5 Styles You Must Own This Festive Season

5 Styles You Must Own This Festive Season

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5 Styles You Must Own This Festive Season

With the festive season rounding the corner, it’s essential that your wardrobe be well-equipped to deal with the parties, weddings and get-togethers that will be filling up your calendar. You can’t just wear any old outfit to formal gatherings or festivities, so bring your attire up to date with the season’s hottest styles.   Dress like a million bucks and keep every eye on you this festive season! 

If you love fashion and believe retail therapy is the best option for Monday Blues or doldrums any other day of the week, the festive season gives you the perfect excuse to revamp your gear!

Must-Have Styles to See You through the Festive Season

Whether you’re a hardcore fashionista or just someone who likes to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, we’ve put together a list that will help you pick out the trendiest outfits for cool-weather special occasions. It features must-have clothing and accessory choices for the upcoming barrage of festivals, so check out this list and make them your own, today.

1. Floor-Length Anarkalis

These attention-grabbing three-piece outfits are believed to be named after a slave girl in Emperor Akbar’s court, whose legendary beauty ignited the prince’s passion and made her name a standby in popular culture.

Anarkalis are perfect for festive gatherings, weddings and other special occasion!                              

The resurrection of elegant styles from eras gone by is always exciting, especially in a country with a rich cultural heritage like ours. Like its namesake, the anarkali suit is beautiful and infinitely alluring. Shaped to fit at the bust and then flaring out to the knee or lower, this salwar-kameez variant is worn with tight-fitting pants and a dupatta



   Gorgeous anarkalis in all the colors of the rainbow are seen on the runway and off it too!

The intricate construction and form-flattering shape of anarkali suits makes them ideal for all body types. Modern variants with long sleeves and a floor-length hem have become the essential festive outfit for the cooler months of the year. Try variants in goldblackpinkred and mint green, to make a splash at any party!

2. Pastel Colors

        Pastel shades have always been fashion favorites for women

The feminine appeal of colors like mint green, baby bluelight pink, mauve and white has always made them a favorite with women. These fresh and breezy hues are perfect for the cooler months of the year, since they add a splash of color which is not too intense, and create a delicate, elegant visual effect.

  Add sweet hues to your wardrobe this festive season

These shades are called ‘pretty pastels’ for a good reason – they are ethereal, delicate and beautiful. Brighter colors are great for the rest of the year, but monsoon and winter festivities demand a sweet color palette. Outfits in these demure shades will make you look every inch the lady you are!

3. Color-Block Sarees

Sarees are timeless, sexy and incredibly versatile, which makes them top favorites for festive wear. When you combine the appeal of a saree with the magnetism of color-blocked clothing, the results are stunning!

Pair color-blocked sarees with long-sleeved blouses for cool-season festivities

Follow the color trends of the season and pick out sarees in pretty pastel colors like cream, pink, mint green and white, eye-catching shades of red, neon yellow and blue or even candy-colored hues for impact. When you’re making your selection, pick sarees that feature bold swaths of two or more colors – they will make you look striking when you attend weddings, parties or festival celebrations!


Color-block sarees are the perfect addition to your festive wardrobe

4. Embellished Clutches with a Modern Touch

Of course, the perfect outfit needs the perfect accessories! Add a gorgeous finishing touch to your attire for weddings, festivals, parties and other gatherings with a beautiful embellished clutch.

Complete your outfit with a trendy clutch!

Classic colors like red, black and cream will complement various outfits, while gold sequins, colorful beads and other embellishments add just the right amount of sparkle for a festive occasion. Try the season’s new styles, with envelope-styledframe-edgedpleated box-shapes or round variants

Pick the hottest styles and colors of the season!

5. Off-White and Red Lehengas

The classic color scheme of red teamed with a neutral like white, beige, off-white or pale gold has once again become the buzzword for autumn and winter festivities

Is it any wonder that this classic color scheme is still so popular?

This is one combination that has never gone out of style, so a red and off white lehenga is an outfit that must find a place in your collection. You could even add a subtle twist by showing off a trendy anarkali in the lehenga style, in the colors that every on-trend woman makes sure to own


Be the center of attention wherever you go!

Now that you know which styles and colors are best-suited for the season, the festivals and all the weddings that are looming on the horizon, put your best foot forward and make a splash!


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