and red is the most commonly used color for backdrops.


Kalamkari flourished in Andhra Pradesh and further was promoted by Britishers in the 18th century in India owing to its decorative designs and extreme craftsmanship. Though this art dates backs to 3000 BC, it has been used for centuries for the art of storytelling. Singers, musicians, and painters used to travel from village to village used canvas paintings to depict stories and that's how Kalamkari art came into existence. Soon the art was being used on glass panels in Hindu temples where stories of gods and other mythological legends were being depicted using Kalamkari. It looked much like stained glass paintings in Christian Cathedrals. However, it was in the Mughal era that this art truly flourished. The Mughal rulers of Golconda and Coramandel provinces patronized this art form and gave the skilled craftsmen the title of QUALAMKARS and that's how the craft got its name.


There are two identifiable types of Kalamkari art in India – Srikalahasti style Kalamkari and Machilipatnam style Kalamkari. In case of the Machilipatnam kind of Kalamkari, motifs are essentially printed with hand-carved traditional blocks with intricate detailing painted by hands. On the opposite hand, the Srikalahasti Kalamkari style of painting draws inspiration from the Hindu mythology describing scenes from the epics and folklore. This style holds a robust religious connection as it has its origin within the temples.

In recent times, two other kinds of Kalamkari patterns have also emerged, supported the states where it's created. Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are two prime states in India, where two different kinds of Kalamkari patterns are done. The Andhra Kalamkari borrows design inspiration from forts, palaces, and temples of India, alongside motifs of animals and birds.  Gujarat Kalamkari, on the other hand, depicts motifs of mythological characters like Krishna-Arjuna from Mahabharata, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha, etc.


The states of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat are the biggest producers of Kalamkari sarees in India. Kalamkari sarees have a lot of detailing in terms of the patterns that could be block printed or hand-painted. Each saree tells a story- sometimes just plant vines, flowers, forts, animals are depicted in such minute detail that one gets lost in the art.

Besides the painting, other innovative ways of bringing Kalamkari stories alive on fabrics involve embroidery and appliqué work. Kalamkari sarees are occasion wear so they go great with attractive blouse patterns and traditional jewelry.

Kalamkari is nowdays also used for making various decorative decor items and accessories.

Much like most ancient crafts, Kalamkari has also seen its ups and downs. Commercially made factory based fabrics pose a grave threat to artisans and Qualamkars, but since there are still a lot of genuine art lovers and fashion designers who support and encourage this craft, the industry continues to thrive.

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Getting long, healthy Rapunzel like mane is a desire chased by many, but the journey isn't really an easy one. Here's a truth bomb alert- 'no amount of biotin pills or vitamin supplements you chug down each day will make your hair grow super long overnight!' You want tricks to get thicker, longer and stronger hair, the organic way? We hear you girl! It takes some consistency and efforts but the good news is that these ideas aren't rocket science either. In fact, you don't even have to buy expensive hair products and treatments for it. Just a few healthy tweaks here and there and voila!, you will see results in hair growth organically within a month!

Here are the 10 awesome all natural hacks to get beautiful, long hair faster:


This is the most obvious one, Scalp is like the sowing ground for your hair and if the base is infected or unclean, you cannot expect healthy hair. Shampoo thoroughly at least twice or thrice a week with an all organic shampoo like this organic Khadi Essentials Activated Bamboo Charcoal-Barley Hair Shampoo with Amla-Methi for Deep Cleanse, follow it up with a good conditioner or hair mask such as Mirah Belle Jasmine – Shea Nourishing Hair Conditioner (check out these products below).

Here are some Hair washing tips that most of us don't realize are super important for hair growth -

-Wet your hair with warm water to open pores in the scalp before shampoo.

-Shampoo thoroughly for 5 minutes and evenly with a light hair cleanser.

-You must leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes before rinsing.

- Give a final rinse with COLD water to lock in the moisture. It also helps control frizziness and dry hair.

Alternatively, you can also clean your hair with Amla powder soaked overnight. Just mix 2 teaspoons of amla powder or juice with equal amounts of lime juice and let it dry. Rinse it off with some warm water. It will also prevent hair pigmentation. Amla is enriched with Vitamin C and E that boost radiance, stimulate growth and make hair stronger.


Never underestimate the value of a good head massage! Giving yourself a scalp massage once a week at least will increase blood flow to your scalp, enhance the strength of your roots, and help nutrients get to your follicle faster. Use ROSEMARY Oil or CASTOR Oil that has been tried and tested over years to stimulate hair growth. You may use it as an overnight treatment or apply it half an hour before washing your hair and cover with a cap before washing. Buy it below.


Deep condition your strand once weekly to boost hair growth. Try this homemade mix of oils that is very easy to make and use. 1 cup unrefined coconut oil 1 tablespoon each almond oil, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba oil. Apply an appropriate amount from this mix on damp hair to allow easy absorption into the roots. Leave it on for 10 minutes and cover with a hot towel. Then wash as you normally do. These oils contain fatty acids that strengthen and protect your hair as they grow and this treatment works wonders to promote hair growth.


Using Methi dana is an age-old remedy for hair growth problems. It contains proteins and nicotinic acid; protein-enriched diets have been known to encourage stimulation of hair growth. Soak a tablespoon in a glass of water overnight. Grind it into a smooth paste in the morning, add a little coconut oil (or milk) to it and apply on your hair and scalp for half an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo. It is surely one of the best hair growth tips.

In case DIY isn't your thing try the Khadi Essentials MARMIK Anti Hair Fall-Regrowth Oil with Neem-Tea Tree-Holy Basil-Vitamin E that contains many different hair growth boosting ingredients or methi hair growth mask that will prevent hair loss and aid hair growth.


Eggs contain naturally high levels of protein in addition to Sulfur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous and iodine. They are used the world over to stimulate hair growth and give lustrous hair. To create your own egg mask follow these simple steps-

- separate one egg white in a bowl and add one teaspoon of olive oil ( you can also use grapeseed oil or lavender oil )

- Mix into a fine paste and apply on hair all over. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water and mild shampoo. You won't even need to condition your hair after this and the results are instant!


