Peachmode, the most popular and your favourite e-commerce site for extravagantly fashionable and the trendiest of ethereal ethnic outfits, came up with a fun concept of pop-up store recently. We put together our best-selling collection that included sarees, kurtis and lehengas- all of these only for you in the luxury of a walk in store!

Our special pop stores were done up crisply in the vicinities of Andheri and Powai in Mumbai which gave our lovely visitors a haptic impression of the exclusive, one-of-a-kind melange of traditional ensembles housed at Peachmode.

In fact, we were inundated with messages from a lot of our online-customers requesting us to come up with our own line of retail stores in their cities. So impressively compelling were these lovely messages that we happily decided to tap into this area.

Like a norm with our outfits, exclusivity and panache were prominent features at these showcasing. Our idea was to bring about a concept where you get the most astounding outfits suffused with a diva like touch without burning a hole in your pockets! Our interests are always invested in the favour of our consumers and so we put up these phenomenally mesmerising traditional and contemporary outfits all priced well within anyone’s budget. Designer outfits, budget-friendly price, now isn’t that the most lethal combination for anyone who is into shopping- which is all of us!



Right from day one, our store was swarming with enthusiastic consumers who left with the happiest faces you’d see! We had customers who came back to our store to pick up more stuff and pre-order through our store-desk as well. Our 4 day affair at both our Pop-UP stores drew in crowds who seemed ecstatic running through our collection. Trust us, nothing gives us a greater sense of accomplishment than satiating the shopaholics in our wonderful customers.



Other than our graciously elegant sarees and our gorgeous lehengas- both traditional, which are lavishly rich in our artisan culture, and contemporary with a hint of peppiness in them, we flew in some exclusively curated Rajasthani kurtis that turned out to be an absolute steal for our customers! So comfortable and soft are these kurtis that you’d want to live in them all day through the week. They are stylish, contemporary with subtle traditional nuances fused in them artistically! Our in-store customers resonated with our thought procress that went behind picking these kurtis for you and we were really happy with all the positive responses coming our way.



Deepti Nair, a fashion student who visited us at our Andheri Pop-Up store fell in love with our collection instantly. “The lehengas are so fresh and funky, they are the best choice for someone like me who likes a dose of spunk in every outfit”, she chipped in happily while filling her shopping bag with our collection!

Sahlini Sheth, a homemaker who happened to walk in our store discovery driven, found our saree collection to be simply fabulous. She promised to have her whole group a regular at our online portal and we love her for that!



With the support and appreciation of our amazing customers like these, sales at our pop-up store snowballed beautifully- we had so many pre-orders and requests for another set of pop-ups to be organised soon! And our consumers wish is our command! Very soon, we’d be coming up with another series of such stores beginning with Juhu and Kandivali in Mumbai. Watch out this space for more info on the venue.

Keep your love pouring in and Peachmode promises to surprise you with the most exclusive and enchanting apparel collection!!




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