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The Print On Print Trend - Do It Right

Spring is calling out now with open arms. Blooming flowers, gentle cool breeze, romance in the air.. the perfect set up to press refresh in your wardrobe. Colorful and vibrant clothing that unites you with mother nature are so in vogue right now. Bring on some printed fashion in your wardrobe this season, and set the tone for the hot summer ahead!

Prints are the perfect fashion accessory in themselves, they don't need so much embellishment or ornamentation. A paisley print blouse matched up with a polka zari saree.. or a floral long skirt with a striped blouson make for a very trendy and sassy style statement. This bold trend is not easy to carry and can be a huge fashion faux pas when not done right.

It’s the embodiment of sophistication, ultimate luxe, and trendy coolness. Mixed-prints looks translate into fabulous styles and outfits in any season, for any occasion. Make sure you do it right with the help of these simple pointers that need to be kept in mind when mixing prints together.

1) Mixing prints is purely an instinctive look.

You have to sense and check what's looking the best on you irrespective of public opinion. Let the mirror be your honest mirror guide and see if the look that you want to try is really smiling back at you in approval.

2) Work your look around One solid central theme!! It could be a huge focal center print on your bottom or your upper wear around which you can plan an entire look.

Fuschia Abstract Themed Look

For instance, pick a floral theme, or cartoon theme or some digital graphics and mix your upper and bottom according to that.

3) There should be a similar base color running through the outfit irrespective of the prints that you combine together. When mixing prints, the color is the only variable you can consider as a rule of thumb.

Same Base Color Theme

4) Try animal prints mixed up with one another. Or the same print in different colors.

It looks absolutely chic if you are a fan of this print.

5) When wearing a layered piece you can do different colors and prints, for instance (ghera in one print, yoke in another and jacket in a totally different one)

Layering In Different Prints And Colors

6) Stripes are the most versatile and the most basic way to mix prints, as they’re super smart against any other. They look amazing mixed with tropicals, dots, different stripes, checks, graphics, animal print and so on.

Stripes Creat a Fun, Smart Statement

Try to mix and match the bubbly prints to create a breathtaking strong visual that will impress and express. When plains can turn boring, splash on a print for that extraordinary effect.

7) Checks are essentially a very casual trend but when you mix them with other prints they can turn the look upside down completely. The casual look transforms itself into ultra chic and high street. Masaba sarees are the perfect ode to this mix and match trend.

8) Printed Accessories.

Printed accessories make for a fun and experimental look when mixed with fellow prints in clothing. A cute floral dress with a similar colored striped print bag or a polka lower, striped kurti and a floral bag would make for a stunning combination.

On a plain outfit, chunky floral accessories or printed sunglasses can be inculcated in the overall look when combined well.

The print on print trend is being tried by top notch designers and style divas all over the world. It has the right amount of freshness and style quotient that helps you ace the fashion charts. Be it Indian wear or western ,this trend makes the cut in every look.

So this season, shed those inhibitions and embrace a bold new you! Check some amazing printed styles on PEACHMODE for an instant trend update!


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