Another time tested technique that genuinely boosts hair growth, onion juice promotes growth of natural keratin that strengthens hair bonds. Applying it into the scalp also aids blood circulation and collagen growth as it contains Sulphur (and hence the smell). DIY the onion hair mask-

- Blend or mash a couple of standard size onions, sieve out the juice and apply on hair for 20 minutes.

- Wash away with a mild shampoo as usual.

If the smell is too much to take you can try a readymade all natural Onion hair oil such as this one by Soulflower and get the same results- (Buy it below)


This seemingly insignificant change can do wonders for your hair. Sleeping on cotton or poly blend pillows soaks away your hair's natural moisture leaving them dull, brittle, and prone to breakage. Switch to satin or silk pillows and your hair will definitely thank you for it.

Also, the same logic applies to your scrunchies and bands. Remember to not tie or bun up your hair at the same spot for long durations of time or hold the ponytail too tight. It all leads to hair breakage.


Counterproductive as it sounds, trimming your hair every 10-12 weeks actually helps them grow faster. Trimming away the dead ends and split edges will ensure that everything that you are doing to boost your hair growth isn't going in vain and you are feeding only active and healthy hair.


All those hair experiments with hot styling tools and chemical colors do more damage than you know. They eat away the natural moisture making hair dull and weak. If you really can't avoid styling altogether use a protective spray or serum.

And you can consider switching to Henna for coloring your hair instead of chemical dyes or bleach. Check out this Herbal Henna below


One cannot emphasize enough on eating healthy to grow your hair faster. Take food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, consume seeds and legumes, take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your vitamins and minerals intake which will in turn give you the hair of your dreams. Junk out the junk, quit smoking and sleep well. Stress causes hair fall and hair degeneration so stay happy and get long, thick hair. Got any more hair growth hacks to share? Don't forget to comment below!

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Staying indoors has emerged as the new normal, but we cannot let that dampen our spirits, right? As we come to terms with everything that is changing around us, one thing that can surely add cheer and beat the pandemic blues is embracing some chic, at-home fashion ideas and keep that sass factor riding high as always! Clothes are a mood changer and most working professionals believe that changing into clothes for work even at home puts them in work mode, increases efficiency, and gives a morale boost; while taking them off at the end of the day actually indicates that it's time to kick back and chill!

This is truly a litmus test for all of humanity and even stay at home individuals, moms and home-makers admit that being stylish and fashionable at all times can actually be a mood-lifter and a kind of coping mechanism. There is a work overload for those handling domestic tasks (considering that house-helps are actually unavailable through these times of social distancing) and looking good is a big confidence boost for most ladies. So whether its #WorkFromHome or #StayAtHome, #StayFashionableForever is the ultimate mantra to make life better through this Covid Era.

PEACHMODE's all new collection of breezy, trendy at-home fashion clothing is definitely practical and a more scaled down version of how you would dress if things were normal, hence making it just apt to keep that style factor soaring and yet make you feel at home, literally! COMFORT being the keyword here, we have kurtis (the absolute synonym for versatility- whether you are a working professional or a home-maker), dresses, tunics, coordinates, shirts, tees and much more to suit all your needs. Although we suggest you dress up EXTRA too on some days from time to time just to keep those mood swings at bay. Also, wear colors that cheer you up, mix and match, play with prints and silhouettes, experiment with accessories because hey, you are still you!

Here are some At-Home fashion outfit ideas from our in-house stylists that you can shop to keep that Corona gloom far far away.


Let's face it, you really cannot make a good impression on those virtual conferences, zoom calls, and client meetings looking disheveled or in Pjs. You are still representing a brand, and that calls for showing up presentably. Besides, dressing up is going to boost your confidence and hence productivity, so make an effort, put on some smart clothing, and nail your day, each day!

Here are some smart business casuals to see you through-


Can be worn with denims, pants, or palazzos.


A scarf can instantly bring your outfit's level up making it more classy and semi formal at the least.


Look business chic and savvy by throwing a smart printed, embellished blazer atop a basic dress, shirt or tee for standing out smartly during those on-call conferences.


Collared shirts in prints or solids are definitely a must-have to look work ready. Team them up with skirts or pants or even joggers or shorts in case you are visible online from just the waist up!


A chic georgette ruffled shirt or top will keep all the eyes and attention fixated on you, need we say what it can help with?


Another essential and a rather versatile piece to play with.


Who says staying in at home needs to be basic or non glamorous? Stay sassy all day long with cool kurtis in all kinds of silhouettes- A-line, Loose fitted, Straight kurtas, coordinated sets, the options at PEACHMODE are endless.


Buttoned down dresses that can double up as capes are classy and comfortable all day long, and they are pretty versatile so you can even wear them during your AT-WORK timings.



Like we said, take some time for yourself and dress up for those special days, weekends, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We may be at home but celebrations can still continue right? And so can dressing up for them. Choose from dresses, gowns or sassy tops, put on some colour and sheen on your face, and dance those blues away!



Now this one is a special category, because you have to keep up those impressions, whether it's the Sanskari family version or the sassy diva version with the kitty buddies, looking good should know no bounds even as you connect virtually. Dress up in smart suits, co-ord sets or throw on a chic lace jacket, being the best version of you is the only way to be!



Alone at home and want to feel like a diva? Just dress the part and the rest will follow! Set up a dance date with self, or indulge in some self-pampering with good food and music, you are and always will be a queen! Peachmode has an amazing collection of fancy yet functional skirts with matching tops, jumpsuits and much more to help you look and feel your spectacular best!

PS: All these outfits can be swapped for your different purposes as per your choice; the only rule being, wear what you like.

Hope this sneak preview into our At-home fashion choices has left you feeling spoilt for options already but this is just the tip of the iceberg! Indulge your senses by checking out the complete collection and let's fill up those shopping carts with joy.

