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We Indians love our colors and our clothes. We love dressing up like no one else and god knows how many distinct fabrics are indigenous to our culturally rich country. However, there are few basic fabrics that are used commonly across all states and for all types of clothing- Indian or western. And we all  use them amply in our wardrobes- Cotton, Silk, Crepes, Georgettes, chiffons, jute etc.

Be it sarees or suits, dresses or pants, Our fabric choices are as vivid as our culture and our colors. The choice of fabric depends on the OCCASION AND UTILITY. Here is a quick guide to all the basic fabrics that we use in our everyday and not so everyday-


Of course, this fabric reigns supreme all through summers for everyone. Its light, breathy, cool and easy to wear. Most cuts and styles can be tried with cotton fabric and it is blended with other fabrics to produce better and more versatile fabrics such as Chanderi,  twill, voile, plaids and more!

Cotton clothes and its blends are the most common fabric favored by everyone across the world. Cotton suits are very popular in India owing to long summer months and the versatility of the fabric. From casual to formal, cotton clothing are a must have for every one!


Merely mentioning silk causes the mind to think luxury. Silk fabric feels luxurious and is considered special. Silk drapes beautifully which is why many clothing items lend them self to being made from this special fabric. It looks superb when used for making sarees and lehngas. Silk clothes are very common during festive and wedding seasons as they instantly bring a very formal look to any silhouette. Always store your silk in a cool dry and dark place so the sun and moisture does not effect it.


Pure georgette is woven out of silk while faux georgette is created with a combination of nylon and polyester. It is a favorite fabric for women because it has a graceful, soft and delicate appearance. Georgette is a light-weight, crinkled and sheer fabric, displaying an overall bouncy look..

If what you seek is clingy and flowing, then Georgette is your best friend. With its crepe-like texture and its unusual strength when compared to its counterparts, Georgette is widely favored for springy and lively gowns and dresses. The tendency of the fabric to drape very well makes it an apt choice for many women who love the soft silky yet comfortable look.


The name "Chiffon" comes from an Old French word for rag. Chiffon is a textile made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon. It tends to be sheer, with a faint shimmer and a simple weave. This fabric is generally used in evening and formal wear, since it drapes well and can add a floaty look to gowns and dresses. It is also notoriously difficult to work with, because of its slippery texture. Most fabric stores carry several forms in varying colors and prints. Silk chiffon is the most prized, since it has a rich shimmer and slick texture. Chiffon is a dreamy fabric used to create flowy anarkali gheras and light sarees.


Velvet  like silk is one of the ostentatious fabrics which is elegant and has always been associated with royalty. It  feels soft on the skin, shiny yet not too bright and its  rich look  has dazzled  royalties all over the world. Velvet was once worn only by the rich as it was very expensive but now it has  become a common fabric that is very delicately used with other fabrics to create scintillating outfits. Velvet yokes with other flowy fabrics and velvet blouses are a winter staple for sure.

All types of velvet can be effectively dyed with deep colors and are most popular in dark shades that highlight the rich pile of the fabric. Silk/rayon blend velvet is most often used for flowing dresses and evening wear which emphasize its soft drape.

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