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Come monsoons and there are zillion ideas that come to the mind. From enjoying the weather with "Tip Tip Barsa Paani" like monsoon special Bollywood songs to irresistible tea and pakora cravings each time it pours, monsoons are definitely a refreshing time for the mind and palette. Talking of Pakoras, don't you wish there were some other rather tempting quick fix recipes to indulge in during the monsoons as you sit in your balcony with your closest gang or just alone and enjoy the rains?

If your answer is yes then we have some of the most quick and easy  5 minute lip smacking recipes for this Monsoon-




5 Minute Lip Smacking Recipes For This Monsoon

Who doesn't like pizza but why wait 30 mins when you can make your own pizza in wayyy less time and enjoy it in the monsoon? Here's how you can make a CUP pizza in a microwave-

In a microwavable CUP add all purpose flour(maida- 1TBSP), baking powder(1/2 TSP), baking soda(1/4 TSP), A pinch of salt and mix. To this dry ingredients, add milk(approx 1 1/2 TBSP) and 1 Tablespoon olive oil. Mix them all together. That's the pizza base done.

 Gently spoon your sauce on to the pizza base, sprinkle your desired toppings and put some shredded cheese on top. Microwave for about  5-7 minutes and voila, your CUP PIZZA is ready to eat as it is!


2) DAHI BALLS       


5 Minute Lip Smacking Recipes For This Monsoon

Curd and bread are available at home almost at all times. Here is how to us them together for a quick monsoon snack-                                                         

Mix curd and bread crumbs (proportion: 2-3 bread loaves to 1 cup curd)

Add salt, pepper, anardana, ginger garlic paste, green chilli, some mint/coriander leaves and mix well.

Make balls and fry till golden brown.

Serve hot with mint chutney or ketchup.




5 Minute Lip Smacking Recipes For This Monsoon

Now this one is a no brainer but it tastes absolutely divine with a piping hot cup of coffee on a rainy evening. Take your favorite kurkure(or any namkeen you like) in a bowl. Add chopped veggies, boiled corn and squeeze some lemon juice to it. You can add some chaat masala and ketchup or mint chutney for a little extra tangy flavor. Mix well and Devour!




5 Minute Lip Smacking Recipes For This Monsoon

Bombay is famous for Bollywood and some really tempting street food but for those who cannot enjoy the famous Bombay style Sandwich, here is a lowdown on how you can make it on your own.  Take two slices of bread. Spread some mint chutney on one side of a slice and butter on the other loaf. Add slices of onion, cucumber, tomato and paneer (as desired) along with some salt and pepper inside the two breads. Top up with some ketchup, bhujiya and chutney. Your wholesome snack is ready!




5 Minute Lip Smacking Recipes For This Monsoon

This one will be loved by young and old alike. As the name suggests, you take a bun and squeeze out a hole in the centre. In another bowl, mix chopped veggies(tomato, onion, capsicum, green chilli and everything you want in your omelettes) with a little salt and pepper. Now put these veggies in the bun. sprinkle some cheese. Break an egg with the yoke intact over it. Add some more cheese if you like. also sprinkle some salt and pepper.  Put in a pre heated oven (175' C) and bake till the egg and cheese gets cooked. (approx 8 mins)




5 Minute Lip Smacking Recipes For This Monsoon

For all you health freaks who dig nutrition , here is a filling and yummy drink to try instead of some food. You need

I cup milk

One Scoop Plain Oats

10 to 15 almonds crushed

10 raisins

2 cut strawberries or some slices of mango

Sugar if needed, else it's not required

Mix all in a shaker... and voilaaa...  its ready to drink.


So these were some lip smacking recipes that will surely make the monsoons more magical! Do let us know your favorite monsoon snack recipe in the comments below!



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