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The world as we know it has probably gone for a complete toss in recent times. It isn't necessarily a bad thing though, the human race has become more conscious and receptive towards the environment and towards itself too. One of the major impacts has been on kids. They don't have a place to go out and their world seems to have shrunk to a single screen. But does that have to affect the way that our kids look or dress up? Not if we consciously try to make their wardrobe fun and vivid. We at PEACHMODE would love to help you give your kid's wardrobe more fun and colorful makeover with our range of cool, stylish clothing for boys and girls! Make this lockdown a brighter memory for them and keep your spirits up high too as you see your young ones trot around the house in the most functional yet sassy clothing.

It is a well-known fact that the way we dress up defines not just our personality but is also a mood changer. Imagine your kids dressed up all the way every day in smart, comfortable clothing that makes them happier or more confident, in return cheering up your spirits as well. While we observe all the norms of social distancing, online shopping from a trustworthy E-commerce platform ( such as PEACHMODE) seems like a practical solution since kids are in their growing up stage and new clothes seem like an essential requirement for their ever-changing sizes.

Without much further ado, lets quickly take you through some of our hottest clothing items for kids between 4-14 years of age who have started to develop a slightly more individual sense of style and want to dress up almost always like their favorite on-screen idols! Let's unlock the best in fashion for kids with our ever trending kids clothing collection that refreshes itself faster than you can even imagine!


Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what girls are made up of! A little sugar and some spice is what we have to offer for our young fashionistas. Right from denims shorts that can be paired with cute, bright graphic tees to shift dresses, we have it all covered. So whether you have a tomboy who loves her basic dungarees and tees or the sassy little diva who wants dresses and skirts even when she's home, here is all the goodness that kids' fashion has to offer under one roof.


Mix and match these cool casual tops and tees with skirts, shorts, lowers or just leggings for all day comfort and jazz.





Team up these super cute tops with bottom wear like these- 70s inspired



A total must have for the summer, denim shorts go well with almost anything!

Tropical printed shorts for the girls

If your princess loves wearing dresses even at home, we have an amazing variety of shift dresses, pinafore dresses, t-shirt dresses and simple frocks. Teleport her to Disneyland with these beautiful one pieces

A little Paris Hilton in the house? Give her this Tartan shift dress to strut around in

Or this checkered shift dress perhaps for those zoom parties with friends-

Is the little fashion diva missing the frills and dots? Add this cute frock to her collection and watch her eyes light up the room!

How about some rompers for those tomboyish sporty ones?


Most boys either love super heroes, sport stars or their favorite cartoon characters and love dressing up in styles that emulate their star's personality. And as they grow up, most of them prefer shirts too. We bring you an assortment of boy's shirts, tees, bermuda shorts, track pants, lowers and much more to keep those hyperactive rockstars easing through their day at home in style.

Smart shirts and casual tees for the little men







Mix and match these uppwe wear with lowers, shorts, joggers and much more that keep the boys looking suave and comfortable all day long-



If he cannot go to the beach, let's bring the beachy vibes home.



Joggers provide the comfort of a lower and the sassy look of denims combined on one. Make sure your little one has a few of them during these times of house arrest to keep them smart company.



These cargo shorts are a comfortable essence as most boys stuff their pockets with random toys or collectibles that are apparently their precious stash!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as we have many more amazing clothing options to dress up our little stars at home. Browse through our kids wear range and make this lockdown more vivacious and cheerful for your family.

" "

In continuation to our previous post on tips for monsoon brides, we’ve put together some further essential advice for lovebirds making the most of the season’s romance. So, all you fashionistas reading this, we hope we can help you make the right choices for a monsoon wedding!

Pre-Wedding Care

Your hair and skin will need some extra care during the monsoon, so make sure you treat them well. Avoid oily or cream-based makeup and beauty products for a few weeks, since they can clog up your pores and turn your skin dull. Treat your hair to deep-conditioning sessions at the salon and you skin to a massage. Stick to a healthy diet and fitness regime – no time to waste, start now and you’ll have a natural glow by the time your wedding rolls around!

Get a healthy glow by taking care of your skin before the D-Day!


Pre-Wedding Shoot

There is no season like the monsoon for romantic pre-wedding shoots. You and your partner can be silhouetted against dramatic skies or sheets of falling raindrops, mischievously holding hands under an umbrella, soaked through while dancing in the rain… The options are practically endless. Make sure you get some unforgettable pictures on a day when love is literally pouring down from the heavens!

Capture the monsoon romance in your pre-wedding shoot!

Personalized Monsoon-Themed Decor

When you think of the rainy season, the lush greenery and dark skies are the first things that come to mind. Let your wedding decor reflect a creative and attention-grabbing monsoon decor scheme, with bunches of fresh greenery and flowers, umbrellas, dark maroon or violet backdrops and sparkling lights that mimic the twinkle of the city’s skyline seen through a sheet of rain!

Let your wedding decor be as fashionable as you are!

Wedding Trousseau

The earlier post gave you some advice on how to pick out a bridal outfit and basic pointers on choosing materials and styles for your trousseau. We’re actually going to discuss a few different options in a little more detail, since your wedding trousseau is once-in-a-lifetime, just like every other part of the big day!

  • Pre-Wedding Events – Sangeets, cocktails, family celebrations and other parties are all part and parcel of the wedding. You’ll be expected to look radiant and trendy at each of these, so follow the rule of easy-to-handle fabrics and minimal embellishment. Try a stylish drape tunic for an evening of cocktails or a lightweight saree for a family gathering.


For the cocktail dinners and parties, try this uber-trendy Pankti Podar drape tunic!

Bridesmaids Outfits – Who says only Catholic weddings can have bridesmaids, anyway? Your sisters, nieces and cousins would love to join the fun, so dress them up in style while shopping for your trousseau! Pre-draped lehenga sarees are the best choice - youthful and trendy, as well as easy to manage during the celebration. 

