Top 5 fusion styles that may never go out of fashion

Top 5 fusion styles that may never go out of fashion

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Some things never go out of style. They arrive, and they become eternal. 

That’s what we feel about some of the most-liked fusion styles you must try. Dhotis have made their rogue pair with short kurtis. Sense has it, crop tops and lehngas aren’t budging either. And who’s to deny the evergreen grace of palazzo pants paired with just the right kurti? Not us. Not us. 

Being, the trendsetter of trends, we’ve curated a list of the best fusion styles for you:

1. The Dhoti Duo

Dhotis could be synonymous with fusion. And we believe they are here to stay. It’s just a matter of what you pair your dhoti with: a chic crop top, a Jaipuri kurti, or a boho vest. We can already imagine you being the centre of attention.

2. The Saree Crop

If anything could revive sarees and establish them as the epitome of indo-western styles, it could only be a crop top. A cheeky crop top can make even the most basic saree stand out. Rumour has it, crop tops are here to stay and they are going to make the perfect saree styles that you will rock.

3. Jacketed Saree

The second in line for making saree topical are jackets. A perfect pick for the winter weddings, nothing can go wrong with a saree paired with a stylish jodhpuri vest or a chic blazer.

4. Lehenga-e-eternity

Who made lehenga eternal? Its fusion with a pop crop or a ‘Baap’ blouse. Lehengas with their ornamental, royal quality when paired with a stylish shirt or chic crop, can give you the gaudy edge you pick fusion styles for.

5. Palazzo party

It would be a disservice to the everlasting pull of a palazzo with its many perfect pair ups. From asymmetrical kurtis and A-cuts to stylish silk shirts, there’s nothing challenging the stance of a palazzo.

Are you ready to make your forever mark? Explore the best fusion styles on the Peachmode website.


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