July is here and just like the monsoon bringing in a breath of cool, soothing and refreshing breeze, with raindrops cooling the parched earth, here’s hoping that this month brings as much joy to our stars and future as rain brings to a dancing peacock!






July Horoscope: July is a month for relaxation. You’ll be able to perfectly balance your personal life with your work life. Besides, this month packs in a lot of leisure time for you. Personal relationships, especially those of the heart seem very bright.

Finances: some of you might feel a slump in your career. Now would be the time to hit up old acquaintances and friends to build upon your networking skills and align your focus in what you exactly enjoy doing.





Zodiac Color: Hues of red and blue.

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July Horoscope: this could be a month of introspection and self-discovery of your true self. You need to channel your inner energy and recreate and work over your plans with a bigger vision. Even little efforts put will bear great results.

Finances: Network, network and network. Career wise too, you need to work really hard and have your focus fixated towards your goals. Some close friends or relatives may play a prime role in altering your career for the good.




Zodiac Color: Hues of green and beige.

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July Horoscope: Love life will boom magically for you this month. Single souls, this could be a lucky month for you! Your social life too will be on a roll this month with you engaging yourself in a lot of chatter and people taking note of you.

Finances: Be a little careful with your money. You will feel tempted to indulge in some not so useful things, just fight that urge strongly. Also, you have some office trips and some unscheduled meetings in store for you. So gear up for them.




Zodiac Color: Hues of green and yellow

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July Horoscope: This might be a self-absorbent month for you but try not to ignore your loved ones and people around you who matter. Be a little careful about your health and avoid bingeing on unhealthy food.

Finances: Those owning their own business can expect some promising partnerships and bright prospects this month. Those working on a career change or education prospects, now is your time!




Zodiac Color: Hues of blue, grey and light purple.

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July Horoscope: Folks, this is the time to work effectively on your personal relationships. Do work on your personal style and grooming. Even if you aren’t a fashion follower, looking good does boost your mood.

Finances: Be wary of your colleagues, even those who pretend to be your well-wishers. They might be conspiring to bring you down and tarnish your images in front of your bosses.




Zodiac Color: Hues of purple, orange and gold

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July Horoscope: Due to some less favourable situations, you might feel like drawing into a cocoon but strictly choose against it. Confide in your close friends instead. A romantic relationship or true love might just reveal itself from right in front of you while you had been looking every place else all this while.  

Finances: It’s high time you streamlined your goals. If it involves taking risks, be ready to take them. You will get help from close aides and if invested rightfully, your efforts will bring you the desired results.





Zodiac Color: Hues of white, grey and blue

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July Horoscope: You’ll witness some shift in your energies and the drive that boosts your passion. If you have been thinking of taking up your dream as your professional vocation, July would be a good time to build upon it.

Finances: You’ll see tangible results work-wise, be it your office appraisals or the investments you make.




Zodiac Color: Hues of pink and pastels

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July Horoscope: This would be the time to work on what your true calibre is and silence all those questioning your credibility. Even if this involves taking major risks, don’t worry, because the universe is conspiring to sail you through it successfully.

Finances: You’ll get immense appreciation for your hard work put in at your work place.




Zodiac Color: Hues of black, wine red, burgundy

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July Horoscope: Address health issues immediately. And get a grip on your fitness regime- any lapse today can turn hazardous tomorrow. A short trip with your partner is on the cards or a trip to meet your partner, for those in long distance relationships.

Finances: Lending or borrowing money can be expected this month. Some investments might have you shell out a little extra cash from your savings. Think them through.




Zodiac Color: Hues of orange and maroon

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July Horoscope: You have been long contemplating to change the course of your actions but dodging it for silly reasons. This month, work on that shift otherwise forced circumstances will propel you into an unfamiliar territory.

Finances: You must have your wits about you and be alert at work during the majority of this month. If you have good people skills, use them to build relationships and if you don’t, get them. 




Zodiac Color: Hues of blue, grey and brown.

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July Horoscope: You’ll feel a boost in awareness for your health and will bind yourself to a strict health regime. Backing off from a relationship issue helps to put it in perspective, so that love and work begin to feel more harmonious before the month ends.

Finances: Some financial issues will keep you worked up for the major part of this month. Expect some delay in payments.




Zodiac Color: Hues of blue, turquoise

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July Horoscope: you’ll attain more clarity on strained relationships this month, especially the romantic ones. Work on honing your skills and your equations with your loved ones.

Finances: Indulge in creativity with full gusto this month. Avoid taking any risks with a new project or business venture.




Zodiac Color: Hues of green and blue

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