  • Yes, we really love the lehenga saree collection by Kanak here at Peachmode!


  • Post-Wedding, Too! – Your trousseau should include everything you would need for the wedding, before and after. Keep a selection of stylish and sexy outfits for your monsoon honeymoon, as well as bright-colored tunics, tops, shirts and sarees for when you meet relatives and friends upon your return.


Wedding Trousseau

The earlier post gave you some advice on how to pick out a bridal outfit and basic pointers on choosing materials and styles for your trousseau. We’re actually going to discuss a few different options in a little more detail, since your wedding trousseau is once-in-a-lifetime, just like every other part of the big day!

  • Pre-Wedding Events – Sangeets, cocktails, family celebrations and other parties are all part and parcel of the wedding. You’ll be expected to look radiant and trendy at each of these, so follow the rule of easy-to-handle fabrics and minimal embellishment. Try a stylish drape tunic for an evening of cocktails or a lightweight saree for a family gathering.

Wedding Trousseau

The earlier post gave you some advice on how to pick out a bridal outfit and basic pointers on choosing materials and styles for your trousseau. We’re actually going to discuss a few different options in a little more detail, since your wedding trousseau is once-in-a-lifetime, just like every other part of the big day!

  • Pre-Wedding Events – Sangeets, cocktails, family celebrations and other parties are all part and parcel of the wedding. You’ll be expected to look radiant and trendy at each of these, so follow the rule of easy-to-handle fabrics and minimal embellishment. Try a stylish drape tunic for an evening of cocktails or a lightweight saree for a family gathering.
" "

Nothing can beat the simplistic charm and elegance of a kurti. Raise your hands ladies if every time you try to pick the most stylish yet comfortable attire from your wardrobe, it turns out to be a KURTI! With its versatility and sheer adaptability, a kurti can transform your entire persona with something as little as a neckline style change. By picking up the right kurti neck design, you can surely stand out from the crowd and create a style statement effortlessly. Whatever may be the occasion, you can turn up the charm by pairing your kurti with the right accessories. Kurti neck styles have gone under a sea change over the years but currently trending neckline styles are the ones that focus on simplicity with class and functionality. There are no tacky complicated cutout or criss-cross patterns but only elegant variations in the basic designs (round, collared, mandarin, square, sweetheart, keyhole etc.) that make these kurtis forever in vogue and sustainable. This is the need of the hour and it never fails to impress.

So we bring  you today a list of the most stylish and charming kurti neckline designs that a modern woman like yourself  MUST have in her wardrobe this season-


An exaggerated round neck- that is what a scoop neck is and you can decide the depth as per your comfort level. The scoop neck is one of the most preferred neckline designs as it is very comfortable and looks stylish on most fabrics and occasions. It looks good on crisp cotton kurtis as it reveals the décolletage just enough to give the right touch of delicacy and femininity.



The boat neck design is a great choice for normal to small busted women. It flatters thier upper body and looks great on casual and formal kurtis both. Rather than going for a normal, simple boat cut design kurti,  we love this black and white boat neck sleeveless pattern with a side slit and it's a great combination with trousers and palazzos both.



The best of two worlds, this kurti neck style is zesty and vivacious. Reveal a bit of those shapely collarbones with a round neck and cold shoulders, and then go on to tease some more with slit sleeves. Who can resist this combo now! Not us for sure. Take it out on a day date or an evening with friends, this one won't let you down!



By adding something as small  as a string or tassels, you can turn a simple kurti neckline  into a contemporary chic design that is apt for most purposes. Right from chilling at home to going out with freinds, a kurti with tassels on the neck design adds a youthful charm instantly.



A mandarin collar style neck design makes  for a formal and more sophisticated look as it streamlines the entire look. This pink chikan kurta with a straight band or mandarin collar looks good with straight pants and palazzos both. It is a MUST have neck design for all kurti aficionados.



Much like it's name, the half band collar neckline is for those who feel uncomfortable in a closed band neckline type . This variation gives more breathing room as the band opens into a V-shape in the front. It looks very classy and elegant on all face and body types and whether you choose prints or solids, this neckline can never go wrong!



It's a neckline cut derived from polo necks that are extremely popular in western wear. Crew neck designs in kurtis look very neat and no nonsense types. You definitely do not need a scarf or dupatta with this kurti neck trend so it's very well suited for work wear. Although this navy crew neck style beauty will look equally good for your luncheons and lounging.



One of my personal favorites, the shirt collar neck pattern looks great with long and short kurtis both. Remember Rani Mukjerjee's Bunty Babli short kurtis with collars? They became a rage then and continue to be worn with patialas ( short style)or have gained even more popularity now in frock( long style) kurtis for an everyday semi formal look.



Spaghetti style kurtis have square to round necklines and as the name suggests, they are barely there but none the less, manage to create quite a stirring style statement. This neckline style is ideal for vacation wear or summer months.



Peek-a-boo is what this neckline is all about. It looks great on cotton and silks especially due to its shape. It is a very fashionable neck pattern which draws the attention to the neck. It's best not to accessorize this style of kurti with any neckpieces or chains to keep the focus on the neckline.



Imagine an amalgamation of two different patterns- the boat neck style and the U-neck style, this fashionable combo looks best on formal kurtis such as this stunning teal number below. It is very flattering on most face cuts and body types.



A v neck is always a good idea but one with lace and embroidery is even better! Not only is a V-Neck design universally flattering and comfortable, these style variations with lace, crochet or embroidery give it an even more contemporary feel. Kurtis or tunics with this neck line pattern are perfect for a day out, casually (cotton and rayon) or formally (georgettes and crepes).



One of the most sought after formal wear necklines, the angrakha style neckline is royal and elegant. One panel crosses over the other and flares out below the waist giving a very flattering silhouette. This style looks great on cotton and silk and is inspired by the Rajasthani and Gujarati ethnic fashion. It is now however adapted on tunics, kurtis and dresses with equal panache.

