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Winters are here and well, so is the official Shaadi season in India. Lakhs of couples tie the knot during winters in India as we Indians just love romanticizing the idea of winter weddings. And it's not without reason. That pleasant nip in the air, the lush foliage, the aroma of piping hot chocolate and cozying up around bonfires; It's definitely the perfect time (and mood), to bring families together to officially unite two people in the pious marital bond, resplendent with pomp and show. Although summer weddings have their own charm, but practically, the heat is a big spoiler. In winter weddings, there is just no need to worry about itchy clothes, runny make-up, frizzy hair, the glaring sun, and sweltering heat that can be such complete turn-offs!

Northern India is strewn with some rather amazing destinations that you can pick and choose from to plan that perfect winter wedding complete with the winter fantasyland vibe, but irrespective of which place you choose, there are certain things to keep in mind to make the wedding an affair to remember.

Let us take you through them-


Even though there is a nip in the air, you don't have to limit yourself to a closed banquet hall and feel restricted on the biggest day of your life. Choose a place that has a blend of closed and open-air setup, so that the guests have an option to switch in and out as per their comfort. Don't forget to keep heaters for the guests to feel comfortable at the wedding since it gets chilly as the night progresses. If it's an intimate and cozy affair, a country house would work too, but if you are transfixed on picking a grand destination with snowy backdrops that make for postcard-perfect pictures(such as the scenic locales of Shimla or Kashmir), make sure to book your winter wedding venue well in advance as this is the peak season.


Theme decors are setting all the trends currently so explore one that suits your perspective and vision. Some love to keep it boho themed with winter flowers, soft shades such as lavender, blush pink, powder blue, Aztec rugs, canopies, and lamps, while others love the lavish set up with grandiose chandeliers, velvety decor and of glittery drama. Whatever be your choice of winter wedding decor, let it be one that is inviting and comforting for everyone. table decor should be just as appealing, flower decoration, tea lights, miniature ice sculptures, candles, the works.


It's always a good idea to spruce up the decor with flowers and lots of them during winter as it's the best time to get some beautiful flowers- both Indian and exotic. Use them lavishly for an elegant looking wedding- curtains of tuberoses, jasmine, and lilies, bunches of roses, petunias, orchids, don't leave out anything! Be it the stage area or the guests' lounge or the tabletops, strew them around and watch the winter wedding flower arrangements and aroma lift everyone's spirit higher.


The idea of winter weddings is ironically centered around keeping everyone warmed enough. Choose live counters for food, keep hot finger snacks such as fries, pakoras, and vadas in circulation. Have soup options in the menu. An all-day-long hot chocolate/ tea/ coffee station would be ideal. If it's a destination wedding, add the regional cuisine as a bonus attraction. Don't forget to keep savory desserts- rabdi, moong dal halwa, gulab jamuns, kadhai doodh as the final appeasers in your winter wedding food menu.


Winter nights can be dark and gloomy so why not create your own TAARON KI CHHAYA with endless trails of dreamy fairy lights accentuated with chandeliers, pillar candles, Edison bulbs and more! It will surely add a constant glow throughout the night while making for the winter wedding perfect decor.


Since wintertime is the peak wedding season, make sure to send invites on time. Keep them personalized as per your chosen wedding theme. Make sure to send out the SAVE THE DATE messages out well in advance before people make other plans. If it's a small gathering, consider hiring a hand lettering artist to make it look super charming and personal.


Gifts are a big part of any wedding and it's really important that they make a mark. So set aside that sweet and dry fruit box gift something that's in sync with the weather. Maybe a hamper of handmade candles monogrammed with the couple's initials, or hot chocolate, coffee, marshmallows, and cake jar hampers are definitely going to be adored as winter wedding favors.


Now dressing up for a winter wedding can be tricky, especially for the brides her gang who might just have wanted to wear skimpy, sexy cholis and torso baring lehengas for the wedding. Well, unless you would like to freeze, we are not sure it's quite pragmatic. The best way to keep it sexy and yet fuzzy is maybe by mixing elements. For instance, a backless choli with full sleeves will do the trick. Go for heavier, warmer fabrics, velvet being the first choice for even designers who work on winter wedding attires. Other options are Banarasis, brocades, Pashminas and faux fur too! Draping your dupattas cleverly can keep the cold at bay too. The men, of course, have plenty of choices - right from bandhgalas and sherwanis to suits.


Winter or summer weddings, the most important thing is to enjoy the ceremonies without stressing. Relax and unwind, it's definitely a time to celebrate, dance, eat, spread cheer and keep it light.


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