In today’s fast pacing time, happiness has become a rare commodity. You can be happy only if you choose to be happy. Oftentimes, we ignore happiness right in the face of it because we are so busy conforming to the bouts of everyday stress this competitive life is throwing at us. March 20 is observed globally as International Day of Happiness and rightfully so. So caught up have we got in the work-work boomerang that we’ve seemingly forgotten what sheer serenity happiness can bring about.





While many of us might not be aware of a day being dedicated to celebrating happiness, we all are aware of the feeling happiness and that this is an emotion fast depleting from our lives. Anyone who is a part of today’s crazy lifestyle will attest to the fact that we are left with little time and frame of mind to actually sit back and enjoy the happy moments we all so rightly deserve.

Earning enough to sustain a society defined standard of living, dealing with job pressure, grappling with relations falling apart, coping with failures, adapting to crazy lifestyles, the mad rush to become a cash-machine, all these are augmenting our stress levels and supressing the hormones which release happy feels from our brain. Not just this, in this mad race to emerge winner, we are completely rejecting the body’s and mind’s requirement to remain happy.





And so, it’s high time we learnt how to stay happy. The more we ignore the importance of the need to stay happy, the more will we get entrapped in this complex circle of strain and distress. We have been conditioned to think that as long as the wheels are in motion, there’s nothing to worry about. But over exerting ourselves with stress is detrimental to our mental health.  And when we can’t take any more of this mental pressure, we resort to what we think is the best solution- counselling from a shrink, anti-anxiety pills, blood pressure medications and many a times alcohol. These run expensive bills and before we know it, we are more stressed than ever.

And so to make this read a happy one, we will talk about the best therapy that is the instant dose to happiness- shopping therapy. Like they say, shopping is way better than seeing a shrink- it costs much less and you get a dress too! And no, it’s not just us who feel that shopping is the best destressing mechanism, psychologists will back us up on this. Shopping is the easiest way to counter sadness.





Shopping spree instantly takes your mind off things and suddenly the world seems a tad bit better place. Psychologically speaking too, you have things under control because you have the luxury to call the shots. You can choose to buy or not buy something. Looking at a good dress and imagining yourself in it automatically cheers you up. Wearing a good dress further boosts your confidence- it is definitely a gratifying feeling. 

Let’s admit, we all have an inner streak that has an irrepressible urge to shop. But we might not always have the luxury to go to a store and pamper ourselves. What if in the middle of work you get pangs of tension? Fret not, we have an easy resolve there too- online shopping. Digital age, digital de-stresser!





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There’s something profoundly comforting about having the advantage to look attractive and Peachmode helps you get right there. Our ethnic and modern outfits abounding in regal colors elevate your appearance and alleviate your worries- sure shot way to happiness.

Our portal is very user friendly. We have easy payment options including cash on delivery. We provide expedite shipping too, pan India and overseas! And with a detailed description accompanying each product, you’ll feel as if you are physically in a store.

So, start with your dose of shopping therapy at Peachmode. We promise to deliver packages of happiness at your doorstep everyday of the year! Here’s suggesting some products to get you kickstarted with it! Bring on happiness!!












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