These and many more stunning neckline styles in kurtis await your add to cart on PEACHMODE. Shop some contemporary and classic beauties this festive season and make the most of it.

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India is famous for being the land of diversity, be it geography, language and culture, fashion or (perhaps most importantly) food. Street food in the country is as varied and delicious as it comes, with snacks and meals that include a vast array of flavors - spicy, sweet, savory, you can have it all!

There are certain foods you can find almost anywhere in the country, like pav-bhaji, tikkis, vada pav, chaat and rolls, each originating locally or being modified to suit local tastes. The exquisite combinations of flavors will leave you begging for more, and usually steaming at the ears too. There’s one particular item that is a favorite everywhere - the light, crunchy, mouthwatering gol-gappa or paani-puri chaat.

What are Golgappas or Paani Puris?

Known as golgappa in North India, puchka in Bengal and other names in different parts of the country, the paani-puri is essentially a very light and crisp sphere of fried dough filled with sweet/spicy water that sends people to gastronomical heaven. This delectable mouthful, which features a light filling, herbs and spices, is as diverse as the country itself.

                       Like all Indian food, spices are essential for the perfect golgappas!

Every region in India has its own favorite recipe for the perfect paani puri, but they share a similar essence. If you enjoy the beloved snack that has become a symbol of Indian street food, here are some links for basic recipes:

  • This recipe includes instructions for making the flour spheres if you prefer to start from scratch.
  • Try this one for making the ‘paani’ when you’re in a hurry, or this version that details different fillings.

Variations of Paani Puri across the Country

If you travel across the country, you’ll find paani-puri that is made the same way, but with small variations that make it mind-blowingly different. Most variants follow the basics - the ‘puri’ has two types: ‘Atta’- wheat ones which are usually crispier and ‘suji’- semolina ones that are softer.


Ragda- the paani-puri filling in Maharashtra and neighboring areas

They can be stuffed with boiled potatoes, sprouts, chick peas, green peas, and more. The spices could be mixed in the water, the filling, or added as powdered seasoning on top of the puri. Then you have ‘khatta paani’- the hot one with tamarind and mint, or ‘meetha paani’- the sweet one with ginger and spices.

In India, paani-puri can be found almost anywhere you go. From tiny wheeled stalls to five-star restaurants and bars, this humble snack has grown beyond street food and achieved near-stardom. Here are a few ways variants you may like to try:

  • Packaged Gol-Gappas:  You can buy these with the puri or just as a premix for the water. Even stall-vendors will pack water, dahi, sauces and puris in separate packets to carry home. You can make them at home with the recipes listed above and experiment with the ingredients.
  • Get your paani-puri ‘parcelled’ to enjoy it at home later!
  • Meetha-Puri: A puri filled with a sweet chutney that is made with ginger powder, herbs, tamarind and lighter spices. Loved by kids and adults alike, it can be served as a dessert snack or as an alternative for people who prefer to avoid chillies and the spicier versions of the paani-puri.
  • Dahi-Puri: Puris filled with curd, thick sauces and powdered spices. They’re more wholesome and the curd cuts through the heat of the chillies. The dahi-puri has layers of flavor that pop through separately. Most vendors serve one at the end of the paani puri order to cool your palate.
  •     Curd balances the heat of the chilli in dahi-puris
  • Golgappa Shots/Vodka-Puri: Though this alcohol-imbued version is just becoming popular at pubs, bars and restaurants, it has been a favorite at home-parties for a long time. The vodka-puri is a great way to enjoy a slight buzz while sending your tastebuds on a trip of their own!
  • There’s a Perfect Fit for Everyone

    If you start asking around for the ‘best’ gol-gappas, it’s going to be a really long list. Flavor is a touchy topic, which often ends in arguments over the best ones, pacts made to sample favorites and pick a winner, which of course rarely works. I’m not exaggerating - everyone has a favorite and there are thousands of varieties available


    A paani-puri binge? Yes, please!

    Every vendor has his own blend of spices for the filling and paani, which is usually a closely-guarded secret. The best way to decide which one you like best is to go on a street food binge and find the one that makes your taste buds leap with joy. A little warning though - golgappas are so good, they’re almost addictive. Get ready to skip entire meals because you got a little carried away with your ‘snack’!

    Image Credits: Tawheed Manzoorchiragndesaidavid_17inirumge (Flickr Creative Commons)


" "

Ranging from tiny glass seed beads to large hand-carved wooden ones, bead-makers in India have explored a variety of materials, styles and treatments. Even without the tools of the modern industry, these artisans have explored their imagination and creativity to offer an exquisite array of colorful beads that may be some of the most unique in the world.

What’s So Special about Indian Beads?

                                                                     Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha prayer beads on strings are a commonplace sight with very uncommon origins. These beads are created from the seeds of a tree, which makes each one unique and 100% natural. A high value is placed on multiple facets, which are rare and considered to be very auspicious. Prayer beads are often made of sandalwood, tulsi wood, stone or agate too, some of which are renowned to have healing or meditative powers.

                                                                 Kashmiri Beads

                                                                     Meenakari Beads

There are some bead styles that are unique to our country, having originated here, and the secrets of their making were closely guarded for centuries. Kashmiri beads, Meenakari beads and Jaipuri beads are some well-known examples - each created with specific techniques and immensely popular for jewelry and accessories.

                                                                           Lac Beads
India is also home to the fascinating lac beads, which are created by the secretion of tiny tree-dwelling insects. The material is gathered by hand, crushed, cleaned and then heated to form a malleable clay-like substance that can be colored, shaped and adhered to other surfaces. A humble origin for some beautiful beads!

Silver, clay and terracotta beads, as well as carved soapstone, bone/horn and wooden beads, are all made by hand, with designs that range from simple geometric shapes to intricate lattice-work. Lampwork beads form a huge section of India’s bead exports, with intricate designs and a rainbow of colors – each one is unique and cannot be replicated.

Indian beads are used in jewelry all over the world, but that’s not all they’re good for. These delectable decorations adorn everything from everyday clothing, bags and shoes to heavy bridal and festive wear. No bride can resist a lehenga or sari with gorgeous zari or aari work embroidery - and colorful crystals, pearls or glass beads that sparkle in the light!

Image Credits: McKay Savage (Flickr Creative Commons),,,,,,,, ,

" "

Sound of roaring drums, devotional music and enthusiastic dancers making merry with colorful idols of Ganesha whiffing throughout the country.  Heroes and heroines in Bollywood movies with elaborate set up for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration depicting the festival in its true glory and grandeur. Hoards of people getting the Ganesha deity home for blessing them, honoring him and worshipping him day in day out. These are the fondest memories one can muster for GANESH CHATURTHI.

This is one of the most popular festivals in the Country.  Ganpati is after all a popular  and beloved God. His blessings are invoked at most religious ceremonies as He is the one who can remove all obstacles to success. He is the giver of fortune and can help to avoid natural calamities.

Ganesh Utsav is a spectacular festival, honoring Lord Ganesha. The elephant-headed god is worshiped for 10 days from Bhadrapada Shudha Chaturthi to the Ananta Chaturdashi. It is celebrated all over India, but the maximum grandeur is witnessed in Mumbai and across Maharashtra.

During the festival days, the Lord is worshipped with great devotion and prayer services are performed daily. The duration of the Lord's stay varies from place to place; once the worship is complete, the statues are carried on decorated floats to be immersed in the sea after one, three, five, seven and ten days. Thousands of processions converge on the beaches to immerse the holy idols in the sea. This procession and immersion is accompanied with dancing and the sound of exciting drum-beats, throwing gulal at one another, devotional songs and exploding firecrackers. As the idol is immersed amidst loud chants of "Ganesh Maharaj Ki Jai!" (Hail Lord Ganesh), the festival comes to an end with pleas to the Lord to return the next year with chants of "Ganpati bappa morya, pudcha varshi laukar ya" (Hail Lord Ganesh, return again soon next year).

It was Lokmanya Tilak who popularized the festival during the freedom movement and made it a community celebration that brought together people from all classes and creeds to strengthen the feeling of oneness.

Colorfully decorated Idols of lord Ganesha are installed both at homes and in Sarvajanik Ganesh Pandals. The occasion becomes very lively and enthusiastic with the devotional songs, dances and drum beats being a part of the rituals observed by the devotees of Lord Ganesha, as part of the festivities.

Beyond the movies, Bollywood has also been closely associated with festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi. Celebrities who  idol of the bring home the elephant god  include Salman Khan, Jeetendra, Nana Patekar, Rani Mukherjee, Suniel Shetty, Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Shilpa Shetty, Raveena Tandon and Shreyas Talpade among others. Whether they install the idol at home or not, the entire Film fraternity enthusiastically participates in the festivities in their own way.

Women in India love to deck up for their celebrations in fully traditional wear. From Maharashtrian style sarees to even Anarkalis now, it's an occasion to show your ethnic side in all its splendor. Heavy jewelry and make up usually completes the ethnic shringar for enthusiastic devotees. Here are a few Outfit ideas to step up your fashion game for this auspicious festival. You can shop the very festive GANESH CHATURTHI SPECIAL COLLECTION resplendent with glorious bright sarees, beautiful anarkalis and traditional suits such as these with us-

1. Suits and Anarkalis for the more contemporary women.


2. Sarees for the perfect ethnic divas


Bring home the VINAYAK this season with full devotion and here's wishing all our readers a very prosperous and fulfilling GANESHA CHATURTHI.

Don't forget to shop the GANESH CHATURTHI COLLECTION at Peachmode to add more color to your celebrations!

"Ganpati Bappa Moriya!!"


" "

This DIWALI season, shopping on PEACHMODE got even more exciting!

Seeing those names up there? Wondering how?

Well, to make your festivities even more special and exciting, PEACHMODE are giving every 7th buyer a chance to shop free!  Yes people, you can be lucky enough now shop for free because we at Peachmode love to see you light up in excitement  and joy. You are special and this is our way of making you feel that way.

All you have to is to place an order of Rs 1500 or above on our website and if you are the lucky 7th buyer, you get FREE SHOPPING worth that amount there and then! Isn't that absolutely amazing? We pick up so many random winners every day and share the joy with them because sharing is caring.

Festive time is all about dressing up in your best ethnic or indo western garb and sparkling in a crowd. At Peachmode, we give you all the latest styles at very reasonable prices so that your celebrations look and feel as Indian and pretty as can be!

So what are you waiting for? Log on to Peachmode NOW and get a chance to shop FREE today. The offer is on till 14th November so you really need to hurry now.

Here are the Terms and Conditions of the LUCKY FREE SHOPPING CARNIVAL -

- Offer is valid for the orders with value greater than or equal to Rs 1500/- after considering all vouchers, store credits etc. Payable amount should be greater than or equal to Rs 1500/-

- Offer valid from 15th October, 2015 midnight to 14th November 2015 midnight for all customers.

- Free money will be given in the form of store voucher which has lifetime validity. Maximum voucher value is Rs 5000/-. If the order value is greater than Rs 5000/- voucher will be capped at Rs 5000 only.

- Voucher will be issued after 7 workings days of delivery.

- Any order that is cancelled / exchanged after the selection will be disqualified. Company is not liable to select any other replacement order in such cases.

- Lucky winners for the previous day will be announced the following working day via email / sms / call.

- All lucky winners will be selected automatically and receive notifications.

- In case if the selected customer decides to return the merchandise other than the reason of damaged product the order will be disqualified from the offer and company is not liable to issue voucher.

- In case if the customer has received a faulty / wrong product. Company will replace the product if it is in stock otherwise refund the money. Also, company will issue the voucher in this case.

-Peachmode reserves all rights to disqualify orders or extend the offer as per the company's interest.

Lady luck is knocking at your door this DIWALI. Welcome it with open arms and see the magic is spreads! All you have to do is to SHOP AT PEACHMODE TODAY!


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Bollywood celebs celebrates the festival of light, Diwali in glam and style!

From adorning themselves with designer clothes to hosting the most entertaining Diwali bashes, Bollywood stars take this festival very seriously.

On Diwali, be it the Bachchans or the Khans, Kapoors or Chopras, all were decked up in ethnic wear to live up the festive fashion in attendance. Grand gathering and card parties were held at Amitabh Bachchan's residence, Aamir Khan, Anil Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor and all of Bollywood appeared to be on the guest list.

Here's What Our 9 Favourite Bollywood Stars Wore For Diwali Parties..

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, wore an absolutely ethereal Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla white Suit to a heavy embellished Manish Malhotra outfit for the final hours.

2. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor draped the deliciousness of chocolate & gold in a custom ensemble by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Couture. Draped in pearls she wore the dupatta of her Anamika Khanna lehenga as a cape.

3.Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu in a lehenga saree by Vikram Phadnis and looked super elegant in a black exquisite Sabyasachi saree.

4. Sonakshi Sinha

It was floral print for Sonakshi Sinha as she stepped in out an Arpita Mehta lehenga and looked gorgeous in her Seema Khan green shiny outfit!

5.Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika was spotted in a Tarun Tahiliani floor-length layered Anarkali. Bold lips with a tint of golden on her attire; Malaika also hosted a house party wearing a stunning White and Gold Sharara by designers Sukriti & Akriti sharara.

6.Parineeti Chopra

White was definitely one of the favourites for celebrities this Diwali. The lovely Parineeti Chopra spotted in Arpita Mehta yellow leaf crop, peach shaded cape and a cream 2 layered skirt and in Ridhi Mehra cape style lehenga for the Bachchan party.

7. Shraddha Kapoor

ShraddhaKapoor stole the show in a vibrant pink floor-length anarkali multikali ensemble from the Bakhiya collection by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and beautiful blue outfit by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.

8. Sophie

Manish Malhotra’s good friend Sophie opted for his designed signature label lehenga choli for both the parties.

9. Vidya Balan

Sporting a Gaurang Shah traditional chikankari sari, Vidya Balan attended all the three parties. She teamed it up with a green kalamkari blouse and stuck to her round bindi to complete her look and Anarkali with hand painted kalamkari dupatta.

White was clearly a favourite of the fashionistas for Diwali 2016.

Amidst the celebrations, the stars took to Instagram and Twitter to wish their fans and followers a Happy Diwali and urged them to avoid fire crackers. Some also made sure that they don't forget our soldiers who are safeguarding our borders on this special occasion.

Image Courtesy : Instagram and Google

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Jingle bells are ringing all the way & it's this time of the year to eat, share and celebrate the cold wintery season. Santa would be coming any time & if you din’t get time to bake all the choco sweets for the treat then don't you worry.

Here we bring you super quick 3 Christmas Recipes that’s just oh so easy to make without the hassles of ovens and baking techniques! Get started with your holiday right by making these delicious treats.

Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo Cupcakes

Take 2 cups oreo separate them in two, scrape off the filling & put in a bowl. Crush the biscuits add ‰ÉÒ melted butter, put these batter in cupcake tray & keep aside for 1 hour. Add oreo filling mixture and 1 cup cream & blend into a bowl.

Put 2 spoons strawberry jam in a piping bag and add cream mix and decorate the toppings for the kept aside oreo cupcakes.


Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar, cocoa, milk and margarine. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Boil for 1 minute, then remove from heat and stir in the vanilla, salt, peanut butter and oats.

Drop by rounded spoonfuls onto waxed paper. Allow cookies to cool for at least 1 hour. Store in an airtight container.


Brownie Pops

Brownie Pops

Using a 1" scoop, scoop out brownie, packing it into the scoop neatly. Release from scoop and mash in your clean hands, rolling into a ball. Place on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.Once your pan of brownies has been rolled into balls, melt chocolate coating accordingly. Dip top 1" of lollipop sticks into melted chocolate, then insert into brownie pops. Let sit until chocolate has hardened.

Dip brownie pops in melted chocolate, shaking gently to remove excess chocolate. Place back on lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with crumbs and dehydrated marshmallows. Let sit until firm. Keep brownie pops in a cool place so they do not melt.


Get Christmas ready with our curated Ravishing Red Collection!

" "

Pregnancy style is challenging for every women, as it involves experimenting with your comfort zone being on a trendier side. Gone are the days when women had to be in their extra large cotton maxi dresses and cardigans throughout their maternity time.

Pregnant celebrities seem to nail the maternity fashion better than anybody else. Under the watchful eye of the paparazzi, famous ladies are never out of sight and have to look flawless at every turn.

See how pregnant stars from Bollywood like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Genelia Deshmukh and Hollywood like Blake Lively, Mila Kunis and more dress their baby bumps from the sidewalk to the red carpets!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

A glowing Kareena Kapoor Khan looked magnificent for designer Sabyasachi’s rich grand finale. Kareena's kurti was heavily embellished in gold threadwork in an intricate Mughal-inspired pattern, that was beautifully offset by the sheer lehenga with starry and glinting golden polkas peeking through, and a matching dupatta.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in Sabyasachi Couture


For a casual outing Kareena Kapoor choose Rajesh Pratap Singh’s white gentle cotton high neck tunic with long sleeves.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in white tunic


Genelia D'Souza Deshmukh

The bubbly Genelia surely makes the best of bollywood celebrity to top our charts with her all smiling poses every time she stepped out.

Genelia caught the attention with her emerald green silk kurta teamed up with beige coloured palazzo pants that's super comfy. Plus there were her embellishments, sandals and accessories which made her win the spotlight.

Genelia D'Souza Deshmukh in kurti palazzo

One of the star-studded events Genelia attended was the wedding reception of star Asin. Genelia was gorgeously dressed to impress in a heavily embellished floor length anarkali designed by Anita Dongre. The statement outfits worn by Genelia have instantly grabbed everyone’s attention.

Genelia D'Souza Deshmukh in Anita Dongre's Anarkali


Mila Kunis

Hollywood star Mila Kunis choose a simple black maxi and olive green Sarah Flint suede heels to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Black is back in the game to rock the baby bump style.

Mila Kunis in black maxi dress

Flowy red top with maternity AG skinny jeans from Pea in the Pod, and red ankle-strap heels surely made a chic styling statement.

Mila Kunis in red top


Blake Lively

Lively looked super flowy wearing a Lindsey Thornburg floral dress, baby blue heeled sandals and an embellished crochet clutch at the Cat and Jack launch for Target.

Blake Lively in floral dress

The actress steps out for a Cafe Society press junket in a peachy lace Jonathan Simkhai dress, a sticker-patterned handbag and white heeled sandals, just perfect for the event.

Blake Lively in lace dress


Comment down your favorite actress who rocked the maternity look!

Image Courtesy : Google

See how pregnant stars from Bollywood like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Genelia Deshmukh and Hollywood like Blake Lively, Mila Kunis and more dress their baby bumps from the sidewalk to the red carpets!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

A glowing Kareena Kapoor Khan looked magnificent for designer Sabyasachi’s rich grand finale. Kareena's kurti was heavily embellished in gold threadwork in an intricate Mughal-inspired pattern, that was beautifully offset by the sheer lehenga with starry and glinting golden polkas peeking through, and a matching dupatta.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in Sabyasachi Couture


For a casual outing Kareena Kapoor choose Rajesh Pratap Singh’s white gentle cotton high neck tunic with long sleeves.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in white tunic


Genelia D'Souza Deshmukh

The bubbly Genelia surely makes the best of bollywood celebrity to top our charts with her all smiling poses every time she stepped out.

Genelia caught the attention with her emerald green silk kurta teamed up with beige coloured palazzo pants that's super comfy. Plus there were her embellishments, sandals and accessories which made her win the spotlight.

Genelia D'Souza Deshmukh in kurti palazzo

One of the star-studded events Genelia attended was the wedding reception of star Asin. Genelia was gorgeously dressed to impress in a heavily embellished floor length anarkali designed by Anita Dongre. The statement outfits worn by Genelia have instantly grabbed everyone’s attention.

Genelia D'Souza Deshmukh in Anita Dongre's Anarkali


Mila Kunis

Hollywood star Mila Kunis choose a simple black maxi and olive green Sarah Flint suede heels to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Black is back in the game to rock the baby bump style.

Mila Kunis in black maxi dress

Flowy red top with maternity AG skinny jeans from Pea in the Pod, and red ankle-strap heels surely made a chic styling statement.

Mila Kunis in red top


Blake Lively

Lively looked super flowy wearing a Lindsey Thornburg floral dress, baby blue heeled sandals and an embellished crochet clutch at the Cat and Jack launch for Target.

Blake Lively in floral dress

The actress steps out for a Cafe Society press junket in a peachy lace Jonathan Simkhai dress, a sticker-patterned handbag and white heeled sandals, just perfect for the event.

Blake Lively in lace dress


Comment down your favorite actress who rocked the maternity look!

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Chaitra Navratri, the festival of Goddess Durga is here. The 9 day long festivities begin from the ‘pratipada’ (1st day) and end on the ‘navami’ (9th day) of the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight of moon) during the Hindu month of ‘Chaitra’(March- April) according to the English calendar), and hence this Navratri gets the name, Chaitra Navratri. This year, the Chatra Navratris will fall from March 18 through March 26.

This festival normally falls at a time where spring is transitioning to summer season. During this season Ma Durga is worshipped on all days in her nine avatars. According to Hindu mythology, there are four types of Navratris but among them, Chaitra and Sharad Navaratras are those celebrated pompously. According to the Hindu Puranas and scriptures, Chaitra Navratri was the most important Navratri in which Goddess Shakti was worshipped, until Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga in the ‘Ashwin’ month during the Ramayana war. There is a special significance of each day of Navratri.




 Devotees have special customs and prayers for each of the nine forms of the goddess on different days. On all nine days, Puja is performed with great enthusiasm in temples across the country. Devotees also decorate their houses and temples in-house courtyards. Havans are also performed so that houses remain peaceful. Devotees worship Maa Durga, the Goddess of cosmic powers, to be blessed by Her divine benediction. It is believed that if devotees worship Goddess Durga without any desires to be fulfilled, they will attain salvation. Chaitra Navratri also marks the onset of the summer season and is observed when the Mother Nature undergoes a major climatic change.


The reason for observing fast or vrat during the Chaitra Navratri is to prepare the body for ensuing summer season. Some Devotees consume fruits, milk and juices and abstain from taking non-vegetarian items, onions, garlic and certain kind of spices. People also try to maintain a calm and spiritual lifestyle during the nine holy days.

 The festival is mainly celebrated in the Northern part of the country, but is marked as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. The festival of Gudi Padwa is the first day of the new year for Marathi people while in southern states like Andhra Pradesh, the celebrations kick start with ‘Ugadi’.




Although Navratris are about fasting, the kind of food that people prepare during the fasts is so mouth watering that it hardly feels like an abstinence. People stick to simple and SAATWIK food like potatoes, salads, fruits and milk but at the same time several delicious dishes such as  KUTTU KI PURI,  Singhade Ka Halwa, Singhare Ke Pakore, SABUDANA VADA, Almond halwa, Arbi kofta  and SABUDANA KHICHDI gain immense popularity amongst those who are fasting. The idea is to cleanse the body and the soul of all impurities.

May this Chaitra Navratris Goddess Durga shower all her devotees with the choicest blessings. PEACHMODE would like to wish its readers Shubh Navratris.




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